Pregnant mothers always want to go to the toilet?Teach you 6 small methods to relieve

Frequent urination is the most prone to symptoms and troubles of expectant mothers

This is mainly because the gradually increased uterus and fetal head squeezed to the bladder

Make expectant mothers urine

Then develop into frequent urination

Frequent urination refers to the increase in the number of urination times.Normal adults have an average urination of 4 to 6 times a day, 0 to 2 times after going to bed at night; if the number of urination is significantly increased, it exceeds the above range, which is frequent urination.

The frequent urination of normal pregnant women refers to the following performance

1. The number of urination is increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, and urinating more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

2. There is no urgency, pain, fever, low back pain and other phenomena during urination.

3. The urine color is normal, no turbid, no hematuria.

4. Urine examination does not have inflammation such as red blood cells or abnormal white blood cells.

Although the above situation is normal, it is generally disappeared after childbirth, but frequent urination often seriously affects pregnant women’s sleep.In the early stages of pregnancy, half of pregnant women have frequent urination. In the later period, nearly 80%of pregnant women are troubled by frequent urination, which brings great inconvenience to life.I will get up to run the toilet at night, which seriously affects the quality of sleep.

Even if the frequency of frequent urination will bring some inconvenience or embarrassment to pregnant mothers.If you keep going to the toilet at home, it is also troublesome.Not to mention what to do if pregnant women go out or work? Also, because frequent urination also reduces the quality of sleep at night.What should I do with these details? Is it just to not go to the toilet and drink water? This is more likely to cause the occurrence of urine, and even constipation.

Relieve frequent urination

Need to pay attention to the following points

(1) Stand less

(2) Try not to lie on your back

(3) Use a pillow to raise the legs appropriately

(4) When sitting, it is best to raise the lower limbs and become a horizontal level with the heart

(5) There is a trend of varicose veins, or the edema is obvious. When walking during the day, you can wear elastic socks when standing and standing.

(6) Varic veins depends on the doctor.

For pregnant women who have frequent urination and affect sleep

Suggestions from Suining Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

1. Reduce drinking water as much as possible before dinner.Try to empty the bladder as much as possible before going to bed.

2. Frequent anal shrinkage during early pregnancy, so that the tension of the pelvic floor muscles can help control urination.That is, consciously practicing the muscles around the pelvic anus, try to extend the shrinking time as much as possible during contraction, and then relax. This repeated practice can not only prevent sexual dysfunction caused by postpartum pelvic floor relaxation, but also prevent the force in the late trimester of pregnancy and postpartum.Loin urine phenomenon.You can also do pelvic relaxation exercises, which helps prevent stress urinary incontinence, that is, the limbs are crawling, straightening the back and arched (cat back), shrinking the hip muscles, pushing the pelvis to the abdomen, and relaxing after a few seconds.If you can insist on doing this exercise, the symptoms of most pregnant women will be significantly reduced.

3. Try not to urinate, urinate immediately after urination, and as much as possible.The gathering of urine in the bladder will cause urine to rise.Heturial infections or even complications such as nephritis.

Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to preventing the occurrence of urinary tract infections. Although frequent urination is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy, expectant mothers do not ignore the sign of "pathological"!Makes urine accumulate in the urinary tract and make bacteria easy to reproduce.If the expectant mothers have pain when urinating, or if they are urgent to endure, a urinary system may occur, which is manifested as:

1. The number of urination has increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

2. Accompanied by urgency, urinary pain, fever, low back pain and other phenomena, I always feel that urine is not clean.Urinary pain in pregnant women is sometimes mistaken for the treatment of uterine contraction and delaying urinary tract infection, and some pregnant women have symptoms such as fever.

3. The urine is turbid and even hematuria.

4. During the examination, I found that there were a lot of white blood cells, red blood cells, and even a small amount of urine protein in the urine.

When the above situation occurs, pregnant mothers should quickly seek medical treatment.Pregnant women are indeed high -risk people who have a sense of urine.Once the urinary tract infection occurs during pregnancy or the urinary system is found after pregnancy, it should be actively treated, and should not be left because of worrying about the medication affecting the fetus.Otherwise, infection will seriously affect kidney function, and then affect mothers and fetuses.

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