Recommended by the novel: The cold sword is actually a big villain, and I actually conceived his cub, what should I do?


Song Zhizhi wore a book and wore a villain of the same name in the novel of the female lead Xiuxian’s novel. At this time, she was poisonous in her body and must be detoxified as soon as possible, otherwise she would be killed by the pain of the heart of 10,000 ants.

For the sake of life, Song Zhizhi coaxed a beautiful man who was seriously injured and missed, and his temperament.

Afterwards, Song Zhizhi discovered that this beautiful man Xiu was actually Xie Xiuyi, a big villain in the book!

Song Zhizhi remembered the cruel means of destroying the door with the big villain Xie Xiuyi in the book. Song Zhizhi ran decisively.

One month later, Song Zhizhi worshiped Jianzong, and accidentally found that the martial arts of the cultivation world, the Ming Xiao Jianzun, and the big villain who were cheated by her!

And she has just been found to have been pregnant for a month …

Song Zhizhi: :!

Song Zhizhi touched his stomach and trembled with his sword’s hand slightly.


The first male god, Xiaoya Jianzun, recently married a lowly woman. Everyone explained that Xiao Jianzun married her just for the child in her belly.

The woman did not know how to do it.

Everyone is guessing when Xiao Jianzun will hate the woman. Some people guess for one year, some guessed for two years, and few people who have been in three years.

Who knows that a year has passed, the child is born, and Jianzun does not mean to abandon the woman at all.

Two years have passed, Jian Zun is so smooth to the woman, and wants the stars to not give the moon.


Many years have passed, and they watched the woman step by step to become the demon monster, and the story of a family of three entrances became a beauty of the real world.


1. The female lead has a selfishness and persuasion in the early stage. She is an ordinary person who is not brave enough. There are many shortcomings. They will become strong in the later period, but the non -female lead has cultivated Xianwen.

2, 1v1, SC, HE; not black -ray heroine.

3. Sweet text, giant sweet!(Focus)

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Introduction to a word: The cold sword is actually a big villain in the original book

Parents: Love life and enjoy peace, even if races are different, they must get along friendly.

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Segment 1

Spring San, Song Zhizhi, Song Miaomiao, these three elements were added together, and a guess appeared in Song Zhizhi’s mind: she worn books!

Song Zhizhi thought of the ending of Song Zhizhi in the original book. Song Zhizhi in the book could not recover himself under the medicine. He was thrown down by the heroine and was severely injured by the female lead.Essence

Song Zhizhi raised his hand unbelievablely, and the wrist was in his eyes. The skin on his hands was as jade, with a sharp fingertips, soft and bone.

But this is not her own hand. Although her hand is not ugly, she does not see the point where she can be used as a hand model, and her right index finger is more or less deformed because of the long -term holding pen.

She really wore a book!And wearing a vicious female partner who does not die for the last self -eating fruit.

Thinking of the ending of the Lord of the Plains in the book, Song Zhizhi shook, and his flushed face was pale because of the medicine.

When Song Zhizhi Qing Qing Qing’s current situation, he saw that Song Miaomiao had taken the maid to go far, and a bottle of elixir was placed on the ground. It should be the Qing Xin Dan that Song Miaomiao fed just now.

It was waiting to die in place, but the medicine was also waiting to die.

There is no antidote for Haruki San, but if you really want to choose a way of death, Song Zhizhi would rather die by the pain of the heart of 10,000 ants.

But I do n’t know if it ’s a fast -moving person, or because Song Zhizhi was tortured by his medicine and lost his sense of direction.

Qingxin Dan could only suppress it for a while. At this time, Kunrisan began to attack again. Song Zhizhi felt that his body was getting hotter and his heart was slightly tingling, as if he was stunned by an ant.

Song Zhizhi trembled out of the bottle left by Song Miaomiao, and poured out a clear heart.

In the past, the efficacy of Haruki San passed, and Song Zhizhi counted the Qingxin Dan in the jade bottle.

There were nine bottle of Qingxin Dan. Song Zhizhi ate two, and now there are seven left.

