Push the pregnant wife down the cliff and be remake into a movie today, but the reality is more terrible than the script

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"Disappearing her" is being shown in major theaters.

This movie reminds many people think of the cliff in Thailand.

Wang Nuannuan, the party of the case, said that the film producer was authorized to get himself three years ago.

Recalling the helplessness at the bottom of the cliff, she endured her heartache, gritted her teeth to watch the movie originally watched.

In the end, she had the courage and began to talk about her more terrible experience than the movie.

Looking back at the starting point of the entire case, it was a perfect encounter and an unknown abyss.

On May 19, 2017, Wang Nuannuan participated in a friend gathering in Thailand and met Yu Xiaodong.

At first, Wang Nuannuan didn’t feel much about Yu Xiaodong.

However, Yu Xiaodong looked for Wang Nuannuo for WeChat. Even if Wang Nuannuan refused many times, Yu Xiaodong repeatedly insisted.

In the end, Wang Nuanwen was annoyed, and then agreed to him.

After that, Yu Xiaodong launched a fierce pursuit of Wang Nuannuan.

At first Wang Nuanwen thought it was a coincidence.

But until she got married, she knew that Yu Xiaodong had seen herself a long time ago.

In addition, he also inquired about his situation, knowing that he was a particularly rich Chinese girl, and had a certain reputation in the Bangkok community.

It turns out that Yu Xiaodong’s approaching Wang Nuan Nuan is not for appreciation at all, but with the purpose.

Wang Nuannuan’s career in Thailand has developed very well.

With strong ability, she can undertake a number of important tasks at the same time, which has made her appreciated by many big bosses.

At the age of 27, Wang Nuannuan started his business and was mainly engaged in foreign trade business.

From the beginning of the purchase, she gradually established her own connections and companies.

At that time, she met a lot of customers every day and running the factory to find channels. Even An An’s steady sleep was a luxury.

She has almost no time to make friends. Although life is tired, she is quite full.

However, although busy brings good benefits, it also brings loneliness.

Before going to Thailand, Wang Nuannuan talked about two loves and ended with no illness.

After coming to Thailand, because no one was shared, she felt physically and mentally exhausted.

At this moment, Yu Xiaodong appeared.

They are in a warm love.

Yu Xiaodong once wrote a confession small composition for Wang Nuannuan, saying that he would marry Wang Nuannuan and love each other for a lifetime.

This made Wang Nuannuan at that time felt that Yu Xiaodong was destined to hit her.

During the period of falling in love, Yu Xiaodong told Wang Nuannan about his past:

At the age of 19, he helped friends to move things. He did not expect that it was stolen goods, but he was involved in the prison for 8 years.

After being released from prison, she married a rural girl because her mother was persecuted. Later, she divorced because she was really disagreeable.

At that time, it was very naive Wang Nuannun believed his speech.

But the truth is:

Yu Xiaodong was a prison for robbery and was sentenced to 12 years.

The subsequent marriage was also out of voluntary and was not persecuted by her mother.

In fact, Wang Nuannuan is a relatively stable person, otherwise it is impossible to do business so much in a foreign country.

But after meeting Yu Xiaodong, she made the first adventure in her life.

She soon married Yu Xiaodong.

Before she got married, she had no doubt about Yu Xiaodong.

Because he pretended to be so good.

At the beginning, marriage also brought a lot of sweetness to Wang Nuannuan.

But gradually, they started to quarrel with money.

Wang Nuannuan will give Yu Xiaodong a 20,000 -living fee every month.

But Yu Xiaodong still felt insufficient.

He began to warmly ask Wang to ask Wang Nuan’s money. He just started three or five thousand at a time, and later became 30,000 to 50,000.

For this reason, the two often quarreled, but Yu Xiaodong was always able to find a new breakthrough and persuade Wang Nuannuan to give money.

He is a person who likes to live a comfortable life. He only plays games every day and has a lot of money. Sometimes he can even spend millions a month.

Every time he let him work, he said that he had never worked, and hoped that Wang Nuanwen could always support him.

In 2018, Wang Nuannuan returned to Nanjing to open a company.

Since the company’s business needs to be transformed, it is a time to be busy.

However, Yu Xiaodong is rotten there every day, which makes Wang Nuannun’s parents very dissatisfied.

Many people persuade Wang Nuan Nuan to break up.

But because the impulse was married with Yu Xiaodong, and he did not tell others, Wang Nuannuan actually had suffering.

After all, the paper cannot be covered.

Wang Nuannun’s parents were very angry after knowing that they had received the certificate, and even cut off the relationship with them.

But Wang Nuannuan always believes that marriage is a lifetime and must not be easily divorced.

So although everyone is not optimistic about them and they often quarrel, Wang Nuannuan insists on unwilling to divorce.

However, Yu Xiaodong, who got Wang Nuannuan’s unconditional trust, did not appreciate it.

He began to become intensifying, and became addicted to gambling.

Once, Yu Xiaodong concealed Wang Nuanwen and transferred 5 million as a gambling capital.

