Pregnancy Feng Shui contraindication and prosperity of Wangyun

Pregnancy is a particularly happy thing, but sometimes because of accidental and not paying attention, it will also cause some bad things to happen. Therefore, the taboo of home feng shui during pregnancy must be understood and avoided.The book is shared with everyone, and the new mom and new moms who want to get pregnant will read it carefully ~

Pregnant Feng Shui contraindications and prosperity

Pregnancy Feng Shui taboo:

During pregnancy, it is not appropriate to renovate (moving, moving bed, etc.), moving soil, and the reconstruction of kitchen stoves. This is mainly related to the "movement god" in the pregnant feng shui.Moving or decoration will alarm the fetus, which is very easy to have a miscarriage.In addition, new houses have a certain harmful gas invasion as soon as they are renovated.Therefore, the new parents during pregnancy must not move, sleep, and kitchen stoves.

Taboos of Feng Shui taboo for pregnancy:

During the pregnancy, the bedside should not be placed with radioactive or radiation items such as metal, electrical appliances, etc., such as gold ornaments, computers, printers, mobile phones, etc. that usually wear gold ornaments., Should try to stay away.As for the natural crystal jewelry, some can be worn (such as the sea blue treasure can help the pregnancy), and some are too strong to wear and not suitable for long -term pregnancy. If you have any questions, you can consult.

The fetus is still very weak in the mother’s body. Items with radioactive or radiation are likely to cause dysplasia of the fetus or even genetic distortion.If you have to use radiation electronic products, you can wear radiation -proof clothes, drink plenty of water, and arrange the use time reasonably.

The third of pregnancy Feng Shui taboos:

During pregnancy, it is not suitable for places where you are yin or suffocating (do not go to this kind of place). During women’s pregnancy, temples, crematorium, cemetery, accident scene, fighting quarrel scene, police station, go to the hospital to visit patients (You can go to the hospital for examination, but do not stay for too long), etc. Do not go during pregnancy. These places are heavier, so as not to get the fetus or bacteria.Development and growth in the abdomen.

Fourth of pregnancy feng shui taboos:

Try not to place visible knives at home, to receive the drawer in the drawer such as knives, scissors, etc., and be careful not to hit new nails on the wall (old ones can not be controlled), and do not hang huge swing chandeliers on the bed, chandeliersThe top is also a taboo on feng shui.

Five of Feng Shui Taboo for Pregnancy:

Avoid mirrors and fish tanks in the room. If you want to conceive easily, do not place fish tanks and mirrors in the room.Because these are negative reflexes, especially the mirror should not face bed.

To give birth to a healthy and lively baby, in addition to understanding the above pregnancy taboos, we also need to combine science and medical knowledge to reasonably take care of them and maintain an optimistic and good mood.The following Luo Shu introduces some methods of feng shui prosperity:

Pregnant Feng Shui prosperous luck:

The door and bedroom setting threshold or obstruction. By setting the threshold or a carpet, the curtain can be hung at the door of the bedroom to better keep the fetal gas and make the fetal gas flow out of the outside.

Pregnancy Feng Shui Wangyun 2:

The place where you live should be ventilated and comfortable. There must be sufficient sunlight or bright light in the room into the bedroom.It’s easy to get pregnant.The environment where the yin is too strong, even if the husband and wife are good, it is difficult to have children.

Pregnant Feng Shui Wangyun 3:

Both husbands and wives began to pay attention to exercise half a year in advance, quit smoking, abstain from alcohol, abstain from cola and milk tea.Many people will ignore Coca -Cola and milk tea, but Luo Shu must tell everyone that cola and milk tea has been drinking or frequent drinking for a long time. Unless the physical fitness and home feng shui are particularly good, it is not easy to get pregnant.If you really talk, drink it after confinement or breastfeeding ~

Windwater prosperity of Feng Shui:

The home and bedrooms need to be cleaned frequently, keeping clean, tidy, and bright, which is conducive to gathered qi to block and make people pregnant.If the bedroom is dirty, messy, and dark all year round, it will affect the husband and wife’s pregnancy and children, and even family harmony.The bed in the bedroom needs to be against the wall, or there is a back. This is called "backing" in Feng Shui, which is protected.

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