Pregnancy = happiness + anxiety

Successful pregnancy is happy

I just found my pregnancy, I was very excited, and felt that I was going to a new journey in my life, and my love finally blossomed.Due to the regular menstruation, I bought test strips a month after the last menstrual period. As a result, I went to the hospital to check HCG and progesterone. There is no doubt that I have a baby.I called my husband, my parents and parents, everyone was very happy.

Seeing red in early pregnancy

At about 8 weeks, I went to the toilet and found that there were brown secretions on the underwear. Baidu checked it. There was a risk of abortion. I was scared to go to the hospital immediately., The doctor recommends taking medicine to keep the fetus and hospitalized, where can my glass heart be able to bear it.After that, I went to a better three hospitals to review it. The same result, but the doctors here recommend that they do not take fetal medicine, because the first three months is the process of natural selection. It is best not to intervene in artificial intervention. It is recommended that I go home and bed in bed in bedrest.After returning home, I asked for a month of leave. I would definitely rest in bed in accordance with the doctor’s advice, but during this period, due to some things, I would occasionally take a car and walk for a long time.In this way, the intermittent bleeding continued from the 8th week to 12 weeks. During the period, there was a particularly large amount of blood, which was similar to the amount of aunt who came to the big aunt.There is a uterine cavity, but I have a lot of relieved. It seems that my baby and I do have fate.After 12 weeks, there is no brown secretion.My heart also relaxed.

Examination in the middle of pregnancy

In 11 weeks of NT, the baby is also very cooperative, but the Tang sieve cannot be cleared. 21 Trioma syndrome 1:23 High risk.The two weeks of waiting for the result are really embarrassed. It ’s okay to go to work during the day. I am sad when I get to the night. I’ m afraid of high risk. Finally, the result is okay. It is low risk and is shocked.The four -dimensional heart color Doppler ultrasound is also great, and the baby is very good.

Routine examinations in the late pregnancy

Routine examinations in the late pregnancy, including liver merit, nail skills, blood sugar, urine tests, B ultrasound, etc., and there are more.I was normal at 32 weeks of maternity leave, but I was hypothyroidism at the critical value, and the doctor opened You Jiale.However, during the 34 -week birth check, it was checked by 18.8umol/L. The doctor diagnosed the mile stasis syndrome. After eating three days of Setai -sulfonalinine, the adenosamidosinestone,Raise to 22umol/L.The doctor said that he can only be hospitalized. I will be admitted to the hospital in the future and is currently being treated. I hope to recover soon.Otherwise, you will terminate your pregnancy, hoping to stand up to your baby.

In short, pregnancy is a cultivation for Baoma. It is necessary to stand happiness, be stress, wait patiently for the baby’s arrival, believe in your baby, and believe in yourself.

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