rare!Is a pregnant woman’s uterus empty?Where did the child go?As soon as the doctor checked, it was frightened!

I heard that I was pregnant when I was pregnant,

But have you heard that the fetus grows in the liver?

A few days ago

Ms. You in Luzhou, Anhui

Because the upper abdomen is uncomfortable

Go to a hospital in Yangzhou for examination

did not expect

I found a block in Ms. You’s liver

And this block is actually an embryo!

Doctor introduce

Ms. You is 29 years old this year

During the inspection, I found that she had a sign of pregnancy

But there is no pregnancy sac in the uterus

So the doctor suspected that there may be ectopic pregnancy.

I didn’t expect to find it after the CT examination

The embryo ran to the location of the liver

This is a rare ectopic pregnancy

It is easy to cause major bleeding

life threatening

The doctor passed the surgery that day

Remove this dangerous mass for Ms. You

How can the fetus run into the liver

The doctor introduced that the fertilized eggs are not bed in the uterus, and they are all called ectopic pregnancy, which is often referred to as ectopic pregnancy.95%of ectopic pregnancy is pregnant in the fallopian tubes. A few cases will run outside the fallopian tube. For example, in the ovaries, the specific cause is related to the inflammation and deformity of the fallopian tube.

It turned out that theoretically, the fertilized eggs were like the seeds of dandelion. Wherever they floated, where they took root.Normal women are pregnant, sperm and eggs are fertilized in the fallopian tube, forming fertilized eggs. After staying in the fallopian tube for 7 to 10 days, the mucosa layer in the fallopian tube will start to move a little bit.inside.

However, if the fallopian tube is inflamed, the "rowing" action is gone; if the tubal malformations are deformed, it will be completely "unreasonable."The fertilized eggs cannot slide into the uterus, so they can only move freely. Generally, they continue to develop in the fallopian tubes. In the case, a few cases flow out of the fallopian tube and flow into the stomach.

Ectopic pregnancy is by no means a trivial matter

Every woman with pregnancy needs

There are risk of ectopic pregnancy

Once ectopic pregnancy is ruptured

It will face the danger of life


Women must take a timely inspection after conception

To prevent similar situations

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy may occur

Memorandum: Most patients have a history of menopause, but some patients have vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. They mistakenly believe that menstruation is coming and believes that there is no exact history of menopause.

Irregular vaginal bleeding: Generally, a small amount of bleeding is common, and it is unclean. A few patients have more bleeding like menstruation, and even out of the object.

Abdominal pain: When the fallopian tube pregnancy is not ruptured, the inferior lower abdomen pain or pain is often caused by the fallopian tube spasm; when the tubal pregnancy is ruptured, it can feel the pain -like pain of the lower abdomen of the affected affected side, and some even sweat and vomit with nausea.When blood accumulates in the pelvic cavity, patients often have anal swelling and a sense of severe feeling after anxiety.

Silation and shock: When the abultivation is ruptured, patients with acute blood loss, stricter abdominal pain, often dizziness, pale complexion, fine pulse, blood pressure decrease, and even shock and indemnation.

Remind all female compatriots

Pay special attention to your body,

Especially what abnormalities in those days,

It is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time.

In addition, if you are already pregnant,

Millions of million remember to do regular production inspections!

Source: Hubei Economic Express Comprehensive Anhui Commercial Daily,

Jiangsu News, Yangzhou Comprehensive Channel,

Luzhou zero distance, network, etc.

Editor: Ni Hong | Editor -in -chief: Zhao Natural

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