Pregnancy is beautiful, can pregnant women use skin care products?

How to maintain the skin during pregnant women is a matter of concern.Different from the appearance of pregnant women in the imagination, some skin problems will still occur during pregnancy.

Some women and family members will worry that the chemical components in skin care products will hurt pregnant women and babies in their stomachs, and they are often anecdotes for skin care products.

Can skin care products harm the baby

During pregnancy, the secretion of hormones in women’s body increases, and natural immunity will weaken accordingly. The defense ability of skin during pregnancy will also decrease, so the skin will become sensitive and fragile.

At this time, if the expectant mothers completely give up all daily skin care, it will keep various skin problems.

Therefore, expectant mothers are best to choose some credible skin care brands, as well as products without alcohol, spices, and additives to make the most basic daily care for the skin.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for skin care to hurt the fetus.Our skin care products are only guaranteed to be safe and not expired.

Furthermore, our skin is also limited to the absorption of skin care products. Most of the skin care products only stay on the surface of the skin, because we have our stratum corneum.

Skin barriers can not only protect our skin, but also make some skin care products have no way to reach deep skin.

In addition to entering the deep skin, if you still have to go in the body to damage your baby, it is even more difficult to add. There is no need to worry about it.

Skin care products that pregnant women need to pay attention to

Nonetheless, there will still be some products that will also mark the labels used by pregnant women with caution.This is mainly oral skin care products, but pregnant women know to avoid taking these drugs, so the harm does not exist.There is also a more exciting acid brushing product.

For example, salicylic acid, we usually use to eliminate closed mouth and acne, which can break through the stratum corneum.Although there is no clear evidence to prove that the fetus is hurt, pregnant mothers can also avoid.

How to skin care during pregnancy

Having said so much, everyone should know that pregnant women and skin care products are not contradictory.

Pregnant women’s skin care is mainly based on basic care, so you can choose a mild and simple moisturizing and moisturizing supplies.

If you are afraid of pregnant women who step on the mine, you can also choose some skin care products for pregnant women. After all, skin care is the most important thing to be comfortable.

In order to be healthy, pregnant mothers have abandoned a lot of personal enjoyment, but they can still protect their appearance and skin, so that they can greet new life more beautifully.

Memorandum of pregnant mothers:

1. Control weight.If the weight of expectant mothers grows too fast, it is easy to produce stretch marks (once it is generated, it is difficult to remove it completely), so avoid excessive eating during pregnancy and control weight appropriately.

2. Select skin care products carefully.Due to the sensitive skin of women during pregnancy, you should try to choose skin care products without spices, alcohol, and additives. It is best to use safer professional maternal and infant series skin care products.

3. Go to beauty salons with caution.But it is not completely unable to go. There are two points to pay attention to:

First, keep a flat position for a long time.

The second is to clean and relax, try not to consume other items.

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