Precautions for washing hair during pregnancy

In October, every expectant mother is very hard for the reasons for pregnancy, constipation, insomnia, and poor appetite. In order to ensure the health of the child during pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to all kinds of large and small issues, such as expectant mothersWashing hair is also an important issue. Specific mothers have a strong metabolism during pregnancy. The secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands increases. The oily secretions in the head increase, which leads to the dirty, sticky, and messy hair during pregnancy. This will make people feel restless.In order to make your hair relax and refreshing, you need to wash your hair frequently.So what are the expectations of expectant mothers?Let’s take a look together

Most expectant mothers use showering methods. This is more convenient. If there are no conditions in the family, how to wash your hair is easier?

1. Specific mothers with short hair: The hair is better to wash. You can sit on the chair with a height of 90 degrees, lean your head forward, and slowly clean it.

2. Specific mothers with long hair: If the expectant mother stays long hair, then washing her hair is a bit of bitterness, because if I washed over for too long, not only the back is sore, but also the stomach will not be comfortable, and it may cause uterine contraction, So long -haired expectant mothers are best to sit on a back chair, ask the family to help rinse; if it is too troublesome, just cut the hair short and wash it.

3. Specific mothers in the middle and late pregnancy: The stomach is bigger every day, and it is really difficult for the expectant mothers who bend their hair to wash their hair.During this period, expectant mothers can have their own shampoo to go to the nearby beauty shop to wash their hair; or please help your husband to wash your hair, so that the hair washing process will become full of love

In these cases, pregnant mothers should pay attention to wash their hair

1. Washing your hair in the morning

Generally speaking, the pregnant mother washing her hair in the morning is not feasible, especially in the cold winter, because the hair is not dried and the pores on the head are open, it is easy to suffer from cold.The root cause, if you wash your hair in the morning, you must wait for your hair to dry completely before going out

2. Washing your hair at night

For pregnant mothers who have been busy for a day during the day, you can choose to wash your hair at night, but pay attention not to fall asleep without your hair. At this timeCoupled with the resistance of the pregnant mother itself, the resistance is lower than that of ordinary people, so it is very easy to catch a cold, so you must sleep after the hair is dry.

3. Washing your hair after rain

If it cannot be avoided, wash your hair immediately with hot water. This is because most of our lives are seriously polluted. Most of the rainfall rainfall is sour rain. These sour rain is not washed away in time.

Due to the sensitivity of expectant mothers during pregnancy, you need to pay attention to some problems on the hair care hair care

1. Selection of shampoo

If the skin is very sensitive, in order to prevent the scalp and affect the baby, the expectant mothers should choose shampoos that are suitable for their hair quality and have a gentle nature.Allergies, if the hair does not have dry, split or knotted, try not to use hair care products, and do not go to the hairstyle shop to make hair inverted hair, oil and other care

2. The frequency of shampooing

At the same time as the system changes in the system of expectant mothers, the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the body is also very strong, making it easy for expectant mothers to sweat, and the oily secretions on the head increase, especially in hot weather.Therefore, you can wash your hair every day in the summer. As for the cold weather, you can choose the frequency of shampooing according to your personal hair quality. For the prospective mothers with neutral or oily hair, it is advisable to wash your hair 1 to 2 times a week.The prospective mothers with dry hair can be washed once a week. It should not be washed or shampoo for too long. If the shampoo is too long, the sebaceous glands will secrete the oil secreted.

The protective film, the hair is more easily dry, oil or itching, but is not good for the health of the hair

3. Washing your head

Expectant mothers should try to use their backs as much as possible, and open their feet naturally.When flushing, the head and upper body are leaning about 45 degrees, and the elbows on both hands can be supported on the washstand, beside the basin, or thigh. If you are used to a pregnant woman who washed his hair, be sure to use stop skating pads and handrails to prevent the center of gravity instability to prevent unstable center of gravity unstable.Fall

4. The treatment of wet hair after washing

After washing her hair, expectant mothers should wear dry hats with strong water absorption and good breathability to dry their hair as fast as possible to prevent colds.However, pay attention to the use of bacteriostatic and sanitary, soft dry hair hats and dry towels

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