Pregnant mother must see, this guarantee is very important

Everyone knows millions of medical insurance (follow my friends, if you don’t know, hurry up to make up for lessons)

Ask everyone a question:

The costs caused by fertility, including complications, do not reimburse for millions of medical insurance?

Many practitioners may not figure out this cold knowledge, let me tell you:

The fertility is not counted, and the fertility -related costs do not reimburse

In most medical insurance exemption clauses, this will be mentioned specifically:

Insurance companies will not only reimburse the costs of childbirth, such as caesarean section, ectopic pregnancy, etc., but also not reporting for pregnancy examination fees and complications.

Such a case happened before:

In 2019, Zhou bought a million medical insurance. In September 2020, Zhou had a daughter in the hospital.

During this period, Zhou was diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy. It took a long time for injection of imported insulin for a long time, spent more than 50,000 yuan, and childbirth costs were 30,000 yuan.

After being discharged, Zhou applied to the insurance company for claims.

As a result, it can be imagined that the insurance company rejected compensation with "fertility -related costs belongs to the scope of the exemption."

Zhou said to the court, and the first trial and the second trial were declined to compensate.

As we all know, as long as the insurance company goes to the court, it will become vulnerable groups, and lawsuits rarely win, and the court will obviously be more biased towards consumers.

Then why did you win this time?

According to the court, it is precisely because of a natural physiological phenomenon of pregnancy and childbirth, not disease that these complications disappear with the end of pregnancy.

This clause is not an example, but 99.9%of the million medical insurance clauses on the market.

So, in this case, how can we protect the mothers?

At present, there are many pregnant mothers on the market for pregnant mothers to ensure pregnancy complications such as pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes.

It can be for everyone to choose.

Pregnancy is a special stage of women, but many insurances are full of "discrimination" for pregnant women to buy insurance. If you are pregnant, you will not buy it. You can buy it after giving birth.

However, this process, women’s bodies are more prone to special changes, causing various pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes.

Like my wife’s pregnancy, the situation is frequent, first of all, hypertension, and then a number of indicators such as urine protein and bile acid increased, and various examination hospitals have spit.

There are more serious situations, such as amniotic fluid embolism, eclamps, placental peeling, postpartum bleeding, and so on.The risk of pregnant women is still very high, and it will also bring potential medical expenses of 778.

So you must understand these two guarantees of pregnant women.

Maternity insurance is one of the risks of the five social security insurance we pay: maternity insurance

If you have a job, the unit will help us pay about 0.8%-1%of wages as maternity insurance premiums. Once you have birth, you can get tens of thousands of reimbursement and allowance; if you do n’t workBus social security.

The first is to reimburse some maternity medical expenses, including inspection costs, surgery, hospitalization, and drug expenses incurred.

The salary of the second payment period (the average monthly salary of the previous year/30 days*number of maternity leave days) and enjoy the long maternity leave (the conventional 98 days).

Maternity insurance is the most basic guarantee.

The condition for enjoying maternity insurance benefits is that it must be paid for 12 months, and it must be too late after pregnancy. It must be paid in advance.

As a national benefit, maternity insurance is good, but it is not enough. For example, prenatal examinations can only be reimbursed by 2000, and complications treatment fees are reimbursed according to local social security, and the reimbursement ratio is about 70%.

And the cost outside the medical insurance directory is not reimbursed.

This is about mother and baby danger.

Maternal and baby insurance is also called pregnancy production insurance.

Generally, risks such as pregnancy diseases and deaths are usually guaranteed.

If you are worried about some diseases during pregnancy, women can consider buying a mother and baby insurance for themselves, which can ensure complications or accidental medical care caused by pregnant women’s pregnancy, and some products are also newborn.

As a expectant mother, there is no doubt that the biggest wish is to have a healthy baby.Even if it is a small problem during pregnancy, it is possible to live in a room for a few days, and tens of thousands of dollars are gone.

Most medical insurance does not report maternity medical expenses.

It is best to give it to the mother and baby insurance to solve it.

After the social security reimbursement, the remaining costs are reserved for maternal and baby insurance. Good products, the costs outside the medical insurance directory can also be reimbursed. The higher the reimbursement ratio, the better, the lower the deductible amount, the better.

Because of the narrow use scenario, I usually recommend less.

It is just that there are related products on Alipay, there are cheaper, more expensive, and more adaptive groups.

Here I will introduce it to everyone.

Today I will introduce a mother and baby insurance.

The product is called [Pregnant Mother Bao], you can buy the product name in Alipay Ant Baoli.

In fact, two products are called pregnant mothers guarantee, divided into two versions: inclusive version and upgraded version. The inclusive version is cheaper, but the guarantee is relatively weak.comprehensive.

Let’s talk about the inclusive version:

It is underwritten by the inclusive insurance by Cathay Property Insurance.

