Pregnant mothers do housework during pregnancy, you need to pay special attention to these points

Can pregnant women do housework after pregnancy? The answer is yes.Many women will resign and raise their hearts after pregnancy.Want to make babies coming safely.However, most women have just resigned, and they may not be used to it for a while, so they transfer their vision to housework.Generally, I like to clean the room to do hygiene.Love cleaning is also the nature of a woman. When you do housework, you want to clean it at one time. You forget that you are still a pregnant woman. He has been busy with hygiene.Arrange the time of doing housework reasonably.Although everyone knows these principles, it is still frequent to have a pregnant woman who accidentally touches the lightning area.

A few days ago, Xiaoli was very boring at home. After pregnancy, the hygiene at home has always been doing her husband, but the careful Xiaoli just feels that the cleaning is not clean, and she does not clean up the house neatly.One morning, Xiaoli was alone after her husband went to work, and wanted to clean it well. It should be more than 3 months for pregnancy. There should be no big problems.When I first started hygienic, I was very careful, and I was very slow, and I was worried about what was wrong.

When she dragged the floor, she found that the window was particularly dirty, and then she thought that it was not a big deal. She moved her chair, stepped on it, and started to wipe the glass. It may be because she had just standing for too long.After standing for a while, he fainted, and he fell unconsciously.Fortunately, there is a large teddy bear doll next to the window. Otherwise, it is really unpredictable. Although it is frightened, fortunately, the baby is still safe.

When pregnant women do housework, they must know how to be tired and do not work. Hurry up for a while.Do n’t do housework such as standing at a high place and wiping glass. In case of too hard force, it may cause contractions and cause abortion.There are also occasional wanting to cook at home, wash or wash, and have less contact with cold water. Especially in winter, cold water can easily cause pregnant women to be cold and cause serious consequences.In the end, do n’t mention too heavy things when you go out. This kind of thing is most suitable to give it to your husband.

During pregnancy, you must pay attention to prevent the waist exercise less, and to prevent the abdomen from being squeezed when you sleep.If the abdomen is pressured, the baby’s blood will not be able to circulate well.Proper exercise during pregnancy is of course beneficial. For example, dinner and lovers go out for a walk. This can help the gastrointestinal digestion, and can also promote blood circulation and allow the baby to absorb more nutrition.Therefore, the mothers must stop doing exercise or housework. After all, the physical condition of pregnancy is far from the normal condition.(Site from the Internet)

1. Six weeks of pregnancy, for nine days for brown secretions, there are not many amounts. I have eaten progesterone and vitamin E from the day before yesterday, and traditional Chinese medicine can be used to protect their tires at home. Can I do small housework?No one else at home.My husband goes to work every day, and a child over three years old goes to kindergarten. Try to rest, but there is always a small housework to do …

2. I also did it before, and I was afraid of the first time when I came back. Now I just rest in bed

3. Don’t worry about this situation, I have encountered this situation, but I only do what I can do.

4. The pregnant family basically won’t let me do anything, just wash the underwear and underwear … (PS: This family is so good)

5. Six weeks are basically working every day …

6. I do everything, and I am not afraid of doing housework and living farm work.EssenceEssence(PS: a female Han paper, but also pay attention to the body)

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