The efficacy of a Xinxin Dan can last for about 20 minutes, that is, if she wants to live, she must find a man to detoxify in three hours.

Song Zhizhi was afraid of death, but she was even more afraid of being supplemented by evil repairs, and died in a way without dignity.

There seemed to be any movement in the distance behind him. Song Zhizhi thought of the abnormal evil repair described in the book. She gritted her teeth and walked towards the dense deep of the jungle.

The time that Qingxin Dan can work seems to be shorter and shorter. At first, a Qingxin Dan could suppress the effect of Spring San San for 20 minutes. Later, the time slowly shortened, 18 minutes, seventeen minutes …

Song Zhizhi watched the last Qingxin Dan in the bottle, surrounded by dense primitive jungles. There were no evil cultivation, and there were no living creatures. The surroundings were extremely quiet.

But Song Zhizhi was tortured by the effect and did not find this strangeness.

Song Zhizhi put the elixir back in his arms, and continued to move forward.

After eating the last Qingxin Dan, Song Zhizhi walked through the dense forest and walked to a cliff. She looked at the cliff at the bottom of her feet. From here, she would definitely not survive.

She is afraid of death, but she is more afraid of being tortured by the medicine.

Song Zhizhi was bitter in his heart: The original owner really killed her. She was lying on the bed and watching the novel. No one can mess with anyone, who knows that she will cross here when she closed and opens, instead of her torture.


She wants to go back!

Song Zhizhi closed his eyes, and had just revealed the cliff, and he shrank back in fear.

"No, it’s too high. What if I have a luck jumping and not dying but paralyzed?"

Song Zhizhi’s eyelashes trembled, and the two steps were far away from the cliff.

"But it was emanated by Kasuki. If no man was found to be detoxifying in three hours, it would be undoubtedly dead. There was no personal shadow in the wild countryside. Who do I find to detoxify?"

Song Zhizhi was struggling in his eyes. She was just an ordinary person, and ordinary people were afraid of death.

Either jumping down, clean and not torture, or waiting for the effects of the effect, died of suffering from the heart of 10,000 ants.

"Unless you can drop a man in the sky, otherwise the effects of the medicine, I still jump down. It is the treatment of the protagonist without falling at the high altitude. My identity is a vicious female match, and I will definitely die."

Song Zhizhi stood at the cliff and said to herself, but as soon as the words fell, she suddenly heard a "bang", as if something fell from high altitude.

Song Zhizhi was startled, turned around, silent, and then looked up at the sky: "Can you really drop a man on this day?"

She is located at the highest place nearby, and there are no trees around. This man can only fall from the sky.

"It is worthy of Xiu Xian’s world, which is reasonable."

The man on the ground seemed to be injured. The moon white robe was stained with blood. He was lying on the ground and could not see his appearance clearly, but his naked skin was delicate and his bones were clear. He should be a young man.

Song Zhizhi stepped forward and poked him with his fingers.

The man did not respond, and it seemed that he was in a coma.

"But he is unaware, what can he use?"

As for a man who is seriously injured and dying, in this situation, in the current situation, half a man may be farted.

Song Zhizhi asked herself, but she had no corpse.

People can’t, at least not.

"Forget it, I’m going to die. These medicines on my body are useless. I will give you some healing medicine.

The original master was accompanied by Song Miaomiao to participate in the new disciple selection conference of Jianzong’s ten -year -old disciple. He had many elixir with healing injuries.It is better to use it as a good day to save people.

In case a man can wake up, she will also save it.

Song Zhizhi turned the man over, and then glanced at the man’s face, and he couldn’t help but stunned.

Men look about twenty in their early twenties. The facial features are deep and handsome, their eyes are closed, her thin lips are slightly sip, and a cold and arrogant temperament that refuses people thousands of miles away.Essence

Song Zhizhi stared at the man’s face and swallowed his mouth.

"It looks so good -looking and can’t help me detoxify. What is the use?" Song Zhizhi said, then rudely opened the man’s mouth and stuffed the elixir into his mouth.

At the entrance of the elixir, the wound on the man was better, at least the blood had stopped.

