Pregnant mothers are "Yang", which drugs can be used?

Pregnant mothers not only consider the treatment of drugs on mothers, but they also need to consider whether the drug will have adverse effects on the baby in the belly. If the pregnant mother is "yang" and has a new crown, which drugs can be used?

1. Heat:

Acetaminol: At all stages of pregnancy, a conventional dose of acetaminol can be used as an analgesic drug.

Second, dry throat and throat:

Clear Pharomi Pills: Pregnant women use it with caution.

Third, cough and sputum:

Aurf: Disable in early pregnancy.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, women use this medicine to have a adverse effect on the fetus.

New: Women during pregnancy are unclear, and this medicine can be used only if it is greater than the disadvantages.

Fourth, dry cough without sputum:

You Mishafin: In early pregnancy, forbidden and use it with caution in the middle and late stages.

Five, runny nose:

Deretty: It can be used throughout pregnancy.

Sitrizine: It can be used throughout pregnancy.

Levitidine: It can be used throughout the pregnancy.

Six, nasal congestion:

Sylonzoline Dross: Because it is a local medication, the amount of medication that is absorbed into the whole body after medication is very small. It is impossible to leave the dose and concentration toxicity, so it can be used throughout the pregnancy.

Seven, nausea and vomiting:

Huoxiangzheng gas tablets (capsule): In addition to Huoxiangzheng Qiwu with alcoholic ingredients, Huoxiang Zhengqi can take it.

8. Other proprietary Chinese medicines:

Lianhua Qing Plague: Under the guidance of a doctor.

Wind cold cold particles: use under the guidance of a doctor.

Lanqi oral solution: pregnant women with caution.

Pu Di Lan Capsule: Used under the guidance of a doctor.

999 Cold: Use with caution in pregnant women.


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Xie Hongjuan

Doctor of Pharmacy, Chief Pharmacist, Deputy Director of Pharmacy of the First Maternal and Baby Health Hospital in Shanghai.Master of Clinical Pharmaceuticals of China University of Pharmacy and Yanbian University School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical School of Pharmacy, Samford University in the United States, Student Exchange Instructor from Pharmaceutical College of Pharmaceuticals, Member of the Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award for Clinical Pharmaceutical Specialist Specialist Branch, Shanghai Medical Science and Technology 2002 and 2010, they went to South Korea and the United States to study clinical pharmacy.

As a clinical pharmacist, the main direction is the reasonable use of pregnant women’s drugs and the reasonable use of anti -infective drugs. It is engaged in clinical and drug -related technical support and pharmaceutical services, including pharmacology consultations, multidisciplinary consultations, and individualization of patients with severe patients.Plan.

Fan Jie

Deputy Director Pharmacist, Member of the Pharmacy Committee of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Hospital, and a member of the Maternal and Children’s Professional Group of the Shanghai Medical Society Clinical Pharmacy Specialty Branch.

The main direction of clinical safety and reasonable medication for a long time is reasonable medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

* The purpose of the article is to provide general science science information. Everyone is different in specific situations. I hope that everyone will have to go to the Pharmaceutical Clinic. Professional clinical pharmacists will consult you in detail.

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