Pregnant women have a sudden placenta early peeling big bleeding for minutes to rescue mother and child peace

Surgery site.

Red Net News January 11th (Correspondent Li Xiao and Zhang Zhen) Recently, Ms. Luo, who was 38 weeks of pregnancy, had a sudden hemorrhage admitted to the hospital. The obstetrician and gynecologist quickly judged the "early peeling of the placenta" with experience.In just 21 minutes, the fetus was successfully cut out.If later, the consequences are unimaginable.Hunan Aerospace Hospital has joined forces to break through the heavy level and eventually win this maternal and child defense war.

"Doctor, my wife is going to give birth, you are about to save her." The ambulance sent a patient with a fetal membrane early.As soon as the obstetric glass door was opened, the flat car of the emergency department was quickly pushed in, and the patient was immediately sent to the inspection room.It was broken, but the performance of this patient was a little strange.She looked a little weak, her face was pale, and her quilt and coat covered it.The family members followed up and explained, "If she is afraid of cold, she will cover more."

Dalfogenesis lifted the quilt and was ready to let the doctor on duty for a examination.Just glanced, the midwife’s face changed greatly: "Doctor, not water, blood!" I saw a lot of blood on the patient’s pants, and the bright red blood soaked the large sheets, reflecting the patient’s pale face, and was shocked.The doctor on duty immediately stepped forward and asked briefly while checking.

After a simple medical examination, the doctor on duty immediately made a diagnosis and issued a series of instructions.Bleeding in the third trimester, every minute and every second is running against the god of death.With a order, obstetrics, neonatal, blood transfusion, ultrasound, inspection, and anesthesiologists quickly gathered in place.Quickly do a condition with the family members of the patients and sign the surgery consent; emergency delivery of the operating room, preparation preparation, mother fetus monitoring … The green channel is open emergency, the rescue team members are clearly divided, and this hematopoietic patients are urgently but not chaotic.In less than 5 minutes in the hospital, pregnant women properly pushed into the operating room.In the 21st minute in the hospital, a crying baby came to this world, and the mother and son were safe.

This caused the medical staff’s heart to land halfway.When the patient finished the operation smoothly, there was no major bleeding and no shock, and everyone’s hanging heart was considered to be down to the ground.

"My husband and I didn’t know what was going on at the beginning. Later, after checking it on the Internet, I knew that the situation was so dangerous. My baby was so healthy. It’s better to lose you. Fortunately, when you come to the Aerospace Hospital, your doctor is really responsible for being too responsible for it.We confiscated our expenses and did surgery first. Fortunately, the surgery was so fast, otherwise I didn’t know what the baby would be. Thank you so much … "Looking at the grateful mother, everyone showed goodwillSmile.The surgeon answered her and said, "Mother and child are healthy, it is our common wish."

"Early peeling of the placenta is the situation that pregnant mothers and our obstetricians are unwilling to encounter. The placenta plays the role of blood and nutrition to the baby. Under normal circumstances, the placenta will be separated from the uterus after the baby is born.Early peeling means that the baby is still in the stomach, and the placenta has been separated from the uterus, losing the function of supplying blood and oxygen and oxygen. Once it happens, not only the mother may bleed a lot of bleeding and even shock.Ischemic and hypoxia occurs in it. If you do not do cesarean section as soon as possible, you will die in the palace. "

Li Xiao, an obstetrician of Hunan Aerospace Hospital, said that many pregnant mothers who have experienced themselves and relatives around them will know that most pregnant women and women are not clear about the word.But once it happens, it is very terrible.With the incidence of early peeling of placenta, everyone must be able to recognize it in time and deal with it quickly and properly. Do not miss the baby’s "help signal".

Li Xiao reminded that the more common causes of placental peeling are hypertension, abdominal trauma, sudden water breaking, etc. Some people have no abnormalities, and the placental peeling occurs suddenly.Its clinical manifestations are mainly stomach pain and vaginal bleeding. If more than 20 weeks of pregnancy, vaginal bleeding more than menstrual flow, and at the same time, there are belly pain or tight belly.In this case, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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