Real record: My husband is derailed during pregnancy, and I want me to go out of the house

Lily has been married to Hu Tian for 5 years. They from school uniforms to wedding dresses are model couples in the eyes of others.Hu Tian works in a Fortune 500 enterprise, with a annual salary of millions. They have a house and a car and live a good life.

Three years ago, Lily became pregnant, and Hu Tian asked Lily to resign at home to raise tires at home.Lily was originally a workplace elite. In just two years, it was the head of the department, with a monthly income of 20,000.

After pregnancy, Hu Tian said that you can raise you for a lifetime, just be a housewife at home.Lily trusted Hu Tian very much, thinking that Hu Tian was a lot of money to make money. It is better to take care of it at home. Let Hu Tian eat hot meals every day.

I have to say that Lily is really a good woman. She went to the hall and got the kitchen.On the day of Fuxing at home, Lily cleaned the house and did not dye. Hu Tian went home every day. She cooked the soup and brought it to him.During that time, Lily felt very happy. Don’t worry about work. As long as you take care of Hu Tian, this is her dream.

Without a job, there is a lot of time. Lily did not splurge at will. Instead, he read books at home, became prenatal education, and learned flower art.Even Hu Tian said that Lily is really a smart and talented woman.

Yes, if not, how can Hu Tian love Lily for so many years?By the third trimester, Lily’s body became more discomfort. The big belly was overwhelming that she couldn’t stand up, and often vomited, and she often got up at night.She couldn’t continue to clean the house, because she couldn’t squat at all, and those flower art and tea art were also put on hold.

Hu Tian came back and was cold. During that time, Hu Tian encountered a problem at work. One of his projects was snatched by competitors, and the big BOSS criticized him in public.He was about to be promoted immediately, but because of the problem of this case, he was facing the workplace crisis.

He was annoying. He talked back home with Lily. Lily has left the workplace for several months. He has already been not interested in the workplace. In addition, he is uncomfortable with his pregnancy and often complains, let alone comfort Hu Tian.Gradually, the words between the two became less and less, and Hu Tian went home to get late.

Men, since the family is not intimate, it will naturally look for tenderness outside.During that time, a female subordinate of Hu Tian, named Xiaoxiao, often worked with her late at night.

The woman was divorced and lived with a son. She worked hard and worked hard. Hu Tian appreciated her.

That night, Hu Tian drank, and the female subordinates came to report work.She persuaded Hu Tian to stop drinking, and something could be said to her.Hu Tian took advantage of the wine and said all the words in his heart: Xiaoxiao, do you know?I was bitter in my heart. The case was lost, and the company kept pressured me.But don’t I want to win this case?For this case, I don’t know how many nights I have boiled and how much wine I accompanied, but I was snatched away in the end.The boss didn’t have a little consideration, but pushed all the responsibilities to me.I sit in this position, who knows my difficulties?

Xiaoxiao said, Mr. Hu, I understand you, you are serious and responsible at work, and everyone is looking at it.It doesn’t matter if this case is lost. There are still many cases in the future. You still have the opportunity to make merit.It’s just so late, you should go home, otherwise your wife will worry again.

Hu Tian shook his head and said, I do n’t want to go home, and I ’m also cold words when I go home. My wife does n’t understand me at all … when I talk, I shed tears.Xiaoxiao hugged him in the past and saw that the man he loved was so fragile, and she broke her heart.Yes, Xiaoxiao has been in love with Hu Tian for a long time, but it has been restrained until he has a family.

I thought his marriage was very happy, so he would not bother.Now seeing him is so miserable, she decides not to do so. She wants to take Hu Tian over and give him happiness.

After that day, Xiaoxiao always cared more about Hu Tian, prepared gastric medicine for him, bought him coffee, reminded him to bring umbrellas … The trivial matters in these life made Hu Tian a warm heart.After all, Lily hasn’t been so gentle to him for a long time.

One day, Hu Tian wanted to accompany the customer to drink, and let Xiaoxiao go.Hu Tian was filled with alcohol and was unable to drink personnel. Xiaoxiao could only send him to the hotel.

Seeing Hu Tian who was paralyzed on the bed, she kissed deeply, Hu Tian hugged her, and the two lingered for a night.The next day, Xiaoxiao drilled in Hu Tian’s ear, in fact, I like you for a long time.Can you accompany me in the future?Hu Tian was suddenly fascinated by this kind of woman in front of her.

That night, Lily did not fall asleep because Hu Tian’s mobile phone was not connected for a night, vomiting all night.Later, Hu Tian often did not go home at night. He told Lily that his work was too busy to sleep.

In fact, where is he sleeping the company, he sleeps on Xiaoxiao’s bed.Xiaoxiao is a smart woman. If you want to get this man, you must first grasp his fiscal power.She began to ask Hu Tian to ask for a car, Hu Tian, who was deeply trapped in gentle town, and naturally listened to it.

Soon, Lily reached the due date.She made my best and gave birth to a daughter.Hu Tian always wanted his son, and saw that his daughter’s face changed.That night, he did not accompany Lily, only Lily’s parents.

In fact, Lily had already felt that Hu Tian had changed his heart, but he didn’t expect him to be so ruthless.Before discharged from the hospital, Xiaoxiao came to the hospital to meet Lily and said that Hu Tian asked her to come. Lily knew that this woman was definitely not a good thing.When the child was full of moon, Hu Tian proposed a divorce and said that he had no feelings for Lily.

Lily is heartbroken. We originally loved each other so much. If you say you do n’t love, you do n’t love it. What do I do with my children?IntersectionIntersectionHu Tian couldn’t take a lot, so he would immediately divorce.Lily but said, divorce is okay, but you have to go out of the house, don’t think you don’t know if you are so flower.Hu Tian said that the house cars were all my down payment. Why did I get out of the house?

In fact, when Hu Tian gave birth to a baby, he transferred the deposit of the house car. Even if the lawsuit was put on a lawsuit, Lily could not be divided into much money.

After divorcing Lily, Hu Tian immediately received a marriage certificate with Xiaoxiao.The poor thing is that the child who has just been born, facing a fragmented family in the world.How to go in the future, she is also confused.

Woman, after all, you can’t trust marriage too much.Today, the person who loves you the most can also love others tomorrow. Only when you are strong is it a lifetime guarantee.


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