Reba’s pregnancy storm reflects the sorrow of the post -90s actress: dare not love, dare not marry, dare not give birth

Earlier, Zhou Dongyu, Yi Xi Qianxi and Liu Haoran passed on their romances, to now Dili Reba was frequently exposed to Huang Jingyu, and even rumors of hidden marriage pregnancy, 90 flowers have selected the feeling of uniformly choosing the kind of death and not acknowledging the death.manner.

In contrast, their predecessors seemed to be quite free and dare to admit that their predecessors seemed to have treated their relationship. The gap is not ordinary!

Dili Reba’s love love is frequently on hot search, the studio play "text game"

Recently, Di Lierba Graise Storm has continued to make trouble, and finally ended with a statement of lawyer letter from the studio.But for the lawyer’s letter that is no longer worthy of money, the work of this studio’s statement seems to be minimal. Netizens do not buy it, and the connotation statement is "only fans can be visible."

I have to say that the stars have opened the artistic means now, as if they are denied rumors, but they do not make it clear.

Instead of not mentioning the words without love or single, unmarried, they chose to sue, but the point of the sue is completely different from the external controversy. It is precisely because of this ambiguous attitude that keeps the outside world guessing continuously.

Rumors of love, hidden marriage, and pregnancy, Reba cold treatment does not respond to death

After Dili Reba was exposed to Huang Jingyu’s relationship with Huang Jingyu, the fans were more controversial. Now because they have not entered the group for eight months, and the New Year’s propaganda photo is also taken before, attracting rumors of hidden marriage pregnancy.

However, for the outside world, Dili Reba just changed to change, and always dealt with cold treatment without responding.

And Yi Xi Qianxi Liu Haoran has repeatedly rumored the scandal, Zhou Dongyu’s relationship is confusing

Zhou Dongyu, who is also a nine -fold, has a lot of trouble in the relationship, and there will be a scandal when you make a scene almost a show.From Yi Xi Qianxi to Liu Haoran, it seems that the charm of Zhou Dongyu is also unstoppable!

However, compared to Yi Xi Qianxi’s age gap, the outside world generally believes that it is unreliable. There are many real hammers between Liu Haoran and Zhou Dongyu.

It seems that whether it is fans or netizens, it seems that Liu Haoran is unable to think about this wave.More comments are condemning "Zhou Dongyu’s not match"!

The response of Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran, who came out, continued to be silent. Even if they were picked up, the same model was high -profile, and the studio did not respond, but Liu Haoran’s support will deny the news of the certificate.

Jiuliuhua’s attitude towards romance is not acknowledged, and responded to the words "single, unprepared", relying on the studio’s lawyer’s letter to end.Zhang Tian’ai was derailed before to Gulinaza. It can be seen that his career is more reliable than love.

For the ninety flowers, the career is far more important today than the relationship, and everyone prefers independent women.

It seems that their age has reached the opportunity to get married normally, but fans also hope that they will continue to take the route of strong career women. Love will only affect their work. This is also the main reason why Ninety Flowers dare not announce their relationship.

Senior Eighty -Five Flowers Treating Love More Flowers

Compared with Zhou Dongyu and Dili Reba, the predecessors of the eight -five flower seemed to be more frank.

Yang Mi’s popularity period is open in love, 27 -year -old married married daughter

As a predecessor Yang Mi, who took Dili Reba with Di Lierba, at the time of popularity at the time of popularity, he released his relationship with Liu Kaiwei at the age of 27.Similar reunion ending.

Liu Shishi, Wu Qilong, acknowledged the relationship when the fire was on fire

In the same period, Liu Shishi also fell in love with Siye Wu Qilong while filming "Step by Step". In 2013, he was exposed to love. Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi acknowledged the relationship on social networking sites.state.

Angelababy Huang Xiaoming directly shows high -profile love affection

The relationship between Angelababy and Huang Jiaozhu is even more well -known. Angelababy shouted on social networking sites. The two showed their affection high -profile and invited half of the entertainment circle.

Even if Tang Yan was married at the age of 35, the news of Tang Yan’s love with Qiu Ze at the age of 27 is also a well -known state. It seems that the eighty -five flowers have a more frank relationship.The careers of the eight or five flowers have not been affected.

And the ninety flowers, whether it is Dili Reba, Zhou Dongyu or Li Qin, Tan Songyun, Li Yitong, do not say that they have not been released when they get married, and even frying a CP in the play will cause a lot of controversyEssence

Originally, as long as there is explosive models and nationality, it will not be worried about falling fans because of worrying.But now it is getting more and more rolled, and the view of the love of Xiaohua has also had a great impact. From their attitude towards love, they also reflect the sorrow of post -95 actresses: dare not love, dare not marry, and dare not give birth.

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