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Many people know that greater stress can lead to physical and mental problems such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, headache, etc., but ignore too much pressure and reduce the chance of conception.This problem should attract the attention of pregnant couples.

Studies have shown that the level of an enzyme in saliva can reflect a person’s stress level.When women are in a high pressure state for a long time, the level of this enzyme will increase, and the ability to pregnancy will be reduced by 29%. The chance of infertility is twice higher than other women.

Large pressure is not the only cause of infertility, but women who want to increase the chance of pregnancy should learn to control or reduce stress during the pregnancy.

Studies at Columbia University in the United States show that the greater the pressure, the lower the quality of male sperm.Because adrenal hormone that causes stress will affect the generation of sperm and testosterone, too much pressure will affect the ability, shape and concentration of sperm, which will reduce the chance of the wife’s pregnancy.Therefore, in the pregnancy stage, men also need to learn stress management skills.

American positive psychologist Barbara mentioned the setbacks he encountered in the process of pregnancy: as a scientist, she read a lot of professional books about fertility and tried to increase the probability of her conception with a data -based method.But the results were unsatisfactory.

But when they put aside the so -called planning and planning and decided to fall in love again, Barbara became pregnant.She can even calculate the exact day of conception, which is the love that loves the world.After this experience, Barbara suggested that female friends can face fertility problems by cultivating their sincere love and happiness between themselves and their spouses, and pleasant emotions can increase the probability of pregnancy.

If you have a plan with your lover recently, you may wish to smile more, which can increase the probability of pregnancy.Studies have shown that positive emotions can increase the probability of women’s conception, and smile means that we are in a happy mood and are more likely to have positive emotions.

Many couples who are preparing for pregnancy have similar experiences to Barbara and struggle hard for pregnancy.And how should we use psychological skills to increase the probability of pregnancy?

In the book "Pain, is just an ugly gift", the author recommends goodbye to seeking goodbye from the three aspects of accepting reality, discovering bad things, and taking action to resolve anxiety and stress.

1. Accept reality

Many husbands and wives will constantly complain to each other after many attempts have not been conceived. This kind of complaint that does not accept reality not only affects the relationship between the husband and wife, but also affects the mood of preparing for pregnancy.

Accepting reality is the fact that the bad thing has occurred, and no longer has any struggle with the reality of "things that has happened."If you do not accept reality, waste a lot of time and energy on waiting for miracles or constantly complaining.The bad situation will always turn around and cannot make any progress.

2. The positive significance of discovering "bad things"

Any difficulty and setbacks are ugly gifts. If we can find positive aspects and find opportunities for growth, then we will become stronger.What does it mean to be difficult to prepare for pregnancy?

Let you and your lover know each other again, fall in love with each other, and experience the feelings when you are in love.

The pressure is difficult and difficult to conceive. This is reminding you: pay attention to your health, you need to relax yourself.

When the husband and wife can overcome the problems in life together, their feelings will become more and more strong.

3. Take specific actions to resolve anxiety

When bad things happen, we can easily think of a lot and do very little.Usually, we will choose to replay this bad thing over and over again.Specific to preparing for pregnancy, I can list a specific action plan:

Both husbands and wives go to the hospital for examination to ensure that physiological can give the baby a good nurturing environment.

Based on the advice given by the doctor, re -arrange the schedule, such as quit smoking and alcohol, go to bed early and get up early, and keep exercise.

On a website with good authority, check the experience stickers similar to yourself.

In difficult things, you can list a specific action plan to slowly change the status quo and alleviate your anxiety through specific actions.The advantage of the plan is that you do n’t need to think about annoying things at all times. You only need to focus on “what I need to do in the next step”.

The cases, contents and solutions of this article are all in the book "Pain, but an ugly gift" book, which is a popular readings about positive psychology.Use some happiness methods mentioned in the text in work or life to achieve the ultimate goal of "happy life and happiness".

This book takes the relevant research of positive psychology as the theoretical basis. Through stories or cases, how to face common difficulties and setbacks in life, provide readers with valuable happiness suggestions, teach practical methods of happiness, and finally help readers to defeat to defeatThe courage of suffering has a positive, sunny, and healthy mentality.

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