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After pregnancy, expectant mothers will have a lot of discomfort, such as the back of the shoulders, the pain of the lumbosacral, edema, etc. at this time needing more support and care for prospective dads. In addition to patient companionship and intentional communication, a more actual and effective solution is more actual and effective.It is to master the "massage" professional skills. VIP exclusive services can not only alleviate the physical and mental discomfort of the wife during pregnancy to a large extent, but also make your wife feel your love for her!



Benefits of massage

Relieve pain, reduce anxiety, mother and baby are healthier

Studies have shown that professional gestational massage during pregnancy is performed, and hormones such as adrenaline (stress -related hormones) and cortisols will be reduced, and dopamine and serotonin levels will increase (can prevent depression).It can bring a lot of positive benefits:

☆ Improvement of overall emotions

☆ Reduce anxiety

☆ Improve sleep

☆ Reduce hormone -related hormones, such as the level of norepinephrine

☆ Add "good mood" hormones, such as the level of endorphin, 5-hydroxyline and dopamine

☆ Reduce edema

☆ Increase the flow of blood and lymphatic, remove "toxins", reduce the feeling of fatigue

☆ Enhance the immune system

☆ Reduce neck pain, back pain, leg pain, sciatica, and general discomfort

The changes in these hormone levels of pregnant mothers have also led to less complications at the birth of the baby. For examples of newborn complications, such as avoiding the baby’s weight too low when birth.After the baby is born, various indicators have better scores and less cry!Baby is more angelia, better with!


Master the correct massage method

3 big moves of action details and taboos

Massage method of relieving waist discomfort (1)

STEP1: Sit on the hips on the heel, open your knees slightly more than the width of the pelvis, your body slowly lean forward, and the forehead or face is attached to the pillow or small ball on the forehead or face.Below;

Step2: The prospective dad dad is facing the pregnant mother, kneels behind the hip of the pregnant mother, places his hands on the sides of the waist, squeeze the lumbar spine in the middle, and then extinguish it out.Expand, repeat massage to the hips.

3 major precautions

Don’t grab it with your fingers

Don’t press the palm roots

Power to be moderate

Full video version

Massage method of relieving waist discomfort (2)

STEP1: Specific mothers are lying on the side, clipped the pillow between the knees, the prospective father kneels on the back of the pregnant mother’s hip, holds the hip on the right side of the pregnant mother on the left hand, opens the hand in the right hand, wraps the muscles around the spine, and massage the circle.Draw 3 laps in a place, go down, from the lumbar spine to the sacral tail.

Painting Circle Massage Fourth Mission

Painting around the spine


尾 尾 画 尾 尾

Overall painting circle

Massage method to relieve leg edema

Step1: lying on the same side

Step2: Then, the prospective dad turned naturally, facing the leg -oriented direction, massaging the pregnant mother’s thighs, calves, and feet;

3 major action points

Power is applied to muscles

Don’t hang your feet

Don’t be too close to the bottom of the thigh roots

■ Contraindications: Do not do varicose veins

■ Key points: bypass the knee joint

■ direction: massage from toe to pelvic massage, you cannot massage back and forth


Precautions for Massage

Master the correct skills and understand taboos

Do not massage the inside of the thigh, mainly to worry about thrombosis falling off; force to apply for muscles rather than bones, find the palm to wrap the muscles; massage of the hips, do not too down to the tail; do not massage the abdomen.Uterine contraction; cautiousness for early pregnancy massage, the probability of abortion in the early pregnancy is 10%to 15%; discuss the safety of massage and use of essential oil during pregnancy; once discomfort occurs, seek the help of doctors.


Consider other practices

Gently hug and accompany with love

In addition to massage, you can also do some simple and comfortable actions:

Gently hug, stroke your wife’s back and head gently; take a walk and talk together; candlelight and soft music to help relax; raise your feet and legs, sit on a comfortable chair.

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