Pharmaceuticals and foods with homologous medicines, nourish blood, nourish the blood, nourish the spleen and nourish the lungs, and protect the stomach and intestines

Codonopsis is the root of the Codonopathy of the Planted Plants, also known as the Codonopsis, Yellow Ginseng, Zhongling Cao, Lion Head Ginseng, Defense Codonopsis, Yellow Party, etc.Codonopsis is sweet, flat, spleen and lungs, nourishing blood, and nourishing blood. It is mainly used for spleen and lung qi deficiency, less food, burnout, cough and asthma, and lack of qi and blood.

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As a drug, Codonopsis was first seen in "Materia Medica Fengyuan", which was mainly used as clearing lung drugs.As a replenishment medicine, it was first seen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica". It mentioned that Codonopsis has the effect of nourishing lung qi and treating lung deficiency.

"Materia Medica Justice" records: Codonopathy can replenish the spleen and nourish the stomach, moisturize the lungs, and live in the tendon.For those who are especially expensive, it is not good for spleen.Codonopsis is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in my country, and medicines and foods are dual -use. They are often used as substitutes for ginseng. They are widely used in clinical application.

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In view of the effects of codonication, nourishing the blood and nourishing the spleen and lungs, it can replace the ginseng in some prescriptions. However, because the efficacy of the party ginseng cannot be maintained for a long time, it usually increases the amount of use. HoweverParty ginseng replaces.

Among patients with long -diarrhea desertification, qi and blood loss, fatigue and weakness, and weak spleen and lungs, the use of party ginseng instead of ginseng for treatment can effectively improve patients’ disease resistance.

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Modern research shows that Codonopsis mainly contains active ingredients such as sugar, alkaloids, clustering, glycoside, and pyrums. The pharmacological effects involve gastrointestinal system, lung function, blood system, immune system, nervous system and other aspectsEssenceThe more prominent effect of Codonopsis is mainly in regulating gastrointestinal function, nourishing lungs, and nourishing blood.

Codonopsis has the effect of nourishing the spleen. A variety of chemical ingredients in Codonopsis can participate in the pharmacological role related to gastrointestinal protection and gastrointestinal function regulation.The role of party ginseng to play gastrointestinal protection may be related to improving gastrointestinal power, anti -inflammatory and antioxidant.

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Codonopsis’s regulation of gastrointestinal function may also be related to improving gastrointestinal power and gastric protease vitality.Codonopsis polysaccharides, as one of the activity groups, may play the role of gastrointestinal functional regulation by improving the vitality of related digestive enzymes and improving the dysfunction of small intestinal dynamic dynamic dysfunction.

Codonopsis is exactly effective for chronic atrophic gastritis, Helicobacter pylori infectious gastric disease, functional digestive adequate spleen deficiency and liver stagnation syndrome.

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Yilin is a traditional effect of party ginseng. A number of studies have shown that the improvement of party ginseng’s improvement of lung respiratory may be related to improving the structure and function of alveolar cell -related substances and reducing inflammation reactions.Codonopsis polysaccharides may improve chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by promoting the devouring effects of alveolar cells and reducing the relevant inflammatory response.

Raising blood is also the traditional effect of Codonopsis.Codonopsis and its chemical ingredients have the function of enhancing hematopoiesis, regulating sugar fat metabolism, and preventing pharmacological effects such as hemolysis.

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Codonopsis polysaccharides may improve blood deficiency symptoms by promoting spleen compensation instead of enhanced bone marrow hematopoietic symptoms. It has the treatment effect on qi and blood deficiency, spleen and kidney deficiency type, liver and kidney yin deficiency type, and kidney deficiency and blood stasis.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of health care has also increased, and the health care function of Codonopsis, as medicines and foods, has become more and more valued, and its applications in food and health foods are becoming more and more extensive.

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Codonopsis includes polysaccharides, glucose, fructose, chrysanthemum, sucrose, phosphate, and 17 amino acids, including 7 essential amino acids such as lysine.In addition, it also contains 14 elements such as saponin, volatile oil, fat and potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron, as well as vitamin B1 and B2.

Codonopsis has similar nourishing effects as ginseng, and is widely used in health drinks and conditioning foods for this reason.The most applications of health foods including party ginseng are the most applications to enhance immunity, followed by improving nutritional anemia, and anti -fatigue again.

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However, it should be noted that the effect of Codonopsis is close to ginseng and weak, and the range of biological activity is not as extensive as ginseng.Essence

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