Pregnant women are paralyzed, these six misunderstandings are quickly corrected

Pregnant women are not easy, but they still have facial paralysis, which will make many people worry.Some common misunderstandings about women’s facial paralysis hope to help everyone.


Actively massage after facial paralysis

Many people will massage the half face of the face paralysis after facial paralysis, and believe that the meridians can be dredged, but at this time, the meridians have been damaged, and the massage is tantamount to secondary damage.

Misunderstanding two

Pregnant women cannot be acupuncture for treatment

Although the pain caused by acupuncture may cause miscarriage of pregnant women, some acupuncture points may also cause abortion, but early facial paralysis diseases are still on the surface and linked, and the shallow thorns can achieve the treatment effect., But when choosing acupuncture treatment, the communication and trust of doctors and patients are important.


Do more facial muscle exercises

The first half of the facial paralysis is the acute period. The face has just been damaged. It is not suitable for active muscle exercises. It is important to rest. Just like a person, he can practice walking.Practice the actions such as Nuzui, Shooting Nose, Eyebrows, Drums, Closing Eyes and other actions.


If you don’t treat it, you will heal yourself

Facial paralysis is indeed like a cold. Most of them are virus infections. The virus itself has self -limiting. The body can heal itself within a certain period of time. However, about 10%of patients cannot be cured in clinical practice.The earlier the treatment, the more likely you to escape these 10%.

Misunderstanding Five

Pregnant women cannot take Chinese medicine

Pregnant women can also take traditional Chinese medicine. There is a saying in Chinese medicine called "there is a disease, it is medicine, and it is useless", which means that most of the medicines used to treat diseases are not damaged in the body.In fact, there is also a certain effect of fetal protection. The key is to doctors’ syndromes and medicines.

Misunderstanding 6

First reaction to the emergency department

Emergency treatment is the place where emergencies and serious illnesses are also the most abundant places for germs. Pregnant women themselves should avoid these bloody, germs, and easily frightened places. Emergency doctors also need to refer to pregnant women who are paralyzed on the opposite side.Point vitamin’s nutrient nerves, and then send you to other departments.

Pregnant women are paralyzed, Western medicine can prefer neurology and facial features, and Chinese medicine can choose acupuncture and encephalopathy.

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