Pregnancy diary "17

16 weeks ago, except for pregnancy, reminding you that you are a pregnant woman, outsiders can’t see that you are pregnant from the body shape, and you are still a normal person walking on the street.But after entering 17 weeks, the stomach gradually increased every day at the degree of visible to the naked eye, especially after 19 weeks, the belly is one day, even if you are a small base weight, no matter how you inhale your belly, you can never take it back.Even if you wear loose clothes, you can know it at a glance, you are already a veritable pregnant woman (the advantage is that when you go out, you will be given preferentially. The flight attendant will see my belly, and the luggage with the plane will not let you mention it.Save for you at the forefront of the plane, and you will help you out in advance when getting off the plane).

In the previous pregnancy diary, my weight was 50.7kg at the end of May. At the end of June, the rise was out of control. It was far from my plan. This morning, the empty stomach said that it had reached 52.9kg, and it rose more than four pounds at once!IntersectionIntersectionAnd I do n’t have a lot of meals yet, and I insist on yoga and Pirati for an hour every day.It has been exceeded ten pounds for five months. I feel that the goal of gaining weight by 16 pounds during pregnancy is afraid of it. How can this little cub be so long?

I did not expect that my stomach would be so fierce. Not only did my stomach rise, but my breasts also made rapid progress. It became a veritable "chest". The entire upper body was the stomach except the chest, and there was no transition area.Many clothes can be worn yesterday, and the next day I feel tight and uncomfortable. The internal organs are constantly squeezed, and the frequent urination begins.Hold you, dizzy every day.The new phenomenon is that when I was about 18 weeks, I felt the fetal movement. It seemed like a goldfish in my stomach. From time to time, I swam around, rolling, and kicking a new way in a new way without day and night.Remind the existence of TA, you will worry about what happened to TA today without visiting it.This wonderful little guy hangs my heartstrings in a change of law.

After 19 weeks, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, not only protruding outward, but also squeezing inside.Obviously, I feel that the belly is opened, the belly is tight, the uterus is squeezing the stomach, and the stomach capacity is reduced. The family also hopes that you can eat as much as possible to supplement nutrition.The waist is in a state of falling apart. Every time you get up, you must deliberately support your waist. After sitting for a long time, the phenomenon of edema and numbness will appear on the legs and feet.I thought it would be overjoyed after pregnancy, but I did not expect that the new test began again.

That can only be covered by soldiers to cover the water. For the problem of numb legs, I originally planned to buy H -shaped pregnant women’s pillows like most people, but in the end, I didn’t buy it.In fact, you can’t make you sleep very comfortably. Some pillows are too high, and some of the two pillows are not suitable. Some are holding very hot and so on.After this time, it will not be used.

Later, I found a latex cylindrical cervical spine pillow in my husband’s house. It has a certain degree of flexibility and hardness. One night because of her legs and feet, I planned to raise my legs. I put this cervical cylindrical pillow under the ankle.It is extremely comfortable to alleviate the venous veins. When lying on the side, it can also be sandwiched between legs. It is not like ordinary soft pillows without support, because there is a certain hardness, it can stimulate the blood vessels between the legs.Making blood flow is more common, and pelvic leaning can also be prevented from raised the belly. Sometimes the waist is uncomfortable. It is also comfortable under the waist. It is small but uses a lot of use. It is a good thing recently discovered.

In response to the rise in weight, I started to deliberately quit carbohydrates daily, such as steamed buns, noodles, rice, and try to eat more high -protein meat. Although they also eat various vegetables every day, in fact, vegetables are more meat than meat.It ’s not easy to digest, coupled with a reduced stomach capacity, flatulence is a commonplace. I have not thought of a good dietary response method, but after meals, it can effectively alleviate flatulence.use.

Entering the upsurge period, the stomach was greatly opened. At this time, it was easy to have long lines, so now I started to apply oil before applying oil and then wax plum classic cream. I hope that no pattern can be maintained to the end.

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