Wang Nuannuan was very angry for this and even chose to call the police.

Seven days later, the police brought Yu Xiaodong back home, and at this time, he had splurked 5 million yuan.

After this incident, Yu Xiaodong vowed that he would have changed.

But Wang Nuannun didn’t believe him, and then further strengthened his control of property.

Her move made Yu Xiaodong resentful.

At this point, a vicious idea began to germinate gradually in his heart.

Later, Wang Nuannuan became pregnant.

And Yu Xiaodong also seemed to have changed from the new, no longer spent the sky, and turned around every day.

This moved Wang Nuannuan very much, and felt that he was not really wrong.

But what she didn’t know was that at this time, Yu Xiaodong estimated that she had planned the killing plan.

After a period of time, Yu Xiaodong bought them for insurance and took effect during accidental death, and the beneficiary was a spouse.

Wang Nuannuan had no doubt. She loved her, but only felt that it was Yu Xiaodong’s love for her.

On May 30, 2019, they flew to Thailand together and were ready to decorate the house in Bangkok to welcome the baby’s arrival.

During this period, Yu Xiaodong proposed to go to Wuwenfu to disperse and see the sunrise.

After arriving, they went to the mountains to see the sunrise.

That day, the clouds were very thick, and the sun had not appeared.

The two walked along the cliff for a long time.

Suddenly, Yu Xiaodong asked Wang Nuannuan if he regretted anything.

After Wang Nuannuan replied, he kissed Wang Nuan’s cheek, and then pushed Wang Nuannuan to the cliff.

Before Wang Nuannuan fell down the cliff, he also heard a vicious "go to death".

In the underworld, he has his own mind, and Wang Nuannun shouldn’t have.

Perhaps it was the shelter of the mountain god. When she fell, a tree blocked her.

In fact, Wang Nuannuan was desperate at the time, and only felt that no one would find himself.

It wasn’t until she heard the footsteps that the whole world was bright.

In the VIP room of ICU, Yu Xiaodong was inseparable from Wang Nuannun.

Seems to be worried, but it is surveillance.

He warned Wang Nuannuan:

There is no monitoring there, no witnesses, you dare to say it, I have been taken away at most.

But when I come back, I will not let you go.

After taking care of her safety, although Wang Nuannuan was extremely sad, she could only say that she could only say that she was a cliff fell because of dizziness.

After that, she can only tremble under the close surveillance of Yu Xiaodong.

This situation continues until the fourth day.

A friend of Wang Nuannun visited and recorded Yu Xiaodong with his mobile phone to admit that he pushed Wang Nuannuan down the cliff.

And this recording became the only evidence of Wang Nuannun’s sue in Yu Xiaodong.

On the fifth day, Wang Nuannuan found the opportunity and asked the medical staff around him for help.

With the help of the medical staff, she was transferred to the ordinary ward of many people.

This allows Yu Xiaodong to monitor Wang Nuannuan again.

Wang Nuannuan subsequently reported the police and told the police that he had been concealed for five days.

Compared with the pain on her body, the things that Wang Nuanwen couldn’t rest assured finally settled, and she was relieved.

Unfortunately, although she was rescued from serious injuries.

However, the child in her belly failed to keep it because of excessive drug intake, and this became her only regret.

The first thing Wang Nuannun did after the recovery was to sue Yu Xiaodong.

Article 232 of the Criminal Law stipulates that if it is intentional to kill, the death sentence, life imprisonment or more than ten years of imprisonment; if the circumstances are relatively mild, they will be imprisoned for three years or less.

Article 23 of the Criminal Law stipulates that it is already attempted to commit crimes and fail to succeed due to the reasons other than the will outside of the criminal.For attempted crimes, it can be compared to the consequences of the criminals or reduced punishment.

On March 24, Yu Xiaodong was sentenced to the first instance. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional homicide attempts and required civil compensation for approximately RMB 1.275 million.

After Yu Xiaodong insisted on appeal, the second instance judge changed his life imprisonment to ten years because the judge believed that he was not intentional murder.

The reason is that no murderers such as ropes or tools are found at the scene.

However, before going to Thailand, Yu Xiaodong bought personal accident insurance for Wang Nuan.

The reason why he was so eager to start is precisely because he has been carrying huge gambling debts, hoping to pay off the gambling debt by killing his wife and unborn children.

Therefore, the trial of the second instance judge is very ridiculous.

Faced with this result, Wang Nuanwen and the team of lawyers decided to continue appeal.

In the end, after the third trial sentence, Yu Xiaodong was sentenced to 33 years and 4 months in prison.

The lawsuit finally painted this.

But Wang Nuannuan felt that the prison disaster in the past 33 years could not be better than the pain he suffered.

I hope that all young people can polish their eyes when choosing a partner.

You must not fall in love blindly, and you can’t flash marriage at will.

At the same time, I also sincerely wish Wang Nuan Nuan in good health and harvest real happiness as soon as possible.

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