Really pregnant!Guo Biting is holding a big belly and shopping in a good stomach.

Since Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo announced their relationship, many netizens have expressed doubts about their feelings, because in the public’s cognition, female celebrities who married giants generally have no good results.Guo Biting did not explain this, but lived in a way in an orderly manner.

Recently, some media photographed Guo Biting shopping in Taiwan, and then entered a pet hospital with girlfriends.

On the same day, Guo Biting was wearing a loose grid dress and a thin jacket. The small belly was raised obviously, and it was almost 6 months pregnant to see that the pregnant belly was almost 6 months pregnant.Her long hair was randomly tied. Because of her pregnancy, she was rarely out of her face and looked quite good.

Guo Biting’s bag was contained in a puppy, and she was carrying a large bag in her hand, and her girlfriend would help her get things from time to time.It is estimated that she has been bored at home in the early stages of pregnancy. After shopping with her girlfriend, she is obviously good.

Last month, I took pictures of the three trees on the social account, and also wrote the text "New Member Report".At that time, netizens guessed that this was implying that Guo Biting was pregnant, but then reposted netizens’ guessing to Tai said that "there will be no three."In fact, no one thinks about the "triggea", but Xiangtai’s sentence is indirectly acknowledged the news of Guo Biting’s pregnancy.

In September last year, a wedding was held to Zuo and Guo Biting.Two people frequently participated in variety shows before and after marriage, and they have not received a certificate after Xiang Zuo exposed to marriage. Many people speculate that this marriage is actually not much love, and it is more like a transaction.The giants may not be as expected.

Faced with the malicious injuries of some netizens, Xiang Zuo had publicly recovered, and Xiang Tai also explained to prove that the two of them were very happy and worried about netizens.

Not long ago, some media exposed the notice of marriage to Zuo and Guo Biting, and only waited for Guo Biting to return to Hong Kong to sign.The time is very coincidentally. After the news of Guo Biting’s pregnancy was circulated, the two had a certificate.Therefore, many people speculate that Guo Biting can complete and register with Xiang Zuo, which is "mother -in -law."However, Guo Biting was formally entered the door of Xiang’s home. In this way, her marriage was also guaranteed by the law.

Guo Biting looks cold and handsome, with a literary temperament, with a kind of elegant and gentle beauty.Whether it is in the play or outside, it always gives people a gentle feeling.

She seemed to have a good temper. Some time ago, she publicly issued a post on social platforms, saying that she was always consumed by the people around her without a lower limit.There was no helpless and weakness between words, and was suspected of being used by the people around him because of "Xiao Xiangtai".

Netizens have commented and persuaded her to refuse and counterattack. Don’t be too kind. They must let others know where their bottom line is.Xiang Tai also reposted the comfort, saying that who dared to consume her daughter -in -law in Taiwan, she put Xiao Jingteng’s dog to bite them, and in the middle of July, the family would pick up her back to Hong Kong.

Many netizens think that Xiang Tai domineering protects her daughter -in -law, she is a good mother -in -law. Several times, she spoke to maintain Guo Biting, and she cares about this daughter -in -law than Xiang Zuo.

Some people also held different opinions, saying that she just wanted to prove the consumer Guo Biting. It was not what she did to home. If she really cared about it, a phone call was fine. It was a bit fake on the Internet.

In fact, everyone who is familiar with Xiang Tai knows that this is the style of doing things, saying that she is a bit arbitrary.She said that in July, Guo Biting returned to Hong Kong to live in Hong Kong. Now it seems to be returning to Hong Kong for delivery. The due date is about September.

On the show or in the event, seeing that their family got along, they were all happy. Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo’s eyes were full of love.In the end, the parties should have a deeper understanding. If people drink water and warmth, they know that outsiders do not see the whole picture, and they do not make much comments.

Now Guo Biting is pregnant and only waits for the official official announcement. After a few months, he can also satisfy his desire to hug his grandson. Presumably, the family will be happier in the future.

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