Pregnant mothers often tangled: I ca n’t wear clothes before. How can I wear it after pregnancy?

After finding out pregnancy, Xiaoxing did not want to open his stomach to eat and drink, but opened his own wardrobe. There were rows of neat high heels and beautiful dresses. Every pair of high heels here, every dressXiaoxing could buy where I bought it and where I went.When I think of the child after pregnancy, I can’t wear long legs to wear high heels, nor can I wear a dress with exposed legs, and Xiaoxing is a bit reluctant.My husband comforts Xiaoxing, it’s okay. We can buy beautiful maternal dresses. Xiaoxing glanced at her husband. The maternal dresses can’t just look at beautiful. For the development of the children, I want to buy the appropriate maternity dress.

1. bra

When choosing a bra, pregnant mothers should pay attention to buying a bray bra.I can’t think of the type of bras that I want to gather. Pregnant women are secreted by progesterone in the body when they are pregnant, and the breasts will gradually swell.Therefore, when choosing a bra, the pregnant mother is best to choose the shoulder strap, so that the shoulders are not tight and are relaxed. As the breast increases, the appropriate bra is selected. It is best not to bring the steel ring or the chest.

2. Underpants

When choosing underwear, pregnant mothers can no longer buy plasticity like before. The underwear of the belly will be strangled to the pregnant woman’s belly. Not only will the pregnant woman’s blood flow rate of blood becomes unsatisfactory, but it will also affect the development of the fetus in the uterus.Therefore, it is best to use large elastic underwear. The upper mouth of the underwear is relatively low, or the top mouth is relatively high, so that the belly is relaxed and not tight.

3. Pants

The biggest change during pregnancy is the belly, and the stomach of the pregnant mother needs to be protected.The pants worn by ordinary people are relatively low in front of the waist, and the back is relatively high.In order to better protect the belly, the pants worn by pregnant women have more fabrics in front of the waist, and the fabric is relatively elastic.After 5 months of the pregnant mother, do not wear pants before pregnancy. At this time, the abdomen causes pressure, and the fetus in the belly is also vulnerable.

The body of the pregnant mother is more fragile than ordinary people during pregnancy, and the skin of the pregnant mother will become very sensitive. Therefore, in the choice of clothing fabrics, try to avoid artificial fiber fabrics. There are many chemical components in this fabric, which is easy to make it easyPregnant women are allergic, and the development of the fetus is not good.Pregnant mothers should wear cotton and silk natural fabrics.

Although pregnant women look not good -looking, it is enough for pregnant women to wear it comfortably, and the child can develop well, which is enough.

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