Programmers have been drinking nearly 2 tons of cola 20 years!Is Coke really "the source of all evils"?

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Coke, also known as "Fat House Happy Water", is a "essential medicine" for home travel and dinner groups.However, the happiness brought by Cola also has a price. On February 27, a topic called "programmers drinking nearly 2 tons of cola 20 years in 20 years" appeared on Weibo hot search.

Mr. Zhao, a 39 -year -old man who lives in Hunanning Township, drinks cola almost every day.He roughly calculated that the cola he has been drinking in these 20 years is almost two tons. After the inspection this year, Mr. Zhao found that he had stones in the kidneys and ureter, and also caused urinary tract obstruction. Recently, a stone removal surgery was performed in the hospital.

Some netizens lamented that "carbonated drinks really can’t drink more", while another netizen questioned, "Does Cola really cause stones? My second aunt never drinks drinks and has stones."

So, what is the relationship between cola and stones?Listen to what the doctor says.

Netizen: 600ml a bottle, Coke and water density are similar, 2000L, 20 years, 100L a year, 100/0.6 = 166 bottles, normally install a small bottle of cola, one bottle in two days.

Doctor: For 20 years, one bottle every two days, this amount is absolutely a lot.Coca -Cola is not the same as water.

Cola is a carbonated drink. The main ingredients are caramel, carbonate, sugar or caffeine, etc., and also contain carbonate and phosphate.After combining with calcium ions, it is easy to cause metabolic abnormalities in kidney tissue and form kidney stones. Therefore, drinking cola may easily get kidney stones.

If you have kidney stones, you can’t drink cola.The sugar in Coca -Cola participating in the metabolic metabolism in the body will cause increased uric acid production. Excessive excretion of uric acid will increase kidney pressure, which is not conducive to the treatment of kidney stones.

Netizen: Is the question Coke?The problem is staying up late+sitting for a long time!

Doctor: Urinary stones, also known as urinary stones, are caused by crystals in the urine. It can be seen in any part of the kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra. It is most common in kidney and ureteral stones.According to statistics, the incidence of urine in my country is 1%to 5%, and the southern region is as high as 5%to 10%, and most of them are men.

Sitting is indeed one of the reasons for urinary stones.For example, pilots and office staff are often sitting because of working reasons. In addition, they usually drink less water. The urine cannot be diluted, the urine concentration increases, and the stones in the urine are easy to form stones.Similarly, if the kidneys who do not like activity have stones or mud -like stones, because of lack of exercise, these stones are not easy to discharge from the body, accumulate over time, and easily grow up slowly.

Staying up late is also a bad habit of increasing the probability of kidney stones.Many people eat some seafood when staying up late and drinking beer, which will produce a lot of uric acid and purine.Especially after drinking beer diuretic, causing the human body to dehydrate in a short time and increase the probability of renal stones.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, if you stay up late for a long time and have too much kidney essence, people will insufficient kidney qi, and will eventually be attacked by disease.

Staying up late and sitting for a long time, it does not mean that it is no problem to drink cola for a long time.Poor living habits are often not isolated. Only by establishing a good habit of systematic system can we harvest a healthy body.

Netizen: This is unscientific, carbonated drinks should be dissolved!

Doctors: There are rumors that carbon dioxide and phosphate in carbonated beverages can make stones smaller and smaller.In fact, there is no scientific basis.The carbon dioxide gas in the beverage is a free state, and the phosphoric acid content is small, and the dissolution ability of stones is small.In any case, Mr. Zhao suffers from kidney stones. Drinking cola is harmful and beneficial.

Netizen: I have finished, drink cola, sit for a long time, and stay up late, I have not fell.

Doctor: Bad living habits can lead to urinary stones. At the same time, changing living habits can also prevent urinary stones.If you worry about your physical condition, you can start from the following points:

1. Drink plenty of water and urinate more

In particular, pay attention to hydrating at night and early morning. It is recommended to drink more boiled water, orange juice or lemonade to avoid excessive drinking coffee, black tea, beer, juice, etc.

2. Eat more dairy products

It is recommended to eat more dairy products such as milk and cheese to maintain a normal or appropriate high calcium diet.

3. Eat less high oxaside foods

Such as spinach, cabbage, almonds, peanuts, beets, black tea, etc.

4. Eat less meat

High -protein diet will increase the excretion of calcium and oxalate in urine, and increase the risk of stones.Animals’ internal organs (liver and kidneys), sardines, and phoenixes contain high purine, and eventually metabolism is uric acid, which can promote the formation of urine stones in urine.

5. Active intake of vitamin C

After taking vitamin C, the excretion of urine oxalate will increase significantly, and it is easy to form calcium oxalized stones.

(Scientific Guidance: Li Yonglin, attending physician at the Department of Urology, Changsha Middle Hospital)

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