Pregnant to abandon cats?Do you have a child at home that you ca n’t raise a cat?Not as terrible as you think

Whether to raise pets during pregnancy has always been a very controversial topic. Many people feel that for the healthy considerations of the baby, they can only support or discard pets during pregnancy.The most commonly heard is a bowworm. Pregnant women infected with toxoplasma, which can cause fetal malformations, dead tires, or even abortion. After birth, babies will have more serious eye and brain diseases.But this kind of probability is very low. Under what circumstances can it be infected with toxoplasma?

It is recommended to prepare for pregnant women or pregnant women to avoid contact with cat’s feces and cat sand pots, or wear masks and gloves when contacting. Do not place the feces for more than 24 hours before treatment. Cleaning the feces in time can reduce the risk of infection.During the process of pregnancy, pay more attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands before eating, try to eat cooked food, and choose the selection of meat.

In fact, nourishing pets has great benefits for children.

The survey shows that children who grew up with pets will be more kind, and they will know how to take responsibility and understand their families in the process of taking care of their pets.And when it is sad and emotional fluctuations, you will talk to your pets and get comfort from it. This trust and companionship are very good for the growth of children.

We often see a lot of excuses for abandonment of abandonment. Some people who have abandoned cats are too sticky, and there are people who do n’t grow up when they grow up. Some people even think that raising cats affect Feng Shui?IntersectionSome people say that they can’t afford money.Don’t love anymore, even breathing is wrong.

Consider your own conditions before raising pets. If you have time to accompany pets and financial capabilities, the most important thing is to be responsible for them to the end once breeding.In your pets, you are the world’s world, and the harm in the heart caused by the abandonment of them is more serious than you think.How many stray cats and dogs die silently in the cold winter lonely corner, do not abandon casually.Be kind to pets, even if you really can’t raise them, please find a good home for them.

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