However, the man still seemed to have no signs of waking up. Song Zhizhi waited for a while, and the effect of Kasuga San in the body slowly came up again.The physical strength in the body counterattacked, more turbulent than before.

"Oh …" Song Zhizhi couldn’t help but soft her body. She was disordered and her complexion was flushed. She was panting and her eyes blurred a bit.

There were men beside her, but the man couldn’t live halfway, and seemed to be unable to wake up for a while, and couldn’t expect it at all.

Song Zhizhi felt that a hot wave gathered in the lower abdomen, and before the body was uncomfortable and better, it seemed to be in the body that there were 10,000 ants drilling in the body.I can’t wait to die.

Song Zhizhi walked towards the cliff in his footsteps: he died horizontally and vertically. Instead of dying, he would be more tortured than herself after being tortured.

Song Zhizhi did not find that when she turned around and walked towards the cliff, the man behind him opened his eyes, but his eyes were blank and blank. Before he figured out the situation today, he saw Song Zhi Zhi’s resolute back to the back of the cliff.

The man shouted subconsciously: "The girl is slow!"

Song Zhizhi’s footsteps had a paid, and before he looked back, he felt pulled back.

Song Zhizhi was weak and weak, and he hit the man’s arms, and happened to hit his unheard of wounds.

The two made a groaning at the same time, the man’s feet were unstable, and Song Zhizhi fell to the ground with Song Zhizhi.

Song Zhizhi was above, and men were underneath. Song Zhizhi’s nose touched the man’s hard collarbone. The painful stimulus made her soberly, but soon she was swallowed by the dysentery of Chunri.

"Hot …" Song Zhizhi smelled the cold atmosphere of the man, mixed with a strong bloody smell, but it would not be disgusted.lure.

She couldn’t help climbing the man’s neck, buried her head in his neck, and stunned like a cat. Her warm breath vomited in the sensitive neck of the man, like a fluttering feather, brought a numbness of numbnessFeel.

Song Zhizhi couldn’t help but bite on his collarbone. He was not heavy, saying that it was biting, more like a kiss, the warm touch from the collarbone to the throat knot.

The man was stunned in place as if he was split with a thunder, and his ears quickly became red. He reacted for a while. He wanted to push away Song Zhizhi, but because Song Zhizhi was not in a talked about his clothes at this moment, he did not know where to start., Girl, men and women … no dear … "

The author has something to say:

Lifting: The female lead in this article is dragged in the early stage, not enough, but also persuaded, and she will worry about this worry. Only in the middle and late stages will grow.It’s not what you like, everyone has a fate.

Chapter 2 Men and women are different

Song Zhizhi couldn’t hear what the man was talking about. Her actions were dominated by the drug. The fine white arm was around his neck, and a crying cavity was stained in his voice: "I’m uncomfortable …"

The man closed his eyes and felt the hot temperature of the soft body in his arms. His cheeks were crimson and his hands were helplessly opened.

"I’m hot …" Song Zhizhi felt the coldness away from the cold, and frowned dissatisfied. Her eyes became hazy because of the effect of the drug. A pair of tears of apricot eyes were helpless, but it was by no means a normal person’s response.

The man saw that Song Zhizhi was wrong, "Aunt, girl, did you take something wrong?"

Song Zhizhi did not return to him. She was hot, like a stove, with snow -colored skin with thin powder. The corner of her eyes had tears because of her uncomfortableness, and her throat sob was intermittently like a beast.

Her white fingertips teased her collar unconsciously, her placket was loose, and she showed delicate and slender collarbone.

The man was shaken by a piece of snow, and then he turned his eyes as if he was hot.

A touch of red spread from the tip of the man to the face, and finally even the neck became red, "Aunt … aunt … girl …"

He tied Song Zhizhi in his hand, then raised his hand, closed Song Zhizhi’s placket, covering a large piece of snow.

But looking at Song Zhizhi uncomfortable, he didn’t know what to do.

There seemed to be something flashing in his mind, but when he thought about it, he couldn’t remember anything.

Song Zhizhi couldn’t bombs. He could only look at the man with a pair of hazy tears, and it looked so pitiful.