Cathay Pacific Property Insurance is a subsidiary of Cathay Life Insurance and the first Taiwan -funded insurance company in the mainland. It is safe in terms of solvency and risk assessment.

Briefly introduce the basic information of insurance:

20-year-old-45-year-old can buy pregnant women;

It is still very friendly to an elderly woman, keeping for 1 year,

You can buy it as long as the gestational week ≤ 24 weeks.

After confirming that the pregnancy is determined, the earlier the insurance is guaranteed, and the more likely it is to be underwritten by the insurance company, pregnant women will not be allowed to buy after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The insurance requirements are also simple, and the single or twin of natural conception is pregnant.

Therefore, artificial conception, IVF, and twins are not available.

The waiting period is short, only 15 days.

After 15 days of insurance, you can enjoy the guarantee.

Ensure 24 concurrency diseases and reimburse hospitalization costs.

With these complications, this product can be reimbursed for medical expenses.

How to reimburse?

Reimbursement within the scope of social insurance, the cost of the medical insurance directory does not reimburse, and the medical insurance designated public hospital with level 2 and above is limited to the medical insurance. Therefore, private hospitals cannot work, and non -medical insurance designated hospitals cannot.

After reimbursement of social security, there are 10,000 lines of payment, and then reimburse 70%. If you have not passed the social insurance and medical insurance, only 40%are reimbursed.

The maximum reimbursement can be reimbursed by 1 million.

Although the guarantee is average, the victory is cheap,

Each person is 90 yuan/year.

This product is equivalent to the premium protection of the pregnant mother’s version. It is suitable for women who do not want to spend too much money to buy insurance. It is less than a hundred yuan. There is no need to consider it at all.

Of course, if there are higher requirements for protection, the upgraded version can be considered.

The upgraded version is underwritten by Ping An and Health.

I do n’t need to introduce Ping An Health. Everyone should have heard of Ping An Insurance. Ping An Health belongs to a subsidiary of Ping An and a proper company.

The basic information insured is the same as the previous. Do not repeat the difference between the upgrade version and the inclusive version: two aspects: protection and premiums

First of all, the upgrade version will be much better:

Also guarantee 24 types of concurrent diseases, as follows:

For example, the amniotic fluid embolism, eclampsia, gestational diabetes, placental peeling, etc. we have mentioned earlier, and it has all, and the related definition is relatively loose:

Medical expenses outside the medical insurance directory are also reimbursed.

After the social security reimbursement, the amount of compensation is required to pay for itself, and the remaining costs are 100%reimbursed. If the social security reimbursement is not reimbursed, only 60%are reimbursed.

There have been such a claim case in the upgraded version of the pregnant mother,

Ms. Zhang purchased an upgraded version at 20 weeks of pregnancy, with 491 premiums. During childbirth, she had postpartum bleeding concurrent and shock. She was hospitalized for ten days.

A total of 100,000 yuan for treatment.

Among them, 70,000 yuan is blood transfusion costs. It is not within the scope of social security reimbursement. The remaining 30,000 yuan of social security reimbursed 20,000.To.

The upgraded version also provides health management consultants and Green Connect services in the Trinka Hospital.

It is convenient to check, hospitalized, and surgery, and it is convenient to arrange the three ward directly.

A total of 988 three hospitals were covered.

Since the guarantee is stronger than the inclusive version, the premium will naturally be more expensive.

For example, the female premiums with a single child at the age of 30 are 491 yuan. If they are pregnant, the premium is 731 yuan.

The older the pregnant woman, the higher the premium,

The premiums of a single and double babies are not the same. The products are divided into single -bumper plans and twin plans.

Can support monthly payment.

If this happens, you choose a single child when insured.

The compensation ratio was reduced from 100%to 60%.

Therefore, before the insurance is insured, be sure to soberize your pregnancy.

Compared to the inclusive version, the upgraded version has more compensation, and the premium is naturally more expensive.

Finally, three things about this product: health notification, exemption clause and gift service

First of all, not everyone can buy it, it needs to meet the corresponding health requirements:

The product does not have intelligent underwriting, as long as you have the above situation, you cannot buy it.

For example, the number of miscarriage ≥2 times, the history of caesarean section, the pregnancy cycle> 24 weeks, etc., or the body has certain diseases,

Pay attention to these situations, you can’t buy it.

Secondly, there are exemption clauses, which are said to be not compensated:

The terms are relatively normal. Because it is a product that preserves pregnancy complications of pregnant women, the cost of transportation, food costs, and care for care is not reimbursed.

Finally, the product also provides high -quality services, such as construction management, postpartum recovery, dietary guidance, and so on.

Especially for the elderly maternal women, it is easy to cause more severe pregnancy complications. This product supports up to 45 -year -old age insurance, which is still very friendly and the price is too good.

If you need it, you can buy [pregnant mother insurance] in Alipay.

Everyone must pay attention to health notifications, and must confirm that their own situation will be purchased.


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