Pregnant women eat more fish, the baby’s brain and vision develop well, how to eat | "Nature" subsidy

For a long time, fish has been considered a healthy food.However, the reason behind it is unclear. The two studies found the benefits of eating fish. The latest research also found that the mother eats fish and baby.

Discovery: Mom eats fish, the baby is smart.Recently, an article published in the journal of Pediatric Research published in the Nature Research Reversal revealed that pregnant women eat more fish during pregnancy to help the fetal brain and vision development.

This study was completed by the KIRSI Laitinen University of Turku, Finland and its affiliated hospitals. Based on a small -scale study, it was found that pregnant women can regularly consume fat -rich fish during pregnancy to enhance the vision and brain function of the fetus and brain function.Essence

This conclusion supports the research results of the previous "mother’s diet and lifestyle influence the development of future generations".The diet of the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding is the main way to obtain valuable long -chain multi -unsaturated fatty acids with fetal and infant brain development.These fatty acids help form nerve cells related to vision, especially retina, which are also important for nerve sympathy.

Use graphic visual hair potential.In this study, Laitinen and his team recruited 56 mothers.During pregnancy, mothers need to adhere to a regular diet diary.

At the same time, weight fluctuations before and during pregnancy, blood sugar levels and blood pressure are also recorded.In addition, whether pregnant women smoke and whether there are gestational diabetes are also considered by researchers.The research team recorded the content of mothers’ diet and long -chain long -chain multi -unsaturated fatty acids, as well as the level of this type of fatty acid in the blood of children who were born one month after birth.

When the child grows up to 2 years old, the researchers will perform a graphical visual induction potential (Pattern-Reversual Visual Evoked Potentials, PVEP) test.Development.

The results of the test are happy.In the three months after pregnancy, compared to the mother who does not eat fish or eat only fish twice a week, the mother eats fish 3 times or more than 3 times a week. The result of the baby in the visual PVEP test is better.When evaluating the state of fatty acids in the blood, the result of the mother and the baby is positively correlated, and these results of eating fish are further confirmed.There was this result on mammalian mice before, and this time the results of people’s research were consistent.

The person in charge of the project team."Our research results show that pregnant women often eat fish is conducive to the development of the fetus." Laitinen explained, "This may be because the fish is rich in long -chain unsaturated fatty acids, or it may be related to other nutrients such as vitamin D and E and other nutrients.. Our research emphasizes the importance of subtle changes in women’s dietary structure during pregnancy. "

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