"I’m hot … uncomfortable …" Song Zhizhi’s face showed a painful expression.

The man thought about it for a moment, and he condensed a large piece of ice cubes in his hands, and he was stuffed into Song Zhizhi’s arms.

The memory of the talented memory returned, Song Zhizhi looked at the man, showing an embarrassing color on his face -just now she actually met a man who had just met, hugged and stunned, like a female demon, her behavior just had sexual harassment than the defendant.

When the man saw Song Zhizhi recovered his consciousness, he was relieved.

However, because he was forced to use his spiritual power without healed, his face was a little whiter than before.

Song Zhizhi hugged the ice in weakness, "Thank you."

The man blushed and shook his head: "Ice cubes can only temporarily relieve the girl’s symptoms. This kind of thanks I have to be ashamed. I don’t know what the girl is poison? How can I detoxify it?"


Song Zhizhi quietly looked at the man, and the man sat on the ground, his appearance was like a fairy, but his blood stains did not hide his cold and clean temperament. Even if she was controlled by the drug control just now, he did not do it while the person was in danger.Things, it can be seen that the gentleman of the breeze and the moon.

"That," Song Zhizhi lowered his head and covered the darkness at the bottom of his eyes, and whispered: "I am in Kunri San, Kasuga San has no antidote, and I want to detoxify, there is only that method."

"What is the way? The girl saved me. As long as I can do it, you can speak." The man looked at Song Zhizhi, his expression was very sincere.

Song Zhizhi saw that he was sincere, and he didn’t understand if he really didn’t know the role of Kasuga San or pretended not to know.

With his temperament, it should be more likely to the former.

Song Zhizhi paused, vomiting two words embarrassingly: "Double cultivation."

"Double double … double repair?" The man’s face suddenly became thoroughly red, stuttered, "This girl, I, you, we have not yet married, double and double cultivation seems to be inappropriate."

Song Zhizhi heard a man’s rejection, and there was no trace of accident. She held the corner of the skirt and felt that her body’s medicine was getting heavier. She could only maintain the last trace of reason by the ice cubes, but she didn’t know how long she could maintain the state at this time.

She didn’t want to die, but the man didn’t seem to be willing to detoxify her with her.

In just a few minutes of getting along, she knew that the man in front of her was a rare and high moral gentleman, and she was unwilling to take advantage of the danger.

But she wanted to live, and when she had no hope, she had hope now. She was unwilling to die. Even if she was deceiving, she would lie to him to detoxify herself.

"So, you don’t want to, this kind of thing can’t come." Song Zhizhi tilted his head, and his beautiful appearance was like abnormal flushing, and his body trembled because of extreme pain.

The man flashed and hesitated on his face, and there was a hint of vague distress.


"Don’t have a psychological burden," Song Zhizhi interrupted the man’s words, "Double Xiu’s things pay attention to your love. I can’t come. This is not your fault, maybe my life is not good."

She looked at the cliff and converged her lower eyelids. "In the three hours of the spring, I couldn’t understand the pain of the anticipation. I really couldn’t stand these pains, but now my body is weak and weak.Can’t do it, please help me to the edge of the cliff and give me a happy. "

The man remembered the scene he woke up, and she resolutely walked to the back of the cliff. Somehow, he suddenly was sharp and speechless.

Song Zhizhi seemed to close his eyes fate, and maintained the last trace of consciousness by the stimulation of the ice cubes. However, the role of ice cubes was limited. She was about to completely lose her mind.

She is gambling, gambling men will be soft -hearted, gambling with his temperament, and will not watch her who is grateful to him.

Song Zhizhi is not the kind of virgin who is thinking about others, cremating, and can also burn a few relics. On the surface, she considers him from the perspective of a man., Evoked the guilt in his heart.

Song Zhizhi didn’t want to die, even if she used some disgraceful means, she wanted to live.

It seems that the time has passed for a long time, and it seems that after a few breaths, when Song Zhizhi thought that the man was indifferent, a pair of wide hands supported her shoulders and pulled her up.

