Pregnant women lack iodine, baby suffers!Don’t let the baby "lose in the uterus" because of a pack of salt

In this ubiquitous "roll"

The era of "chicken baby" for the whole people

You are still silent

"Can’t let the baby lose on the starting line"?

When saying this

You have lost

What is talking about now

"Win before ejaculation"

As a Buddha

Xiaowei never encouraged

Smash the pot to sell iron reading schools

Universal tutoring class throughout the year

This extreme "chicken baby" behavior

But I agree with the words of "chicken mothers"

"Win in the uterus"


Put aside reading and rising stratum

These big things do not say

I simply want baby to grow up healthy

Mom has to work hard from the uterus

But compared to chicken baby

These efforts are simply not expensive

For example

Just a pack of salt


Please answer two questions about Xiaowei


Do you want your baby to be clever?



Have you given your baby enough "smart" nutrition?

If you have any questions

I suggest you hurry up to the kitchen

Check the salt used

Is there 2 words on the outer packaging

Iodine is the main synthetic thyroid hormone, which is very important for the growth and development of the brain.

Picture source: Tencent Medical Code

The fetus and infants (1-3 years old) are the critical period of children’s brain development.

Therefore, the expectant mother who is pregnant, and the baby in front of the kindergarten, if the iodine is not in place, the trouble will be great!

Just now, Xiaowei received a message and couldn’t help but worry a little–

Pregnant women in these 3 districts in Shenzhen

Maybe "iodine deficiency"

May 15th is the "day of prevention and treatment of iodine deficiency" in my country.

The Shenzhen Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the monitoring results of the citizens’ "iodine" in 2020, and I am worried about it.


Are you eating "iodized salt"?

Monitoring results — Generally speaking, all districts in Shenzhen in 2020 have achieved a small goal of "eliminating iodine deficiency".In recent years, the iodine nutrition of Shenzhen people has been in a suitable range.The city’s 8-10-year-old children’s family: The qualified iodized salt coverage is 94.0%.The city’s pregnant women: iodine supplement rate> 90%.


Did iodine really be eaten into the stomach?

This is mainly known by testing the iodine content in urine.

The results of urine iodine monitoring found that iodine nutrition at 8-10 years old in Shenzhen is at a suitable level and sufficient level.The median urine iodine of pregnant women in Shenzhen is 161.3 micrograms/liters, and Baoan, Longgang (including Dapeng New District), Luohu, Guangming, Yantian, and Futian are all greater than 150 micrograms/liters, which are at a suitable level.Essence

Hidden worry: Nanshan, Longhua, and Pingshan, the median urine iodine in pregnant women is 100-150 micrograms/liters, which may have the risk of lack of nutritional iodine.

"Shenzhen people who eat the sea"

Is it missing iodine?

Some people will definitely wondering that Shenzhen is on the sea, 260 kilometers of coastline, kelp, seaweed and other seafood.

Will Shenzhen people still lack iodine?

The truth is that although we have been promoting more iodine containing seafood, the contribution rates of seaweed and kelp in dietary iodine intake are actually only 1.6%to 3.0%, and these high iodine foods, we are not every day we are every dayEat!

In addition, although Shenzhen is a coastal city, the iodine content in the water is extremely unstable, and most areas are below 15 (micrograms /liters).

Therefore, if you simply "eat the sea", most people in Shenzhen will lack iodine.

If you want to eat a good "iodine", you have to rely on iodized salt!

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