Pregnant women found the "third gender" of the fetus, and everyone urged not to give birth: Don’t reproduce the tragedy of Jia Peiran

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For many prospective parents who are preparing for pregnancy or during pregnancy, from the time of pregnancy, you need to keep going to the hospital for various examinations to ensure health and sound babies.

Recently, after a expectant mother performed amniotic fluid puncture, a chromosomal examination result of a fetus in the abdomen was released on a platform, which caused many people’s controversy.

The vast majority of people are suggesting to this prospective mother: I can’t give birth!Think about Jia Peiran!

What the hell is going on?

It turned out that the child in this prospective mother’s belly was found to be "XYY" chromosome carriers, which is the "Chaoxiong syndrome" we are talking about, or "third gender".

Children with this situation have an additional "Y" chromosome than normal boys with "XY" chromosomes.

Is this extra dyeing experience different?

Many netizens in the comment area pointed out: This kind of child is "natural bad"!

In many opinions in the comment area, some people mentioned the name "Jia Peiran" and associated it with "Chaoxiong Syndrome".

As early as 2012, the Jinghua Times reported a terrible case.

A 15 -year -old boy Jia Mou killed him after committing violations of a 4 -year -old girl.

As soon as the case was released at the time, it caused great public opinion storm.

People are doubting: What caused a 16 -year -old child to become a "devil"?

One after another, many news media visited Jia’s family background, living environment, and communication circle.

In the memories of Jia Mou’s stepmother: Jia is a irritable, irritable boy.

Under the appearance of his "good child", he always hides the vicious tricks.

At a young age, he lifted the table, smashed home, and made up the sky.

Frequently there is no reason to violence in classmates in the school, and they have never knew the severity, and even hit the classmates into the hospital several times.

In addition, Jia Mou often stole money, and even asked for money to "rob" his stepmother with scissors.

Several caught in the detention center, but they were unable to file a case because of their age.

Jia’s father took him to study and saw the doctor, but no matter where he was, he was a student who had a headache for the whole school. He was a "terminal illness" child who helped the doctor.

Finally, in the case of invalidation of multi -party discipline, Jia Mou completely embarked on an irreparable path.

As a "devil" with a spicy and ruthless, he was only 15 years old when he was arrested and imprisoned, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for minors.

The "Jiamou" in this report is to let many people mention "violent tendency" and "Chaoxiong syndrome", and they will think of Jia Peiran.

When Jia Peiran was in prison, although he was young, he was very powerful, with obvious tendency to violence, and repeatedly taught.

All situations are in line with the possible symptoms of the "Chaoxiong syndrome" identified by the medical community.

Coupled with his bad wicked, in the eyes of many people, Jia Peiran was synonymous with "Super Heroes".

Medical, people carrying this gene, in addition to the more prone to aggressive and criminal behavior mentioned above, may also have delayed development, learning difficulties and behavior problems.

Therefore, in the comment area of the quasi -treasure mother, many people think that the child who has given birth to this gene will not only make the family carry greater emotional costs and economic costs in nurturing, but also give others and society.Bring more factors.

But are some people really born "bad species"?

In the relevant reports of Jia Peiran, many people think that he is a natural and bad, born demon, and proper anti -social personality. Such children should not be born as a disaster.

But in fact, there is no evidence to prove that Jia Peiran is a carriers of XYY genes.

In many related reports, no mention of Jia Peiran was a patient of "Chaoxiong Syndrome".

Linking it with this condition is actually a personal conjecture.

Throughout Jia Peiran’s growth experience, it seems that the development of his personality and various criminal behaviors seems to be far -fetched.

When Jia Peiran was 1 year old, he lost his mother, but Da Jia never told him.

Until the stepmother came to his family.

Jia Peiran’s stepmother married Da Jia when he was 4 years old. The stepmother once said: "Jia Peiran often holds his mother’s photos, and she looks thoughtful."

It can be seen that Jia Peiran’s deep thought of her mother.

Maybe some people would say: When he was 1 year old, his mother died. What can he understand?How much can I have love for my mother?

But for children, this emotion will be inspired by the reality of other children’s motherly love.

The stepmother stayed at home for half a year and was very harmonious. Until Jia Peiran asked the stepmother, "Auntie, when do you leave my home, you are not my mother."

Even though his stepmother Jia Peiran was very good, Jia Peiran did not treat his stepmother as his mother, but was just a "aunt".

Jia Peiran’s heart missed the mother in the photo, and was eager to get her love.

But at the time, Da Jia said: "Your mother is far away, and it will take a long time to come back."

As a child’s heart, Jia Peiran might have felt something. He completely collapsed and shouted to let his stepmother roll out his home.

It can be seen in Jia Pei’s later behavior that no matter how good the stepmother is to him, it is impossible to replace the position of his biological mother in his heart.

Many of the sinful actions against stepmother afterwards are the embodiment of his "defending" biological position.

In any case, knowing that he has lost his mother and lost his mother’s love, and Jia Peiran’s thoughts on his mother have already caused a strong conflict, the young heart has been distorted since then.

