Pay attention to these matters for 5 months of pregnancy

The shorter the time of pregnancy, the smaller the risk of abortion, but some pregnant women need to do abortion when they are five months pregnant. What should I do?We all know that it is best to have a miscarriage in the early stage of pregnancy. Is it possible to do abortion for 5 months of pregnancy?The best time has passed the flow of people in 5 months, so what should I pay attention to before and after the flow of people?Pay attention to these matters for 5 months of pregnancy.

The best time has passed the flow of people for 5 months, and can only be performed for induction of labor. Of course, the risk of surgery will increase with the increase in the month. Therefore, after surgery, you must take care measuresLet’s take a look at the precautions for doing abortion in 5 months of pregnancy!

Is it okay to be a crowded in 5 months of pregnancy?

If you are pregnant for 3 months or more, you cannot perform abortion surgery. It is recommended to choose painless induction.The best time for abortion surgery is 35-50 days of pregnancy, and do not exceed 70 days at the latest.3 months of pregnancy have exceeded the flow of people, embryos have gradually grown, placenta has been formed, and the uterus has grown up. At this time, it is difficult to perform abortion surgery and bleed more. It is best to choose a regular hospital for painless induction.Here, a reminder of female friends should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible once they find accidental pregnancy to avoid missed the time of abortion.

The placenta for 3 months of pregnancy has been formed, and the uterus has also grown up. To perform abortion, you need to choose painless induction surgery.Compared with abortion surgery, painless induction of labor is difficult and risky, so it is best to choose a professional regular hospital for painless induction surgery. Safe and health can be guaranteed.

Experts remind: The greater the monthly pregnancy month, the greater the difficulty of the operation, the higher the risk, and the more costs required.Bring greater damage.After induction of labor, female friends should also pay attention to raising. Eating eggs, milk, pork ribs, chickens, fish and other nutritious and digestible foods, disable cold water; pay special attention to hygiene, exchange underwear and underwear, and those who have not cleaned blood are absolutely prohibited from being prohibited from those who are not pure blood.Washing the vagina and sitting baths to avoid causing superior infections. Sexual life is prohibited within 4 weeks after surgery. After restoring life, adhere to contraception.

Precautions for abortion for five months of pregnancy

1. According to the situation of induction of labor, use uterine shrinkage drugs and antibiotics as appropriate to promote uterine recovery, reduce bleeding, and prevent infection.

2. After 1 month of rest, if no abnormalities can be found, you can restore work or review one month later. In sexual life, contraceptive measures should be taken.

3. Pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition after leaving the hospital.

4. When you find excessive bleeding or infection, actively treat it.

5. Pay attention to the hygiene of vulva within 1 month after induction of labor and prohibit sexual life.

6. Pay attention to uterine contraction, how much bleeding, whether fever, etc.

What to pay attention to before induction

What should we pay attention to before induction of labor?For many expectant mothers who need to induce labor, knowing these are very necessary.Because the success rate of induction of labor is not very high.

1. Choose a regular hospital

Be sure to go to a regular and professional hospital. If it is not in a regular hospital, because the surgical technology and surgical hygiene are not standardized, it will cause complications such as postpartum damage, amniotic fluid embolism, uterine infection, and vaginal bleeding.

2. Check the diagnosis of pregnancy.

The harm of induction of labor is great, so you must conduct B -ultrasound before the induction of labor to determine the size of the gestational sac and the embryo position.

3. Grasp the best time for induction of labor

If you want to induce labor, you must choose a best time, and the best time for induction is the better.Because the earlier, the simpler, the safer.

4. Do a good gynecological examination before surgery

General inspection items include urine tests, B -ultrasound, ECG, leucorrhea routine, etc. to ensure the feasibility and safety of the operation.

4. Forbidden to have the same room

Pregnant women must ban the same room for 1 week before induction, and take a bath, especially the lower abdomen and genitals should be cleaned.

5. The choice of surgical method is very important

The induction of labor is painful, induction and painless induction, and choose the surgical method under the advice of the physician.

6. Sterile operation

Doctors should strictly perform sterile operations when induction of labor.

Precautions after labor

To induce labor, we need not only pay attention to the precautions before labor, but also need to pay attention to the precautions after labor.Because only if you notice these, the faster you will recover.

1. After surgery, rest at the hospital for 2 or 3 days. If there is no abnormality, you should go home.It should still be more than 1 month in accordance with regulations, which is conducive to the return of reproductive organs to normal, and avoid working heavy labor during the rest.

2. Keep the vulva and menstrual pads clean. Do not take a bath within 30 to 45 days to avoid causing infection.

3. Due to more bleeding and great consumption, you should strengthen nutritional supplements, which is conducive to the recovery of the body.

4 or 2 months are forbidden to live in the two months, so as not to cause inflammation of reproductive organs.

5. After discharge, if the vaginal bleeding and lochia are more, it lasts for a long time, or pain in the lower abdomen, fever, etc., you should ask the doctor to check and treat it in time.

6. After induction of labor, from the beginning of the first husband and wife life, you should adhere to contraception.Otherwise, you will get pregnant again.

7. If the vaginal bleeding is too much or infected, you should go to a professional hospital for relevant examinations in time to treat symptomatic treatment under the guidance of the doctor.

From the above, it can be seen that the best time for abortion will lead to an increase in the risk of surgery. Therefore, female friends must have a flow of abortion early to avoid induction of labor. If you want to induce laborExpress.

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