Pregnant women who are pregnant are less than April amniotic fluid and break.

According to the "Mirror" reported on December 9, a woman in Derby County, Britain, broke the amniotic fluid in only 13 weeks of pregnancy, but she insisted on refusing to stop pregnancy.After 29 weeks of pregnancy, she successfully gave birth to a baby girl.It is shocking that the child lived miraculously, and the doctor once warned that the child would be a dead child.

The 23 -year -old Kirsty Mizon broke the amniotic fluid at 13 weeks of pregnancy.The doctor kept telling Coss that the child would die.Cossi was even ready for the funeral.However, in the end, the child was born smoothly.

When Costi recalled the matter, "the day when the amniotic fluid was broken, I felt my stomach hurt. When I arrived at the hospital, my stomach had swelled 10 cm.I still feel sad, because I don’t want to give birth to the child, I don’t want her to leave me. But when I heard the child’s cry, I felt very good instantly, this is the most wonderful voice in this world. "

"The help of delivery turned to me, ‘She is a woman, you gave birth to a little girl.’ I couldn’t believe it. She just stayed in my belly for almost four months, and there was no enough amniotic fluid at all.Can survive. No one can believe how good she behaves, she has been working hard. "

After that, Costi named the child Laissi.Costi also recalled that he was very unusual for pregnancy.

She said: "When I found that I was pregnant, I was very excited, and I started buying infant supplies immediately. One night in 13 weeks of pregnancy, I suddenly woke up. I thought I had been sweating, so I changed my pajamas and returned to back and returned to it again.I arrived on the bed. It was 4 am at the time. "

"At 8 am, I was on the way to work, and suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, and then I found that I bleed. I rushed home and called the ambulance. When I saw the blood, I knew this was a bad news."

"The doctor at the hospital said that my amniotic fluid was broken, and my child would die in the stomach within 48 hours. They asked me to go home and wait for the child to be born. I collapsed home. But I did not give birth to a dead child.The heart is still jumping. "

Costen’s child is only one percent of survival, so the doctor has always asked her to terminate her pregnancy.And, even if the child survives, the little girl may be serious disability.

"My amniotic fluid has been lost. The doctor said that if there is no amniotic fluid, the baby may die soon, and I am likely to suffer from sepsis."

After that, Cotsti accepted reality and was ready to have a funeral for the children.

She said: "I bleed very seriously and had a 10 cm blood clot. I don’t know if I was strong enough to spend this time, but I can’t give up my child."

Caosti originally planned to have a caesarean section at 34 weeks of pregnancy, but she began to feel pain and live prematurely at 29 weeks.

She said: "My baby is a little warrior. After birth, she was transferred to the ICU ward of Leicester, and she might have to be hospitalized until the New Year. Although she had to be hospitalized, her body had only one problem. In the future, she could pass physical therapy in the future.Come to treat her. "

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