Preferred treatment of artificial pregnancy non -infertility

What is infertility?

Infertility increases

The incidence of infertility is now very high, and 10-20%among normal women of childbearing age.For infertility infertility, it is often because of some misunderstandings in patients and did not consult or check and treat them in time, so the problems that could have been solved quickly became infertility …

No contraception for a year and not pregnant

The definition of infertility is that the couple of childbearing age live together for more than a year, have normal sexual life, and have not been able to successfully become infertility without adopting any contraceptive measures.Infertility is a set of fertility disorders caused by a variety of diseases, and it is a bad event for the reproductive health of the childbearing age.Among them, it is called infertility caused by male reasons, and the cause of women is called infertility.According to the history of pregnancy, infertility can also be divided into two types: primary and secondary.Primary nature refers to those who have never had a history of pregnancy and have no contraception and infertility.Secondaryness refers to those who have had a history of pregnancy and have not been pregnant for 12 consecutive months without contraception.

Ovarian and fallopian tube abnormalities affect conception

After the ovulation is excreted during ovulation, it will be taken by the fallopian tube umbrella.After intake into the fallopian tube, the abdomen of the pot of the fallopian tube is combined with the sperm. This combination depends on the number of sperm, vitality, and deformity.Combined with fertilized eggs, if there is inflammation at this time, or some external factors, it allows it to stay, then it may become ectopic pregnancy.If there is no interference, the fallopian tube is normal, unobstructed, and there is no inflammation. Then the fertilized eggs will move to the uterus and find a good place to bed. This process must be carried out for 3-5 days.However, it should be noted that women who have produced cesarean section have just moved to bed in the last surgical incision.In the future, scar pregnancy will be formed, which may occur during childbirth.This is the process of women’s conception. Among them, the ovarian and fallopian tubes are critical. The two ovaries are in the lower part of the fallopian tube, such a normal position.If this position has changed, or adhesion, or adenomyosis, etc. due to inflammation, fibroids, adenomy disease, etc., it will cause infertility.

What are the causes of infertility?

There are few sperm and weak man

If both sides have never been pregnant, both men and women must check, and some men are unwilling to check or feel that they must have no problem.But in general, there are few problems with men, but they should still be checked.Some men did a check and found that the sperm was small or the sperm was weak, so they felt a lot of pressure. In fact, there were tens of millions of sperm in men. As long as one of them combined with eggs, the chance was still very high.The quantity, vitality and malformations of sperm also need to be considered.Under normal circumstances, there are more than 4 normal sperm of 100 sperm, which is normal, because there are tens of millions of sperm, so they are anxious because of the high malformation rate.As long as the normal rate is more than 4%, it is very good. Don’t treat infertility as a particularly difficult thing.The formation of sperm, from sperm to mature sperm, is generally 3 months.Therefore, in order to ensure sperm quality, male steamed sauna, smoking, and drinking should be appropriately paid attention to in the three months of pregnancy. This is a physiological basis.

Female tubal is not the most common

Donaltic abnormalities are the most common infertility.After the fallopian tube is not connected or after the anti -inflammatory treatment, it still shows a rigid and peristaltic function, which will cause the egg to be unable to enter the fallopian tube or enter the fallopian tube but cannot enter the uterus, which will cause infertility and even ectopic pregnancy.

Emergency contraceptive interference

For infertile patients, you should also ask if you have taken emergency contraceptives, because the contraceptive rate of this drug can only reach 80%, and even 20%of the medicine may be pregnant.In addition, emergency contraceptives will interfere with women’s menstruation and ovulation.After taking emergency contraceptives, some people will have irregular menstruation and ovulation without ovulation, which will lead to infertility.Therefore, it is not recommended to take emergency contraceptives.There are also some couples who do not want to get pregnant after they get married, so they will go to the ring when the two parties agree, but if there are still planning to have children, it will not advocate the Sheung Wan, because the upper ring will cause the fallopian tube to block and retrograde.It will also be more difficult to get pregnant.Of course, if you no longer need to be pregnant, the upper ring is safer than taking medicine.Therefore, if you want to take the contraceptives for oral contraceptives, it is recommended to use short -acting oral contraceptives. You can take it on the day of menstruation, and then take it on the 5th day. This is more reliable.The role of short -acting contraceptives is to make the ovaries sleep and protect the ovaries.In addition, short -acting contraceptives have not only regulating menstruation and contraceptives, but also the effects of anti -cancer, preventing uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.The use of short -acting contraceptives is to take one daily, 21 days and one cycle, then stop the medicine for 7 days, and take another box.But do not take previous contraceptives, harm the body, and this old contraceptive medicine should be discontinued for half a year to get pregnant.Modern fourth contraceptives can be used with confidence, and it has no effect on pregnancy. This month stopped medicine and can be pregnant next month.A safe contraceptive method can also be used with condoms, which has no effect on pregnancy.

How to ensure successful conception?

Improve the pre -pregnancy examination of both men and women

In the infertility consultation, the general men are relatively simple. It is mainly considered for semen problems, but women need many items, including: ask for medical history (understanding the current medical history, menstrual history, marriage and childbirth, family history, etc.), physical fitness), physical fitness), physical fitness), physical fitness), physical fitness), physical fitness)Examination, gynecological examination, auxiliary examination (including endocrine function, ovarian function, genetic examination, etc.)

But check and treat

Generally, they will first ask if there are movies and water, and some patients have never been pregnant, but they have done angiography and have great damage to the fallopian tube.If patients with no outflowing history do angiography, they can cause inflammation of fallopian tubes from the vagina.

Folic acid supplement in advance

Women who have a plan for pregnancy should supplement folic acid, even if they only start to prepare even during the treatment of infertility, they must eat them three months before pregnancy to three months after pregnancy.There are 3 million congenital defects in China to be born each year, and they can actually prevent folic acid.Taking folic acid can prevent deformities from deposition and reduce the chance of occurrence of deformed by 40%.

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