Quickly pregnancy a little trick, can you decide to have boys and women?

With the opening of the three -child policy, many people want to have a third child, and feel that this can respond to national policies and increase their members at home.It may be easier for the first two babies, but it becomes very difficult to get in the third child, and there is no pregnancy for more than a year.In fact, there are still some small tricks for pregnancy.Let’s talk about the majority of pregnant couples today.

Quick pregnancy

First, nourish and stood, only "applause of love" during ovulation, can this improve the "hit rate"?It can even affect endocrine and affect ovulation. For the man, the growth cycle of sperm is 5-7 days. If it is not discharged for a long time, it is easy to reduce the quality of the sperm.Even death.

In fact, it is best to have a regular sexual life with a pregnant couple: the energy-effective couple can be in the same room 2-3 times a week, and the older one can be once a week.When the woman ovulated in the past few days, the same room the next day, so that the sperm team would not miss Miss Egg.

2. Can eating acid -base foods determine that there are boys and girls? There has always been a folk saying that eating more alkaline foods is easy to have a son? Eat more acidic foods is easy to have daughters? Is there really a scientific basis? In factWhat can I decide to have boys and women?

In fact, as early as 2008, a research survey of 560,000 people found that:

There are many men in their father, so the probability of giving birth to a boy is high. On the contrary, if there are many women in the father of the father, the probability of giving birth to a girl is high.Therefore, a certain genetic factors may have a family and men’s genes in the human body.However, this inference has not been nervous about new research, and was overthrown by a research of 4.7 million new students this year.Therefore, there is no method to confirm it exactly, and it can really affect boys and women.Everyone still has a good mentality, and there are the same boys and women.

Third, you can’t worry about your physical body because of a moment of anxiety, worrying about this worry. In fact, even people who have normal sex and healthy are only about 10%.It was deceived by the exaggerated plot of the TV series. Generally, 80%-90%was successful in a year.Therefore, if you haven’t seen the "double bar" for a few months of pregnancy, don’t worry too much. If it is not successful for more than a year, you can go to the hospital for specific consultation.

Fourth, women are in their 40s, can she still fight for it? 40 years old prepare for pregnancy, and ovarian reserves are critical.But just looking at the indicator of age, it is not all. It is relatively difficult to prepare for pregnancy in their 40s, but if other indicators are good, it is still possible.

For example, menstrual conditions, if the menstrual rules are once a month, 3-7 days are clean, and the menstrual flow is also good. Then it can be considered that the ovarian reserve function is better.

The most scientific judgment is the clinical examination indicators, such as AMH, sex hormone examination, B -ultrasonic follicles, etc. These are quantitative data. After the analysis of doctors, you can clearly understand your fertility.

If a younger woman prepares, you can go to the hospital to find a doctor to evaluate. If the ovarian reserve function is really poor, it may need to assist reproductive technology.

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