Professor Xiehe: The polycystic ovary syndrome will lead to infertility, but this disease is not terrible

This article was original by the chief physician of the Beijing Union Hospital

1. Do you know the diagnostic criteria for multi -cyst ovary syndrome?

The diagnostic standard for polycystic ovary syndrome is:

1. Menstruation changes.It is manifested as scarcity, amenorrhea, and abnormal uterine bleeding;

2. Relieving blood androgen or the performance of high androgen (acne, hairy);

3. B -ultrasound shows the polycystic changes in the ovary (one side or bilateral ovarian is greater than 12 sinus follicles).

In accordance with the diagnostic standards of the international polycystic ovary syndrome, there are two of the above three of the above three. It is also necessary to exclude the problems of other aquarium and other irregular menstruation.It should be noted that the adolescence and menopause periods are not within the scope of this diagnosis.

Second, is it terrible to get the polycystic ovary syndrome?

Regarding the polycystic ovary syndrome, I have made a comparative popular science in the talk of Grandma He’s talk. Some people still ask questions. Some are repeated or similar. I can’t answer them one by one.

What I want to say is that this disease is not terrible. As long as you follow the doctor’s advice carefully to control the various problems and complications, you can live, get married, and have children like normal people.The key is that the mentality must be optimistic. Who can not get sick when people eat grains?Treat correctly and treat it carefully.

Third, can polycystic ovary syndrome surgery solve the problem?

Some people think that since there are many follicles, can the surgical resection of some ovaries or ovaries be solved?The answer is: No.

Because polycystic ovary syndrome is a disease caused by endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders cannot be solved. Even if surgery, there may be less follicles for the time being, but it will grow soon.

Moreover, surgery also has complications of surgery, such as pelvic adhesion, ovarian function damage, and even premature ovarian failure.At present, it is not advisable to treat surgery for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Fourth, how to treat polycystic ovary syndrome?

For polycystic ovary syndrome, there is no cure method, and the principle of treatment is symptomatic.In other words, determine the treatment plan based on the patient’s symptoms and what problems to solve.

If there is no symptoms, it is not processed.If Kaohsiung performs anti-Kaohsiung treatment, it mainly uses contraceptives (Da Ying-35, You Siming, You Siyue, etc.).

If weighing weight or insulin resistance, you can lose weight or take oral dual -dual -dual -dual -duality.

If the thyroid problem is combined, the thyroid function is needed.If you do not have a menstrual disorders for the time being, you can use contraceptives or regular progesterone to retreat, and long -term medication is required.If fertility is required, you will actively promote ovulation and strive for pregnancy.

Fifth, the polycystic ovary syndrome must be diagnosed and then treated?

In clinical practice, some people are heard, "Am I a multi -cyst ovary syndrome?" Some people repeatedly checked, how much this time, how much follicles are next time, "Is it better?" These people always tangled the diagnosis.

In fact, the diagnosis is not important, because there is no way to cure even if the diagnosis is diagnosed, but it aggravates the burden on ideological.

What is important is to have any problems and what problems need to be solved.For example, irregular bleeding, no matter what diagnosis, bleeding is always solved. If you have to diagnose clearly, you will delay the treatment.

6. Do you have to eat Da Ying-35 for the polycystic ovary syndrome?

uncertain.The role of Da Ying-35 is to fightrogens and can control the menstrual cycle.

If simple androgen rises, but the menstrual cycle is normal and there is no fertility problem, you can temporarily do not need to reach-35.

If there are symptoms of antimosrops, you can eat Da Ying-35 regardless of merger or menstruation.

If fertility is required, before ovulation promotes too much, there is too much high androgens or too much follicles, you can use Da Ying-35 to reduce the elevated androgens or LH to normal and promote ovulation.

Seven, the polycystic ovary syndrome must not be pregnant?Do I have to promote ovulation if I want to get pregnant?

Not necessarily, it depends on the specific situation.The polycystic ovary syndrome may not ovulate, it may be scarce ovulation, or it may ovulate normally.

Those with normal ovulation can be pregnant naturally; those who are ovulation are also naturally pregnant, but they have less opportunities. If you are not pregnant, you can promote ovulation; patients with polycystic ovary syndrome who want to get pregnant without ovulation need to promote ovulation and pregnancy.

8. Will the polycystic ovary syndrome be miscarriage after pregnancy?

uncertain.Polycystic ovarian syndrome often combines some endocrine problems, such as: elevation, elevated prolactin, insulin resistance, and abnormal thyroid dysfunction. These problems are not resolved. After pregnancy, there are risk of abortion and embryo.

Therefore, the polycystic ovary syndrome must check and eliminate the above problems before pregnancy.If you adjust these abnormal factors (such as those with heavy weight loss) before ovulation promote ovulation, you may reduce the chance of miscarriage.

Nine, the polycystic ovary syndrome must be protected after pregnancy?

uncertain.Bare is Chinese characteristics.If you are a test tube baby, you need luteal support, but the reproductive doctor must have given enough drugs.If you are naturally pregnant, there are no symptoms, and there is no need to protect your fetus.

Some people often say that there is a hyperactive ketone that causes miscarriage, so it is often required to supplement progesterone.In fact, whether a progesterone causes abortion or abortion and cause low progesterone, it is unable to distinguish.

If it is the former, supplementing progesterone may be effective.Therefore, natural pregnancy does not need to be protected without symptoms.If you have a threatened or have a history of the previous miscarriage, you can keep your fetus.The same is true for polycystic ovary syndrome.

10. Do you know the difference between ovarian polycystic change and polycystic ovary syndrome?

The diagnostic criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome are three (scarcity or ovulation, no ovulation, elevated hemosopropy or the signs of high hormones, and the polycystic changes in ovarian sacs) and exclude other high -male diseases and other ovulation disorders.It can only be diagnosed after the disease.

The changes in ovarian polycystic are only more than 12 sinus follicles in one or bilateral ovarian, and are not accompanied by other symptoms.Moisturizing ovarian polycystic changes do not require treatment. The principle of the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome is to treat symptomatic treatment.

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