Pregnant women do not do chest permeability and do not admit, and the rules of rigidity ignore women’s rights and interests

Author: Wang Zhong

In July 2019, a number of pregnant women in Xinxiang, Henan participated in the second batch of public recruitment of the second batch of primary and secondary education in the Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Zone. They were rejected by the lack of "chest inspection" in the medical examination project.To this end, Zou, who has the first total in the candidates in the applicants, filed an administrative lawsuit to the Henan Xinxiang Plain Demonstration District Cultural Education Sports and Health Bureau and the Plain Demonstration Zone organized the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.On December 11, 2020, the case began in the Yuanyang County People’s Court.

Pregnant women cannot do thoracic examination, which is a common medical knowledge that many people understand.The rays used in chest permeability can cause adverse effects on the development of the fetus, which may lead to adverse consequences such as miscarriage and deformity.Therefore, the hospital’s refusal to conduct chest thoracic examination of the medical examination personnel of pregnancy is a medical specification.According to reports, even if Zou was risky, he begged the medical examination hospital to do chest permeability, and the hospital insisted that the principle did not agree.

Earlier, relevant staff of the Plain Demonstration Zone responded to the media that the Plain Demonstration Zone Culture and Education and Sports Bureau did not have subjective intentional obstruction or cards in the 2019 admissions examination, which hindered the admission of pregnant women.However, the fact that pregnant women are unable to perform chest diarrhea and cannot complete the fact that all medical examination items can be completed. If the medical examination regulations are performed hard and the special physiological situation of women is not considered, there is a suspicion of employment gender discrimination.

The Women’s Rights Protection Law stipulates that no unit may reduce the salary of female employees due to marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, breastfeeding, etc.Although the law does not specifically refer to the protection of women’s job seekers in the case of pregnancy, the legislative spirit is clear, that is, to ensure that women have equal labor rights and social security rights with men, and any unit should implement protection according to the characteristics of women.

The Plain Demonstration Zone Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau said that the chest X -ray was a project that must be done, otherwise the health of the teachers and students and the people of the Guangdang University and the people.In the context of the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control, this "hat" really makes people dare not pick up.However, in the absence of other requirements, pregnant women are not suitable for chest permeability for the time being, and can be added after production.What’s more, why do pregnant women officially start work and wait until maternity leave, why can’t they retain their qualifications, and wait for the maternity leave and complete all medical examination items?

Zou found in the hospital that a pregnant woman had a cesarean section in advance for chest threatening, and she also begged the hospital for an exception to do a chest permeability when she was 5 months old.Let people make a dilemma between life and health and work opportunities. The employer’s stiff and rigid attitude may make many people chill.Holding the so -called medical examination rules is not unchanged, it is not the maintenance of fairness and justice, but a negative and lack of compassion, which makes people doubt what hidden love behind it is.

Whether it is a defense lawyer or a female rights protection organization, such cases are rare in an interview.However, there were few pregnant women in employment, which did not mean that pregnant women did not have the right to employment equal employment.On the one hand, modern medicine has more mature health guarantee for pregnant women. Pregnant women can actively move independently before production, and job hunting like normal people. On the other hand, pregnant women can realize equal employment, which is also a refutation of the fallen traditional concept. Pregnant womenIt is the manifestation of women’s rights and interests in the employment market, rather than being restricted to the name of protection in the name of protection.

In the context of major changes in the population situation and social turning to encourage fertility, the employer’s practice has undoubtedly made a wrong demonstration.Many families are not enthusiastic about fertility, they are worried that they are worried about the development of their personal career because of having children.For modern women, it is undoubtedly cruel to let them make the only choice between fertility and career.Organizing the government’s functional departments should understand the principle of supporting women’s employment rights and implementing encouragement of fertility policies, and rejecting pregnant women’s employment in the name of medical examinations, making people suspect that their ability to perform their duties and the concept of governance has problems.

Many phenomena have proven that it is not only some women’s groups, but also the entire society that does not fully protect women’s rights and interests.At present, my country’s total fertility rate has fallen below the alarm line. If you want to increase the fertility rate, you cannot ignore the legitimate rights and interests of women.If some departments and units do not protect the rights and interests of women and do not implement policies and measures that are conducive to fertility, their work thinking and methods may be deeply reflected.(Wang Zhong’s)

Source: Review Channel

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