Song Zhizhi leaned weakly in the arms of the man and opened his eyes laboriously. Her eyes were a little blurred, but the sense of smell was several times more sensitive than usual.Essence

The man took off the outer shirt covered with blood and dirt, and moved softly on Song Zhizhi. Then he wore Song Zhizhi’s armpit in one hand, and put the other hand on Song Zhizhi’s leg bent, holding her up.

Pose in the princess.

She bet right.

The cold fragrance in the man’s arms was even stronger. The moment Song Zhizhi was empty, he subconsciously put the man’s neck on the bracelet, and the two of them were tightly attached.

A man’s pace was tight, his body’s muscles were tight, and his body’s heat began to gather on his face.

The man looked down at Song Zhizhi in his arms.

She is undoubtedly extremely beautiful. She is like a white jade in a white jade, because the influence of the drug is seductive, and her eyebrows are giving away, and her eyes are flushed. Her lips are red, and the pink tongue is fromThe lips were unconsciously swept away, and the light of water was covered with bright crystals, like a bright flower that needed to be picked urgently.

The man panickedly and looked away, his breathing disordered for a moment, he didn’t dare to look at it, and then started the consciousness and walked towards the hunter’s idle house in the mountain.

Song Zhizhi felt that the man took her down the mountain. She bit her tip of her tongue, stimulating the nerves with pain to keep her sober, and vague tone: "Where are you going?"

He said two words to Song Zhizhi with his ears: "Detoxification."

The man’s footsteps were very fast. After a while, he came to the hunter’s cabin. The door of the wooden house was covered. The house was covered with dust. It seemed that no one had lived in this house for a long time.

The man raised his hands, and a strong wind flew out of the window with dust wrapped in dust. The inside of the house became dusty and clean.

There is a narrow wooden bed in the house. The man bent over to put Song Zhizhi on the bed. Song Zhizhi maintained the only clear clear bed left. She curled up on a narrow bed with only a few wooden boards.The sweat beads are like the bones wet by the heavy rain, and the grass tip of dew is hanging in the morning. A pair of beautiful eyes are full of strong lust, but it is not vulgar, but full of extreme temptation.

The man breathed two points heavy. His original light -like eyes gradually turned deeper, like a deep pool water, which was bottomless, and only reflected the dangerous littering light. He seemed to become an individual.

However, these emotions were quickly replaced by nervousness and embarrassment. He took a deep breath and took off his outer shirt covered with Song Zhizhi. Then he swallowed his mouth.He raised his hand nervously and removed Song Zhizhi’s outer shirt, and the whole process did not touch Song Zhizhi’s little skin.

The thin and light outer shirt landed on the ground, with his blood -filled coat piled up, and the small wooden house was suddenly full of ambiguous atmosphere.

Song Zhizhi waited for a long time, but did not see him the next step. She opened her fog and looked at him puzzledly.

"Girl," the man suddenly spoke, but his voice was two points dumb than before. "My name is Xie Xiuyi. This year, she is the big disciple of Tianyu Zong Liu Yi. I wonder what the girl is?

When Song Zhizhi heard Xie Xiuzhen’s name, he seemed to think of something in his mind, but the raging medicine bears the next moment, and he couldn’t remember anything, just remember the two words behind Xie Xiuzhen.

Song Zhizhi stumbled to say the address before crossing: "My name is Song Zhizhi, I live in No. 755, Tongxing Street."

Xie Xiuzheng nodded, silently remembered this address in his heart, and then said in a righteousness: "Girl Song, although there is a reason for today’s matter, I will be responsible. After I will be in the Master tomorrow, I will be brought to Ling Lingzhu …"

"Xie Xiuzhen," Song Zhizhi interrupted his long story. She was tortured by the medicine and did not hear the words behind Xie Xiu. Her eyes overflowed with a tear because of uncomfortable, and the name of his name was pitiful: "I am uncomfortable ……Hurry up!"

The author has something to say:

Large review: The clothes of the male and female owners are still wearing, but they have taken off their jackets, and they have nothing to do. Don’t lock.