Coupled with Dad Jia’s busy work, there are not many time to accompany the children, and it is even more difficult to fill the maternal love part.

Jia Peiran, who knows that he lacks motherly love, lacks a sense of security in his heart and is eager to be loved.

So he became extremely sensitive and easy to hurt people, and let him learn to disguise himself to avoid harm.

How did Jia Peiran’s genes do not know, but in the factors of his tragedy, the lack of native family care is part of the lack of love.

In medical theory, Xyy gene carriers may have more instability than ordinary people.

So, should you give birth to a fetus with this gene?

Patients with Chaoxiong syndrome carrying XYY genes are easier to control emotions than ordinary people. They lack patience, unable to withstand frustration, and excitement.Essence

However, in recent years, many scholars have pointed out that the root cause of crime through "biological factors" is unfair.

In other words, people carrying Xyy genes may not be sinned, and those who crime are not necessarily the carriers of XYY genes.

On May 17, 2023, the Tongzhou Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a case of injuries in the school.

The 16 -year -old criminal suspect Zhang beaten his classmates in the classroom during the class, and the teacher who would dissuade the teacher was injured.

After investigation, in addition to violent injuries, Zhang was also suspected of killing the neighbor couples on the evening of May 14th, and beaten his mother to malignant cases such as coma on the morning of May 15.

So is it also guessing that Zhang is a carriers of XYY genes?

In recent years, the crime rate of adolescents has continued to rise, and campus violence has also been common.

If these events are separated from the "XYY gene", and not thinking about the education and environmental factors behind these events, it is obviously an irresponsible behavior.

There are many factors that cause violence.

In fact, in our lives, many men with Xyy syndrome have not embarked on the road of crime, but live a normal life with their family members.

Perhaps raising them will be more difficult than ordinary children, but the acquired education and living environment can make up for the lack of this gene to a certain extent.

Human nature refers to the inherent attributes of people’s innate having, but it is definitely not a "destiny spell" that one cannot get rid of.

We often call the traits of being able to quickly and proficient in a certain skill as "talent", which is the natural and natural nature of the gene.

On the contrary, there is no talent in this regard, and it is also the nature of nature.

But from ancient times to the present, it has talent, but the "injury Zhongyong" has not been cultivated the day after tomorrow.

As the saying goes: Three years of learning and three days of bad studies.

Just as the Bible says "life is evil", because of the "nature", it seems easier to learn evil.

The vicious prisoners in the prison are not as good as he is, but a system of prison and laws outside the system.

Society can also be harmonious and stable because of legal and moral constraints.

You should know that the bumps of a piece of land are as long as a pot of water, and you will know where to see where it goes without other external forces.

You must know that the nature of people is good or evil, and it is clear that except for the development of all kinds of laws and interests.

It is often said that "education must start from childhood" is precisely because education is extremely important for a person’s growth.

If human nature is good, even if it is allowed to develop, it will not be bad. If the nature of the human nature is evil, only the acquired education and restraint can be harmonious.

Therefore, the saying of "natural and bad" is biased, but some life is lucky, and some of their lives are unfortunate. Most of the results depend on the education and growth environment.

For many opinions in the comment area, this prospective mother did not decide to give up the child because of this.

In addition, the doctor did not recommend her to kill her children, only to tell her that after the specific situation, they asked their husband and wife to consider whether to leave the child.

In the end, she decided to listen to the doctor and be at home at home to give birth to the child’s arrival.

In her eyes, no matter what her child is, she decided to give him the most protection and greatest love.

If this prospective mother has to endure the fetus because of the harmfulness of Xyy’s carried by the public, she may lose its fate with the child.

The others made such suggestions, the surface seemed to be concerned and kind, but to a certain extent, it was based on "panic" or indirect "interest" consideration.

I believe that few people will test the real situation of the Xyy carrier, but just listening to the conclusion of a "people and clouds", they easily ignore the feelings of being a mother.

"Anyway, the child is not mine. It doesn’t matter if you hit it, it may cause harm after birth."

Faced with such a matter from the standpoint of outsiders, many people will easily choose to be the "Virgin" once and use moral abduction to improve their "height".

But if things happen to yourself, maybe it is difficult to be so "decisive" emotionally.

Everyone has their own "nature", which requires the education and care of the day after tomorrow to make up for it.

It is not easy to get pregnant, and it is more difficult to give up mother and child.

Seeing that this prospective mother loves her child who has not been born so firmly, I believe that after the child is born, it will also give the child more love and care.

After all, everyone wants their children to be a "normal person", and the fetus in the belly is problematic, and every mother does not want to see it.

But whether to give birth to a child, this is only the right of Junbao’s mother. Of course, she also chose whether she is willing to spend greater costs to raise her children.

As others, we can suggest, but there is no right to ask the other party to be "righteous."

Determination of harm is human instinct, but respecting each life and every mother love is also a reasonable requirement.

What do you have in this matter?Welcome to communicate in the comment area.

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