Private parts?These habits must be changed

Itching is a uncomfortable feeling, which makes people very unhappy.Especially women, if itchy occurs in private parts, it will only be more uncomfortable, and I am embarrassed to speak and treat.What are the causes of this?What should I do when itching in private parts!

01 Repeat the vagina

Some women particularly love cleanly and feel that the vagina is "healthy and healthier", but some women have misunderstood this sentence to cause private diseases.Because the various bacteria in the vagina form a natural acidic environment, and have strong self -cleaning ability, it is difficult to survive even if the general foreign pathogens run in.So if repeated washing and even using various washing fluids, it is easy to destroy this natural barrier.

02 Cleaning products are too exciting

Many women think that the vulva is dirty. The stronger the cleaning power and the more fragrant products, the better.But in fact, the vulva skin is very sensitive, and it is not as dirty as expected. Daily cleaning is completely enough.

03 I didn’t change my underwear in time after exercise

The vagina is easily infected by bacteria, and bacteria are easily growing in a humid and dull environment.Therefore, if you are sweaty during exercise, don’t wear it for too long and replace it in time.In addition, wearing special tight underwear is also easy to increase the chance of bacterial infection. It is recommended that everyone wear less.

04 Wipe at will after urination

Women should be wiped from backward and back when dealing with private parts. Only in this way can bacterial infections be prevented.In addition, if you wipe it with thick and hard toilets, it is easy to stimulate the vulva and cause discomfort symptoms.It is recommended to use clean and soft toilet paper as much as possible.

05 No gynecological examination

Under normal circumstances, there are no obvious symptoms when the private part is sick. When itching in the private part is very obvious, it is often the problem that the problem has occurred for a long time.Therefore, regular gynecological examinations must be unforgettable every year, do not wait until symptoms.

When most of the patients with itching in the outpatient clinic, they found that most of them had traces of scratching in their private parts, and some of them had even broken the skin of their private parts.Such response measures can easily lead to severe condition and difficulty treatment.

When itching in private parts occurs, it should be done:

Rinse or scrub with room temperature water. The process of cleaning is to clean your hands first, and then clean the vulva, large and small labia, etc., and finally clean the perianal, which can effectively reduce the symptoms of procurement of private parts.After cleaning, it is not recommended to put on underwear or use the pad, and try to wear it after drying.

, Try to wear it after drying.

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