Price!Fresh goods that Zhejiang people love to eat, fall again!Hurry up …

Source: FM93 Voice of Transportation

Source: Look at Hanghang every day


Yesterday morning,

Mr. Huang, a netizen in Hangzhou:

Shrimp on the vegetable market now

Extraordinary!Special cheap!The price drops half!

It is said that the snails of spring in the spring, the shrimp in summer,

Enter the hottest season of the year,

It’s also time to eat shrimp.

Several farmers’ markets in Yuhang, Hangzhou,

Many varieties of shrimp,

Almost all fell to the "1" head.

Aversion shrimp fell to 12 yuan/jin

Farmers’ market aquatic stall PK sale

At more than 10 am,

Liangzhu Jinjiadu Farmers Market,

Look at the entire aquatic area,

The most lively place is the shrimp stall.

"Shrimp is cheap,

12 yuan on the left and 16 yuan on the right."

The boss greet the customers who buy,

Mali put it in the bag.

It looks like a head difference,

Why is the price difference of 4 yuan?

Boss Liu explained,

It’s more expensive to jump alive,

It’s expensive in its freshness!

The cheap shrimp of 12 yuan/jin still has a breath,

Although it has been raised shortly,

But just buy it home and burn,

It is also completely impact,

Attracted a lot of customers to pick up the leak,

Those who come to buy sound shrimp are one after another.

At the booth of Boss Liu,

It can now sell more than 300 pounds of shrimp.

The boss said, the weather is hot this year,

The shrimp is large and the output is high,

The price is cheaper than previous years.

Some time ago,

It can be sold for about 28 yuan per catty,

Compared with now, it can be said that the price is cut!

"It’s most cost -effective to eat shrimp now,

Rare to be so cheap!"

The boss said, the speed is very fast

Sort the shrimp of different prices.

Go forward, the bosses who will do business

I have shouted the promotion slogan,

PK in the sound of selling one after another, pk each other,

"The most cost -effective Daming Shrimp in Hangzhou,

13 yuan/jin,

The head is big and cheap."

In the sound of yelling,

A bag of shrimp was packed and weighed.

Most customers are generally called 20 yuan,

You can do a good job when you go home.

Crayfish is about to be out of the market

"A big head, affordable price, hurry up the last wave"

In addition to the popular shrimp,

There are several in the Jinjiadu Farmers Market

Sold the booth of crayfish.

Boss Ma, who has been doing the water for decades, said, said, "

The most prosperous season of crayfish is "May Day", before and after May,

Now the weather is getting hotter,

Crake will be available in mid -July.

Everyone who loves crayfish,

But you have to eat the last wave!

Boss Ma introduced,

The current crayfish is relatively large,

He took out a medium crayfish

Put it on the scale,

"30 grams of medium,

13 yuan/jin,

There are 40 grams of big ones,

16 yuan/jin.

The price has reached a new low this year,

But the meat is not as good as the tight Q bomb last month."

In early June, reporters also asked the crayfish to reduce the price.

At that time, the big head of crayfish,

Also sold for about 23 yuan/jin.

The reporter learned,

Since the temperature has risen early this year, early,

Shrimpy -of -shrimp seedlings are shortened,

Baby Scale-(24inch)