Please self -check. If these situations occur, it is often a precursor of infertility

"Many patients are more serious when they come to the clinic. However, due to the lack of knowledge of patients’ reproductive health and the influence of light prevention and treatment, it is often remembered to go to the hospital for examination.Director Zhang Yanjun of the Leds Reproductive Hospital said with emotion that she deeply realized the importance of reproductive science and infertility from the early medical treatment.Medically, there is a normal sex life after marriage, and friends who have not taken any contraceptive measures and are not pregnant, we will suggest that they first evaluate the childbirth state.So, have you ever thought that in fact, before you prepare for pregnancy, your body has given some infertility signals and even alarms.

1. Dysmenorrhea

Long-term dysmenorrhea is a female infertility-early signs of symptoms. The cause of the disease is mainly related to factors such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, uterine fibroids, and uterine dysplasia.The essential.

2. Abdominal pain

Chronic lower abdomen and their sides of their sides or pain in lumbosacral region are also early signal symptoms of female infertility. The cause of the disease is mainly related to pelvic inflammation, cervicitis, ovarian inflammation, endometriosis, ovarian tumor, etc.It is necessary to attract high attention, and do not despise the hidden dangers of abdominal pain.

3. Diseases before and after menstruation.

If a period of period before and after menstruation, a series of symptoms, such as pre-milk increase, menstrual headache, menstrual diarrhea, menstrual edema, menstrual fever, menstrual oral measuries, menstrual acne, menstrual blocks, menstrual periods are extremely annoying, etc.It should be paid attention to that such symptoms may be an early sign of female infertility, and the cause of the disease is related to luteal dysfunction caused by endocrine disorders.


The so -called milk, that is, the phenomenon of women overflowing milk overwhelming or squeezing in non -lactation breasts is an early signs of female infertility.The cause of the overflow is mainly closely related to factors such as hypothalamus dysfunction, pituitary tumors, primary thyroid dysfunction, chronic renal failure, long -term taking contraceptive pills, and long -term anti -suppression drugs.

Therefore, whether for women who are planning to prepare for pregnancy or have successfully conceived, all pregnancy conditions must be based on a healthy physique.No matter what stage you are in, you have to do a physical examination, which can effectively eliminate some diseases of the body, which is also very beneficial to pregnancy.It should be pointed out that female friends must also do a good job of prevention, such as adopting contraceptive measures to avoid multiple flow, learning emotional regulation to maintain a good attitude, pay attention to menstrual hygiene to prevent gynecological diseases, etc.occur.

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