Pregnant women dare not brush their teeth well?7 times higher risk of fetal premature birth!Oral hygiene is the key

There is a saying that "give birth to a child, a bad teeth", although this is an exaggerated wrong saying, but during pregnancy, it is really easy to cause dental caries and gingivitis, and it will soon deteriorate.What’s more, the oral health of pregnant women can even affect the health of the baby in the abdomen.

Doctors pointed out that if pregnant women have a dental caries, infants have a 7 -fold risk of premature birth and excessive light risk.Therefore, pregnant women pay attention to oral health to take care of the fetus in the abdomen.

Pregnant women’s common oral diseases include dental caries, periodontal diseases, gingivitis, tip of the root cause, etc. However, in fact, the cause of dental disease during pregnancy during pregnancy is not the same as usual, but many pregnant women like to eat sweet and sour because of their taste changes.Snacks and other starch foods, dietary habits and diet increases, food residues are more likely to stay in their mouths, and pregnant women often feel tired and lazy, often negative to the cleaning of the oral cavity, so that they will increase the chance of dental disease.

Cyclical disease dental caries pregnant women doctors

In order to maintain oral health, pregnant women are called to reduce the sugar -containing diet; brush the teeth 2 times with fluoride toothpaste at least 1000 ppm per day, and use dental floss to clean; use fluoride (fluoride salt, fluorine toothpaste, fluorine mouthwash).

In addition, it is recommended that pregnant women fully consume enough protein, vitamins, and minerals; they must brush their teeth or rinse their mouths after eating; after vomiting, they should also brush their teeth or rinse.Before and in the middle of pregnancy, a oral examination is performed in order to detect abnormalities and early treatment.If you find any dental problems, you must immediately find a dentist for treatment.

Brushing the teeth is mainly to clean the teeth near the gums and the occlusal surface. When brushing, it must cover a little gums. It must be brushed into the gingival ditch to help the maintenance of periodontal health.Here is a method of effectively removing the plaque near the gums and the gaps recommended by the American Dental Association, called the Bass brushing method (BASS).

Cyclical disease dental caries pregnant women doctors

Bass brushing method (BASS):

The bristles and the teeth are 45 degrees. The bristles are close to the gums, and the bristles are slightly added to the gingival ditch, and part of them enter the gap.

Horizontal tremor tremor around the range of 1 to 2 teeth 8 to 10 times.(Note that the range of vibration does not exceed the width of a teeth, do not leave the gingival ditch)

Cyclical disease dental caries pregnant women doctors

After brushing a group, move the toothbrush to the next group of adjacent teeth (the position of 2 to 3 teeth) and reinstall it. Note that there must be a position of 1 to 2 teeth overlap.

Brush the front tooth: Put the toothbrush vertically, make the brush vertical, contact the gingival edge or enter the gingival ditch, and make up and down.

Subtysions: brush hair pointing, brush the bite surface, and brush it back and later.

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