Premature ovarian failure, can you still get pregnant?Gynecological doctors remind: There is no hope!

Xiao Liu, 28 years old, suffered from teratoma two years ago, with 8-9cm cysts on the left ovary.This cyst should indeed be surgery.

So a minimally invasive surgery was performed.The surgery was smooth, and the cysts on the left were smoothly peeled. The surgery Chinese also explored the right ovaries. There was a very small cyst, and it was also stripped.Pathological reports after surgery are benign teratoma.The disease after surgery was cured.

The original story should be over, but she never had menstruation after the operation.

At that time, she was still an unmarried girl who did not treat it after checking it.

Xiao Liu got married half a year ago, and she was not young.

She went to check the ovarian function that she found again, and the follicle -promoting FSH rose from the previous 40 mIU/ml to 80 mIU/ml, and the anti -Miara tube hormone was only 0.2 mIU/ml.

It can clearly diagnose her premature ovarian decay.

She was very anxious and wanted to have children.One of her sister -in -law was successful for test tubes for other reasons, so she also came to consult the test tube.She asked a series of questions.

Why did she prematurely fail?

Can she still have a child?

Can she transplant with her sister’s embryo?

If her ovaries have no hope, what else can I get pregnant?

This problem is uncertain.

Because there is a history of ovarian surgery, the first consideration is caused by the damage of the ovary.However, the damage to the ovarian nipples is far less than the bilateral chocolate cyst removal.

Endometriosis bilateral ovarian chocolate cysts are destroying ovarian tissues in themselves, and the capsule wall of the clever cyst is densely adhesive. It is prone to ovarian damage when surgery.The electrode hemostasis is damaged to the remaining ovarian tissue.

Of course, there is also a possibility that the original ovarian reserve function is very poor, and the damage of surgery has completely no function.

Generally speaking, FSH> 40miu/ml has a very slim opportunity.However, she had done follicular monitoring in the local hospital before she came to the hospital, and every month, she could send a sinus follicles on the right ovary.This is hope.

Evaluating ovarian functions must be integrated with many factors such as FSH, AMH, sinus follicles and age.

The so-called sinus follicles refer to the follicles that can be observed by ultrasound, but if the diameter is less than 10mm, if the number is between 5-10, it means that the ovarian reserve function is normal.The ovarian reserve function is insufficient.She has one, indicating that the ovarian reserves are seriously inadequate.If this egg can be excreted and fertilized, there is hope.

However, due to the serious lack of ovarian function, this egg is difficult to grow up.

The excretion of eggs also requires the common role of multiple eggs.It is a bit difficult to fight a lonely for an egg. What should I do?Doctors have a way.

First use drugs to inhibit FSH, then use drugs to promote the development of follicles, so that this small follicles mature on the ovaries, and then take out the eggs through surgery, and in vitro fertilization.This increases the probability of fertilization.Then fertilize the fertilized eggs into embryos and return it back to the uterus.Such a IVF plan is a big increase in her pregnancy.

Before she came, she estimated that she also made some consultations, understood her situation, and knew that her hope was not much.She thought about a way to get pregnant with her sister’s embryo.Her sister’s IVF has successfully gave birth, but there are still a few frozen embryos preserved in the hospital.This gave her hope.

It is feasible in theory, as long as her sister and sister agrees to donate the embryo to her, she has hope.But this is just theoretically, in China, it is not allowed to donate embryos and surrogacy.In essence, this is a surrogacy, and she is pregnant for her sister.Moreover, with her sister’s embryo, the child has nothing to do with his husband.This also requires his husband’s consent.

The hope of letting her sister donate embryos is out of time. If her ovaries have completely no function, can she still give birth?

It can be said that she hopes that she will have a child who has nothing to do with herself, but related to her husband, that is, to donate eggs through other people to fertilize with his husband’s sperm, and then transplant it into his uterus. She can experience the process of pregnancy and childbirth.Experience the feeling of being a mother, and then support it in person.

Unfortunately, this is still illegal in China. No legal channel finds a person who donates eggs. No hospital can be a IVF baby who can donate eggs for her.

It is legal to give eggs in Thailand and other places, and some people go abroad to find eggs.

Fortunately, she still has a hope.Hope she can succeed in pregnancy.

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