PS: The male lead has amnesia, but he has not fully amnesia. He is now only a memory before the age of 20. Xie Xiuhuan, 20, is a unsightly upright silly white sweetness. Xie Xiuyi, who restores the memory later, hehehe … Hey …

Chapter 3 He was deceived

Xie Xiu closed his eyes closed, his throat knot rolled up and down, his breathing sinking, his ears were red as if it was burning in the next second.

Song Zhizhi waited for a while, and did not wait for Xie Xiuzhen’s next move. She thought that Xie Xiuzhen regretted it, so she bit the back of the fangs, pulled Xie Xiuzhen down, turned over to hold him, and then bit him seriously on him.Lips.

Xie Xiuzhen’s lips were a little cold, but for Song Zhizhi at this moment, she was almost urgent and could not hold his lips.

The man’s talent in this area seems to be unspeakable. Xie Xiuyi raised his hand to lift her hair, and some jerky and gentle responded to Song Zhizhi.

The lip and teeth are dependent on, breathing, unknowingly, the position of the two has changed, and the temperature in the cabin slowly rises …

"Girl Song," After a long time, Xie Xiuzheng breathed heavily in his body, his eyes fell on her crystal rosy lips, breathing slightly, his voice was hoarse, and his cold eyebrows were dyed. "I can call it.Do you know? "

Song Zhizhi’s breathing was more chaotic than Xie Xiuyi. The medicine of Kunri San came up. She had lost her mind. When she heard Xie Xiu’s words, she responded randomly.

In fact, she didn’t hear what he was talking about.

Xie Xiuzhen took a breath, slowly lowered her head, her lips fell back on her soft, rosy, as if she had been harshly over, this time it was less restrained, gentle and overbearing, and he was alienated with him coldly and alienated.The temperament forms a strong contrast.

"Knowing …" He called her name, murmuring like a loved ones, and the warm breath slowly went down, falling on the neck and collarbone, a bit itchy, Song Zhizhi was around Xie Xiu’s neck, his eyes had no focal length, and his eyes had no focal length.It’s like looking at the roof, and look at the unknown far through the roof.

The sky outside the house gradually darkened, and the white obscene clothes fell on the outer shirt. The doors and windows of the cabin were closed tightly, and all the sounds were isolated, and only some sounds came out.

There is a bright wild flower growing next to the cabin. This wild flower seems to be only open at night. It is swinging up and down like duckweed in the evening wind. Near the early morning, the petals and leaves are covered with clear dewdrops.The sun came out, shining on the dewdrops, and the flowers that were open at night could not stand the sunlight.

The cabin was quiet for a long time until Song Zhizhi was awakened by the sun at noon.

A perfect maxillary of a man’s smooth lines came into view. Song Zhizhi almost screamed from the bed, but just wanted to speak. Last night, the sticky and ambiguous memories poured into your mind.Especially the waist and abdomen, thigh roots, and some unspeakable positions, Song Zhizhi flushed his face shame.

Unexpectedly, one day, she actually had a night stand with a man who had only met one side, but …

Song Zhizhi looked at the appearance and figure of the young man next to him. Although the technology is a bit bad, she is not losing.

Well, what is the name of this handsome guy?When I was fascinated last night, he seemed to have made a self -introduction.

"My name is Xie Xiuyi, 20 years old this year, is the big disciple of Tianyu Zong Liu Yi …"

Xie Xiuhuan–

Song Zhizhi stared sharply. Xie Xiuzhen’s name was not the name of the big villain in the novel?Intersection

The big villain in the original text knows his origin. He only knows that his name is Xie Xiuyi, and he became a demon king with the half demon body.The Lord is not his opponent.

In the original work, Xie Xiuzhen’s character was moody, and he would destroy the door with a disagreement, and the means was extremely cruel. In the end, if Song Miaomiao paid a heavy price, and used some unconventional means to defeat Xie Xiuzhen, the entire cultivation world would be in his handsdestruction.

It was such a cruel and cold -blooded villain who was deceived by her words in a few words. When he reacted, she probably did not even know how to die.

Song Zhizhi swallowed his mouth nervously, stood up quietly, and carefully bypassed Xie Xiuzhen and climbed out of bed, but as soon as he stood up, the sourness of the leg root almost made her knelt down.

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