Pregnant mothers have the meaning of these dreams!Come and see if you have the same fetal dream

The magic of human beings is everywhere. Among them, fetal dreams should be regarded as a way to get sweet and surprise.Many pregnant mothers will interpret various stories based on their own fetal dreams. They believe that this is their baby greeted themselves in advance to see the birthday dreams of pregnant mothers below, and hear what they say.

Ye Zi: I have been married to my husband for many years, and I have been asking for it. The husband and wife do not have any hope for the baby.But one night dreamed that he was asked by a snake by himself by a small snake.This dream was very clear. I was frightened the next day. I couldn’t help but talk to my colleagues. At the same time, I suggested that I try it with a pregnancy test stick. I tried two bars.After her husband knew the news, he rushed back overnight.Now that the child is eleven years old, he is good at health. Thank you very much for his care.

Little adult: I had a clear dream during pregnancy, as if it happened in front of my eyes.I dreamed that others were ready to hand over my two children. I took a boy in hand, but that person said that the boy was unhealthy and the girl was healthy. Let me choose again. I chose the girl.Later, the doctor discovered that I was pregnant with twins during the cesarean section, but only one survived.I remember this dream very well now, and I am sad every time I think of it.

A sunny day: When I was pregnant, I always dreamed of giving birth to my child when I was four months old. The child was particularly young, so I said to him how anxiously came out, so that my mother would be sad, and then I was right.He said that when he returned to his mother’s belly, it was good to continue being a mother. He said yes, and then I was going to put it in my stomach.I thought about that time I was always unstable during that period of time, presumably this was my first conversation with my children.

This dream is about me.My aunt often told me that the night before I was born, she always dreamed that a golden phoenix flew to my house to come to my house. The next day my aunt told my grandma that my mother would have a one.My daughter, my mother gave birth to me. This matter has always been a magical thing in our family.

My husband and I have always wanted a second child, but I have never wanted to achieve it.One day I dreamed that a little boy ran towards me in my arms, but I woke up when I was about to catch him. We did not want to go to the boy three years after this dream.After getting up to that boy, maybe we already have a second child now.

When I was 6 months pregnant, I had a dream and dreamed that a pair of mini stone lions suddenly appeared on the steps of my house. I still remember that in my dream, I still thought about this stone lion.Later, I gave birth to a daughter. I was young but worried about it. Although I was less than two years old, I had to manage a lot of things at home.

Mother Chen has shared here today. What did you dream of when you were pregnant?Hurry up and share with you

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