Pregnant mothers refused to shoot 3 times, and cancer moved throughout the body!Every family has … Doctors sigh

2 months ago, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Xiaoxin (pseudonym) of 31 weeks pregnant

Start coughing

The doctor repeatedly suggested shooting for a film inspection

But she always refused, just for the child in the belly

Unexpectedly, the cough has been getting worse afterwards


Pregnant women have coughing repeatedly, and they can’t sleep at night

In order to protect the fetus, I rejected the CT examination 3 times

Because of the repeated cough, the local doctor suggested that Xiaoxin’s chest was determined to further determine the condition, but she was worried that the filming would reject the fetus radiation, and she could only go home to recuperate.

Since then, Xiaoxin’s symptoms have become more serious, and even the phenomenon of short -term chest tightness in two steps.At first, the family thought it was a late pregnancy response. Until Xiaoxin had a cough, he could only sit all night, and could not fall asleep at all … After the family was sent to the medical treatment, after preliminary examination, the local doctor considered pulmonary embolism.Xiaoxin refused to shoot again.

Because pregnant women are a special population, they cannot confirm the cause of the cause.

Seeing that the situation became more and more serious, the family members decided to transfer Xiaoxin to Hangzhou First People’s Hospital (Hangzhou Criminal Maternity Center) for treatment.

At this time, Xiao Xin was sitting on the bed, his breathing was rapid, and he looked very tired. The medical staff infused, blood drawing, and ultrasonic examination.

Because Xiaoxin’s situation was very urgent, she needed to improve various inspections immediately, but she still refused.

Multi -department doctor consistent diagnosis: malignant tumor

CT results are shocking, and the liver is full of nodules

During the whole body of the respiratory doctor, the respiratory doctor found that there was a red lump on the side of her collarbone, and the texture was very hard.

Subsequently, the doctor immediately listened to Xiao Xin’s lung condition and found that the right lung breathing sound was significantly lower than that of the left lungs, and the right lower lung breathing sound disappeared, so she suspected that she had the thoracic effusion.

The report given by the ultrasound doctor shows that there are many nodules and lumps in the liver, and the right side of the right side is significantly higher.The breathing sound of the right lower lung disappears.

It didn’t take long for the emergency test results to come out, and the situation had exceeded the prediction. The hospital immediately organized multi -disciplinary discussions and participated in the discussion of the sixth department (emergency department, ICU, respiratory, obstetrics, hepatobiliary surgery, blood department and other departments).Later, it was agreed that it might be a malignant tumor, but the source of the tumor was unclear, and the pulmonary CT examination must be completed!

The seriousness of the condition can be imagined, and Xiao Xin and his family finally received a CT examination.The results of the examination were surprised by the doctor present!

According to the image display:

Patient’s liver volume increases,

Dense inside

There are different sizes of nodules,

The right diaphragm muscle is significantly raised,

The volume of the right lung is significantly reduced;

At the junction of the right pulmonary and pulmonary artery

There is a lump ↓

Father lung cancer, mother breast cancer

Intestinal cancer

"Late Survival Time"

Doctor: The probability of lung cancer in pregnant women is extremely low,

Too sad

Considering that the maternal condition is critical, she decided to implement a cesarean section for her that night. During the surgery, doctors found that the patient’s right ovarian surface could be as good as a hard mass, about 1.5cm*2cm in size, and then removed.Touching several raised lumps, large oments, whole colon and part of the small intestine have not touched abnormal lumps, and no obvious narrowing is seen.

The child finally produced safely, but Xiao Xin’s situation has never been improved. He can only sit, and he can’t breathe in less than half a minute to lie down.

After further understanding of family history, the doctor found that Xiao Xin’s father died of lung cancer, his mother had breast cancer, and he was intestinal cancer. In the end, he judged that Xiaoxin suffered from malignant tumors due to genes.

So the hospital once again organized multi -disciplinary discussions

Final consensus

Cancer comes from the lungs

And the degree of viciousness is high

at the same time

Synchronous genetic testing

Results show that ALK positive

Take targeted drugs for treatment

After the medical team’s careful treatment for the past month, Xiaoxin’s various indicators gradually improved and were discharged smoothly.

Doctor’s reminder:

Be alert to the family history of the tumor!

Pregnant women lung cancer is a very low probability event.Especially for patients with a family history of tumor, it is important to conduct regular inspections.For patients with stubborn dry cough, even if a pregnant woman is eliminated, if the cough, the back of the nose, and the cough mutant asthma are excluded, the imaging examination must be done.

Transfer from Hangzhou First People’s Hospital

Source: Political and Law Channel

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