Preparing for pregnancy for breakfast is indispensable for nutrition

Excellent sperm and eggs are derived from the kidneys. With sufficient kidney essence, it can be converted into high -quality seeds. The "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that black beans can nourish the kidney and nourish blood.Black beans are called "the king of beans" -a rich in "plant estrogen" soybean isoflavones, as well as vitamin, yolkin and melanin, anthocyanins and other substances, which can help the body supplement natural estrogen, which can helpPregnancy effect.Wang Yao, chief physician of the Ninth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, also pointed out that black beans have a magical effect of promoting ovulation and helping women conceive.Therefore, eating black bean flour or black soy milk during pregnancy can help improve ovarian function, ensure stable endocrine levels, cultivate superior follicles, promote ovulation, help the endometrium thickening, and promote ovulation to increase the power of conception.The non -missed gestational supplements.

However, the traditional black bean meal replacement product formulas on the market are ordinary and the ingredients are relatively single, which cannot meet the daily nutrition and health of women preparing for women.The company’s first Oriental Nourishing+Western Nutrition Two -in product: Black Bean Concentrated West Protein Powder.A disruptive professional pregnancy innovation formula: grain mills+animal and plant dual protein, showing the courage to create the first brand of Chinese gestational products.

The nutrition is overweight, not only black beans, probe Valley Black Bean concentrated milk protein powder perfectly improves the recipe on the basis of black beans, and carefully selects fresh and excellent black beans, walnut powder, lotus seeds, black sesame, red dates, yam, etc.The multiple nutritional value of "nourishing kidney, nourishing endometrium, regulating menstruation, ovulation promotion, and helping pregnancy" is one.Speciald in the concentrated milk protein powder that is separated from soybean -separated protein powder and layer -by -layer testing from New Zealand’s slogan of protein, to give full play to the complementary effect of amino acids, supplement high -quality protein for the human body, and has more obvious effect on the pregnancy.Because if the lack of protein in the body will affect ovarian dysplasia, menstrual flocculation and amenorrhea can seriously lead to infertility.

Black bean concentrated whey protein powder is a nutritional breakfast powder for pregnancy. Each pack is full of 30g of sincerity. Do not add flavors, pigments, sucrose, preservatives. The calories per meal are only 130kcal.It is a woman who needs to control sugar in the polycystic ovary syndrome to achieve nutritional equilibrium while reducing the burden on the body.In addition, its protein content is also very high. Each meal contains 13.2g of protein, about four cups of milk (3.0g), and drinks a cup of healthy and nutritious every morning.In addition, intimate and independent packaging is not easy to receive moisture, easy to carry, simple brewing is simple and not cumbersome; delicate powder is easy to brew and do not settle down, starting, and each mouthful is just good and rich, drinking "seeds" players.

Although black beans are good, they cannot be greedy!Excessive replenishment will cause continuous high estrogen levels to affect physical health. Then this black bean concentrated milk protein powder can appropriately supplement nutrition, without worrying that it will cause hormone level disorders due to exceeding the standard.

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