Pregnant women are nervous and easily hurt their children!

The anxiety of pregnant women can easily cause emotional problems in the growth of children

Studies by British psychiatrists show that excessive anxiety of pregnant women not only increases the risk of fetuses, but also makes them emotional and behavioral problems in future growth.

Experts found in a study of pregnant women at 18-32 weeks of pregnancy and found that pregnant women with high depression and anxiety will have different degrees of behavior and emotional problems at the age of 4, such as excessive active and unable to concentrate their energy.Wait, the incidence is 2-3 times that of normal people.Experts believe that anxiety and frustration cause the pregnant woman’s endocrine system abnormality.As a result, the adverse effects on the development of the fetal brain increased the abnormal probability of children in the future development process.

2. Mental stimulus to the opposite 3 months of pregnant women with the greatest harm

American scientists reported that a survey of pregnant women who had experienced a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in 1994 found that pregnant women who were in the first three months of pregnancy were more vulnerable to mental stimulation than women who have been born in the middle and late pregnancy, which led to premature birth.

The survey found that most 3 months of pregnancy during pregnancy, most of them were delivered in the 38th gestational week after the earthquake stimulation; pregnant women in the last 3 months of pregnancy were often in the 39th gestational week.It can be seen that mental stimulation is the most harmful to early pregnancy, and this period is a particularly susceptible period.

3. The emotional tension of pregnant women can increase the blood pressure of the fetus

Australian scientists show that sheep experiments have shown that pregnant women are nervous in the early stages of pregnancy, that is, or just 2 days, may also cause increased fetal blood pressure and renal dysfunction.

Research experts believe that this discovery in the sheep is very similar to the situation when people encounter mental tension, so the impact on the fetus is the same, and it will affect the future life.Experts point out that pregnant women avoid taking drugs and eating certain foods during pregnancy, but they should also try their best to avoid mental stress.However, it is a key factor here.In other words, there are great differences in different people.

4. The nervousness of pregnant women will reduce autoimmunity

Studies at home and abroad show that women’s immunity will be relatively low in anxiety before and after pregnancy and childbirth.

Experts point out that pregnant women with long -term emotional tension will make their bodies weakened, and people with weakening are prone to infecting diseases.Because this emotion will have adverse effects on immunity, causing a series of reactions in the brain.After the tension of the mound is stimulated by tension at the moment, the pituitary gland is also stimulated, which prompts the adrenal gland to increase the glycogenic hormone, leading to a decrease in the production of antibodies, and greatly weakening the immunity of pregnant women to the disease.

5. Pregnancy attitude has the greatest impact on the physical and mental development of the fetus

French medical experts pointed out that in the psychological state of pregnant women, their attitudes and psychological pressure on fetuses have the greatest impact on fetal growth and development.

Through investigations of thousands of pregnant women, experts found that pregnant women who want to give birth, compared with children who do not want to give birth to pregnant women, are psychologically or physical.healthy.For example, the former has a high ratio of premature birth and low weight, and many people with abnormal spiritual behavior, especially the mother who refuses to give birth, and many of the children born are prone to digestive diseases, or most of the children feel slow and weak.

Therefore, experts have admitted to pregnant women that in order to have a child with physical and mental health, the attitude towards the fetus must be pleasant and positive, and it should not be refused and unwilling, otherwise it will affect the physical and mental health of the fetus.

6. Before pregnancy, it is best to prepare psychological preparations

Studies on domestic and foreign experts have shown that women’s psychological state and emotional changes during pregnancy not only affect their physical condition, but also have a direct impact on the fetal development in the body and the child’s adult personality and psychological development.

Experts point out that the psychological preparation pregnant women have a pleasant, smooth, and peaceful pregnancy life compared to pregnant women without psychological preparation.At the same time, their pregnancy reactions are mild, complications during pregnancy are less, and the healthy growth of the fetus is in an excellent environment, and it is smoother during childbirth.Therefore, the husband and wife who are preparing to ask the child should make all kinds of preparations from psychology and spirit before pregnancy.Including special changes during pregnancy, such as changes in the body, diet, emotion, and living habits; after accepting the birth of small lives, the living space and freedom of the husband and wife become smaller than before;Consciously changes his emotional transfer; after receiving his wife’s pregnancy, the husband needs to do more responsibilities than ever, such as considerate, understanding, care, etc.We must welcome pregnancy and childbirth with a peaceful and natural mood and a pleasant attitude.

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