Pregnant mothers are pregnant in August, and they are controversial, and some people will give birth on the track

In the past two days, a few photos have been brushed through the running circle.

According to the Hangzhou Daily, a second -born mother wears a sports vest and has a naked pregnant belly, and runs "with the ball" in the snow, which instantly triggered heated discussion among netizens.

This mother is a sports teacher in Xiaoshan No.1 Middle School. He is usually a running and cycling enthusiasts and loves to fight various marathon and off -road races.She said that she was adjusting the state of advice, and exercise was a good thing for the fetus in the abdomen.

A few years ago, Ms. Xu, who was eight months pregnant, faced the severe cold in Beijing and completed a 3.5 kilometer long -distance running in more than 20 minutes.

So, can you run during pregnancy, will running during pregnancy affect the fetus?

Whether you can run during pregnancy usually depends on the specific situation. After all, everyone’s physical condition and individual differences are very different.But one thing is certain: try to avoid strenuous exercise during pregnancy.

The most scientific and healthy way is to perform appropriate exercises based on your physical condition and the growth of the fetus in the abdomen. This is good for future delivery and fetal development in the abdomen.

Running and hydrating during pregnancy is the key

In fact, people who do not have habitual abortion can run completely in the early stages of pregnancy, but remember that exercise must be appropriate, don’t do too much movement.In particular, you must pay more attention to details during exercise.

Early pregnancy

Be sure to follow conventional pregnancy exercises, such as monitoring your heart rate.Drink plenty of water before running, during running, and after running.

Otherwise, dehydration may occur, dehydration will reduce the blood flowing to the uterus, and even cause early contraction.

In addition, avoid running in the humid weather.Excessive temperature, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, will have potential harm to the baby, so you need to avoid overheating during exercise.

Also, wearing running shoes that can provide full support for your feet.

Mid -pregnancy

The center of gravity of the pregnant woman has changed, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it is easy to slip or wrestle.For safety reasons, persist in running in a flat place.If you really lose balance, try to fall as much as possible, sideways or hands and knees on the ground, instead of directly on the ground.

Late pregnancy

Pregnant women should be as careful as before.Remember, if you feel too tired and don’t want to run, then obey your body instructions and take a good rest.

Affordable exercise is beneficial to fetal development

In addition, some people may be confused about whether they have no exercise habits, and whether exercise during pregnancy is not suitable.In fact, more exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to the growth and development of fetal fetus and their own production and childbirth.

For women who are accustomed to running, there is no reason for them to stop this beloved pastime.However, with the process of pregnancy, the distance, time, and intensity of running must gradually decrease.Listen to your body and pay attention to all dangerous signals.

However, not all people during pregnancy are suitable for running.Be careful with improper pregnancy position and greater pregnancy. It is best to do some appropriate exercise according to your own situation after the safety of the fetal development to achieve the effect of smooth delivery.

In general, exercise is not only conducive to the development of the fetus in the abdomen, but also enhances the blood circulation of the pregnant woman itself, helps her energy metabolism, and regulates mental stress; to ensure sleep and enhance appetite.

Therefore, during pregnancy, everyone is encouraged to exercise in moderation. It is necessary to do it in moderation. It is not what everyone can do.

Ms. Xu, who was eight months pregnant, was under the severe cold in Beijing, and completed a long -distance running of 3.5 kilometers in more than 20 minutes.

The female man given birth on the track

When many expectant mothers are still struggling to run or not, a female man has long regarded the marathon track as a temporary delivery room.

As early as 2011, an American pregnant woman named Anbel Miller, after half a half -hour completing the Chicago Marathon for 7 hours, gave birth to a 7 -pound girl.

"There is easier having a child than a marathon." She said easily afterwards.You know that Miller was pregnant for 39 weeks at the time, and this was not the first time she was pregnant to run a marathon.Previously, Miller participated in a marathon competition once in only 4 months.

What’s more interesting is that there are many such female men around the world set foot on the track of marathon.

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, a 36 -year -old British woman Para Radlffle, who had been pregnant for 5 months, has always insisted on running nearly 23 kilometers a day to maintain its body shape and prepare for the 2012 London Olympics.EssenceLa La won the New York Marathon less than 10 months after giving birth to the first child.

In February 2014, Ms. Xu, a prospective mother, who was eight months pregnant, also faced the severe cold in Beijing, wore short -clothes and shorts, and completed a 3.5 kilometers of long -distance running in more than 20 minutes.

"Pregnancy may grow a lot of meat, and lack of exercise may cause various problems such as pregnancy and hypertension. Perseverance can not only ensure good health, but also benefit from childbirth." Ms. Xu said at the time.

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