Really pregnant?Wang Yanlin’s wife took a selfie and only exposed the upper body, and wearing a few dollars of jewelry to be over -connected

On the morning of August 26, Wang Yanlin’s loved wife Ai Jiani had long lost a selfie photo on her personal social platform, and wrote happily: "My happiness."

In the photo, Ai Jiani tied his head with a high ball, almost all of her face, her skin was fair and delicate, and she was very well maintained.She wore a cartoon pattern and a denim jacket, and she was very casual girl.Not only that, this time Ai Jiani also showed a big show of her own jewelry. She put on earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The styles were girlish, and she looked cute.It seems that after marrying a wife, Ai Jiani, the girl, still did not decrease at all.

In addition, Ai Jiani also marked the prices of these jewelry.Take a closer look, the prices of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are quite cheap. The price of earrings is only 4.5 yuan, necklace is 6.8 yuan, and the most expensive bracelet is only 7.2 yuan. It is estimated that I like this bracelet.I wore two at once.So after careful calculation, the price of jewelry worn by Ai Jiani this time was a total of 25.7 yuan. Is it too close to the people and too grounded?I have to say that there is a wife who is so diligent and frugal, and Wang Yanlin really picked up a treasure.

It is worth mentioning that Ai Jiani has been rumored to be pregnant before the wedding, and the photos she showed only revealed the upper body, just to cover her belly tightly, so is it really happy?Intersection

After seeing Ai Jiani’s post and sun -photos, netizens left a message: "Good -looking, how do you feel that your sister has a good thing happened", "Is there a good thing?", "Are you pregnant?"

In fact, it is not difficult to find that the photos of Ai Jiani during this time are not difficult to find that in the full -plain life photos of the full -faced life around the week before the wedding, she wore a loose style strap skirt into the mirror and raised her hands."Taste" both feel, and now many netizens go to the comment area to ask if she is pregnant.However, Ai Jiani did not respond.

A few days ago, when Ai Jiani and her husband Wang Yanlin appeared at the airport, a loose dress again triggered a guessing of pregnancy.

Especially from the moving picture, her clothes and walking posture are like pregnant women!

Ai Jiani and Wang Yanlin announced their certificates on May 20 this year, and many netizens sent them sincere blessings.On July 17th, the couple held a romantic and warm wedding under the witness of many relatives and friends. At the wedding, the young couples kept a variety of love shows, and each frame was high sugar.

In addition, Wang Yanlin and Ai Jiani were college classmates. In my junior year, Wang Yanlin proposed to Ai Jiani. After many years, the two finally walked into the marriage hall. Such a romantic and beautiful love was really envious of others.

After the marriage, Wang Yanlin and Ai Jiani were still sweet, which was almost the same as the period of love.Therefore, if the husband and wife really have a crystallization, I believe everyone will bless them.I look forward to the good news of the two officials announced the promotion of the prospective parents as soon as possible.

The picture comes from the Internet

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