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Knife questions:

Hello, Dr. Zhong, I have been born for a month and a half. When I was six or seven months pregnant, I accidentally found that the blood vessels left and right of the calf knees appeared on a spider web shape.Fine.I went to the hospital for a color Doppler ultrasound and was diagnosed with venous veins of the lower limbs, but the problem was not very serious. It was said that the normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy did not need to be treated. The symptoms of postpartum did not reduce it.I want to ask, why do I have a "earthworm leg" when pregnant, do I need to be treated with this symptom now?

There were similar problems before. According to the description of this Baoma, it is a more common manifestation of the "earthworm legs". If there is a picture, it will make me more intuitively judge.The varicose veins during pregnancy will not cause obstacles or coagulation of pregnant women and fetal circulation systems, which are not harmful to the fetus itself. This is the normal physiological phenomenon in the eyes of doctors.This symptoms generally disappear within 3-4 months of postpartum. You can observe for a while. If your legs are worsened afterwards, such as symptoms such as swelling and soreness, pedantic group, etc., please seek medical treatment in time.

Let me explain to you why it is easy to get "earthworm legs" during pregnancy?

1. Increased weight of pregnant women

Obesity is one of the reasons why varicose veins.During pregnancy, pregnant women and babies need to absorb nutrients. Pregnant women are prone to exceeding the standard, and their lower limbs have venous pressure overload.

2. Extraction of uterine compression blood vessels

As the baby in the tire grows grows, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the compression of the uterus’s vein and lower limb veins of the uterus is becoming increasingly obvious, which hinders the normal return of the lower limb vein in the plane of the iliac vein.

3. Change of hormones in the body

The increased luteal ketone during pregnancy can cause the vascular wall dilation, the venous blood capacity increases, and the increase of the venous pressure is even heavier, causing the venous valve to close the incomplete.

4. Congenital genetic factors

If the parent has venous songs, women will increase the probability of suffering from varicose veins during pregnancy.

A new life in October, which is pregnant, is a happy and great thing.There are many things to pay attention to during pregnancy. The varicose veins of the lower limbs are one of them, but you do n’t have to be too anxious to find you suspected venous songs.rule.It is clear that the lower limb veins caused by non -deep vein thrombosis will not affect pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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