Pregnant mothers are very irritable, so I can’t bear it!

The mother is really great. Not only has the pain of production and the hardships of parenting. In fact, some seemingly trivial things during pregnancy will also bring a lot of troubles to mothers because of the special circumstances of pregnant mothers.For example, many mothers rarely go shopping and go out of the door during pregnancy. Most of the reasons are because of frequent urination during pregnancy. It is inconvenient to find toilets often when going out.Frequent urination during pregnancy is normal, but frequent urination is also accompanied by some other discomfort to seek medical treatment in time. Moms should also pay attention!

1. Why does pregnant women have frequent urination

The bladder is an organ that stores urine, adjacent to the uterus.The uterus after pregnancy will continue to expand with the development of the fetus, and it will grab the site with its "neighbor", resulting in compression of the bladder.Under normal circumstances, 400 ml of bladder urine has urine. Generally, urine will be excreted every 4 hours. However, due to the squeezing of the uterus, the urine storage capacity of the bladder becomes less, so frequent urination will occur.In this case, no treatment is required. The frequent urination of pregnant women is normal, but frequent urination does cause some trouble in life in pregnant women.

Note: When the following symptoms occur during urination, it is not normal frequent urination. It may be urinary tract infection. You need to go to the hospital for treatment:

1. Frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, endless urination, etc.

2. Tingling or burning sensation when urination

3. The color of the urine is abnormal, and the turbidity is unclear

4. There are hematuria, bacterial urine, pyuria, qi and urine, etc.

5, waist pain, body fever, irritability, headache, etc.

Urinary tract infection and the above symptoms may not necessarily occur at the same time, but when some of them appear, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time, because urinary tract infection has a certain impact on the health of the baby., Pollution of amniotic fluid, premature birth, etc.

2. How to reduce frequent urination

1. Don’t urinate

The bladder is elastic. If long -term urination can cause the bladder swelling to lose elasticity, and often urinating can cause cystitis or urinary tract infection. Do not drink water within one or two hours before bedtime.Essence

2. Always do anal reduction

Frequent practice of shrinking the muscles around the pelvic anus, extend the shrinking time as much as possible during contraction, and then relax and repeatedly practice, making the pelvic floor muscles more tension help control urination.

3. Eat less diuretic food

Like watermelon, cucumber, winter melon, kelp, clams, etc., they all have a good diuretic effect. It is recommended not to eat or eat less to reduce the frequency of urine.

4. Try to avoid lying on your back

Sideline can reduce the compression of the ureter on the uterus, and also reduces the baby’s oppression of the mother. The side lying is good for the baby and the mother.


So don’t worry too much about frequent urination during pregnancy. After the baby is born, this situation will gradually improve.Compared with the smiling face after the baby was born, what can I run a few more toilets?I wish everyone a good pregnancy!

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