Pregnant mothers do not leave their hands. When I see the shape of the fetus during pregnancy, the doctor is scared.

Everyone knows that pregnant mothers cannot be affected by tobacco when they are pregnant. Whether it is home environment or out, the environment of living must not have nicotine, otherwise it will affect the growth and development of the fetus.Not to mention that pregnant women smoke themselves.

However, many people don’t even think of it, and even feel that they are alarmist.

This is not a wanton mother who is wanting to make a big mistake because of her ignorance.

Xiaoya is a woman with enthusiastic personality and bold and avant -garde.The year before pregnancy was very happy to smoke. Even if she was pregnant, she didn’t care. She still did not leave her hand. Although her family had persuaded her, she had a stubborn personality and poor self -control.After the family dissuaded, it was gone.

However, when Xiaoya went to the hospital for a delivery, the doctor was scared to see the shape of the fetus.The four -dimensional color ultrasound is curled up in the mother’s uterus. The fetus only has a small ball, which looks very thin, and the thickness of the two legs is obviously different.Xiaoya is covered!I once thought that she felt that pregnant women could not smoke or they were alarmist. Until the modern result was in front of her, the cost was so heavy that it made her unbearable.

And pregnant mothers like Xiaoya are not an example, and there are many men who smoke, and they don’t even think of this. They even think that his wife and even others think that he smokes to affect the child.

And such ignorant people make people feel angry and sad. They seem to be a rare thing, but they are indifferent to life!

1. Develop fetal dysplasia

Pregnant women smoking or forced to suck second -hand cigarettes, the most harmful is the fetus.After entering the mother’s body, nicotine will enter the uterus with the blood circulation of the mother.The relatively closed uterine environment is difficult to discharge such dangerous substances.Nicotine was residual in the uterus.

Developed fetuses are much smaller than ordinary fetuses, and they have poor development after birth and poor immunity. The survival rate of this type of fetus is lower than the normal fetus.

2. Cultivating fetal deformed congenital defects

Nicotine’s influence on people is the lungs, and so is the fetus.The fetus is still in growth and development, and the physical functions are not sound.And a large number of nicotine entering the fetus will seriously damage the growth and development of the fetus, especially the lung function will have a serious impact, and it will also affect the heart.Finally, the birth of the fetus caused congenital heart disease and respiratory disease.

And excessive inhalation of nicotine can also cause fetal malformations, and there are not a few cases of fetal malformations caused by smoking.

3. Lead abortion

Especially in the early pregnancy, if pregnant women smoke, they will destroy the fertilized eggs in bed, which will cause the risk of abortion in early pregnancy to further increase.In addition, pregnant women often do not leave their hands during pregnancy, and a large number of nicotine is transported in the fetus along the blood circulation.Due to incomplete development or even poor resistance, the fetus could not fight the impact of Nigerine, which eventually caused the fetus to die.

It can be seen that smoking is almost fatal for uns developmental fetuses.Therefore, pregnant mothers must not smoke for the health of the fetus.

In fact, it is very difficult for many smoking addiction, and it is especially for pregnant mothers who have abundant free time.

1. Find alternatives

It is important for smokers to say that the group is important not to let her mouth idle, especially for pregnant mothers.Therefore, pregnant mothers quit smoking during pregnancy can find suitable substitutes.For example, eat some fruits with long chewing time, or eat slower fruits.Such as eating apples, pears, lychee, mangosteen, etc.

You can also eat more nuts, especially for walnuts, not only to eat slower to quit smoking, but also help the development of fetal intelligence.But don’t eat too much melon seeds, otherwise it will be easy to get angry.You can eat more difficult nuts such as happy fruit, blue root fruit, and Hawaii fruit.

2. Dynamic attention

Pregnant mothers can make themselves so busy to divert their attention.Exercise than free time can not only eliminate a lot of time, but also improve physical fitness and immunity.Good for yourself, or for the fetus.

Reading some parenting books in your spare time can not only eliminate time, but also increase your parenting knowledge, enrich your experience, and wait for your baby to better educate your baby after birth.And divert your attention virtually, help yourself quit smoke addiction, and avoid smoking to bring unnecessary harm to your baby.

3. Don’t have smoke at home

Pregnant mothers need to solve the problem from the root.Pregnant mothers must not have smoke during the pregnancy, so that there is no way even if the smoke addiction is addictive, they can only endure it.In this way, it will naturally ring the smoke.And when you go out, you must control yourself not to buy cigarettes and let yourself quit smoking from the root.

Pregnant mothers must pay attention not to smoke during pregnancy, but also avoid sucking second -hand smoke so that the baby can grow up healthy.

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