Record my medicine flow, and give you a little reference to everyone who is also unfortunately encountered!

This is the first time that I have shared my life in non -friends circle, really because this experience is too cruel and painful for every expectant mother.When unfortunately, in addition to losing the baby’s heartbreaking lungs, what follows is the confusion and fear of how to choose how to choose people.Now I write this experience truthfully, hoping to give a little reference for the sisters who have encountered the same, I hope we will be pregnant next time!

First of all, how did I be judged to stop the fetus.When you are 48 days of pregnancy, you can do a B -ultrasound. Yin Chao shows a yolk sac, HCG15000, and 21*10 in the pregnancy sac. It is determined to be 35 days of pregnancy.After six days, I was overcast again, showing that there was a yolk sac and a little fetal bud. There was no obvious cardiovascular beating. The pregnancy sac 23*23 was about 43 days of pregnancy.At this time, I was a little worried, because in general, there should be fetal hearts about a week after a yolk cycle.The doctor said that I was too diligent to do yin and let me check again in two weeks. I was so nervous that I couldn’t wait. In addition, I was counted as half a doctor, so I reviewed it again a week later, showing that the gestational sac 26*26, a yolk sac and a yolk sac and a yolk sac and a yolk sacA little fetal buds, no obvious cardiovascular beating, about 46 days of pregnancy.At this time, I knew that the results were bad, and the fetal heart was too slow. At this time, the doctor had brought me the diagnosis of the fetal stopping of HCG, and it was inevitable that it was a big cry.After returning home, I always think about whether I can have a miracle, and I do n’t give up to call several obstetrics and gynecology directors I know everywhere. One director said that if you give up now, it is a bit unwilling.Unlike doctors, they can see fetal hearts. They have seen such cases clinically. It is already four o’clock in the afternoon. I immediately asked my husband to drive me to another hospital. As a result, the fetal heart was not the results to a few doctors said that the fetus stopped. The fetal buds grew 0.3, and the fetal heart should be seen, and there were cysts in the later times, which was a manifestation of bleeding, combined with my pregnancy time.It is recommended that I terminate my pregnancy as soon as possible to avoid affecting my mother’s health.

Although I already have a certain psychological preparation, I still can’t help crying. This is the child I hope to come from hard. Although the early HCG doubling the doctor is not good, the doctor recommends not to continue taking the medicine, but we still insist on waiting for the miracle.After the yolk sac, the gestational sac is also very good. I am full of expectations. I always feel that I will gradually improve.Therefore, this result is really difficult to accept, but after calm down, I started to consider whether it was abortion or medicine.Because this person has been encountered for the first time in life, and the students around you have never experienced it. Before the university also took a class of obstetrics and gynecology, he said the pros and cons of gynecology and gynecology, but when you really need to make a decision, you were completely stunned., Calling a few directors, the saying is the same. The drug flow has less damage to the endometrium, but the risk is that the flow is not clean.There are basically no residues, but great damage to the endometrium.Let me think that they cannot make a decision for me. After all, I definitely want a baby in the future. This decision cannot help, and I can only give me some possible care when I do it.Because the heparin has been used in the early stage, the doctor said that no matter what kind of way, you can’t do it right away, otherwise there will be too many risks of bleeding. I will give me a checklist and say that after three days of waitingConsider these days.

After returning home, I found various posts while crying. Find the sharing posts of sisters, and I am afraid that the drug flow is not clean, and I am afraid that the flow of people will hurt the endometrium.No energy to cry.A doctor with a very popular personality in the back directly said that she has always advocated the priority of the drug flow and try to protect the endometrium. According to the B -ultrasound, I can try it. The probability of successful drug flow is 95%, just bet on one, the other one, the other one, the other one, and the other one, and the otherThe doctor also said that the drug flow was directly advocated, because I had contact with them in the process of preservation, and I always trusted them, so I went home to tell my husband that I decided.EssenceBecause do not take anesthetic, doctors will be lighter according to the patient’s reaction method, and the relatively endometrial damage is not so great.

The next step is to get the medicine and so on.When the doctor prescribed the medicine, I still did not die, and took blood to see HCG and Yin Chao again.The doctor opened it, a box of Mito ketone tablets, a box of Meso front glycol tablets. Mi Fei was eaten two hours after dinner that night and the next night.Go to the family planning outpatient report and say hello to the doctor and eat three pieces of rice cable on an empty stomach.I read that some embryos on the Internet should wait for a few hours to return. I read the drug instructions for 2-6 hours.After taking the medicine, I will do the stools of the clinic. About half an hour, I started to contrast. It was super painful. It was the most painful pain in the pain I experienced.After about twenty minutes, I suddenly didn’t hurt, and I didn’t respond at all. I was scared. I was afraid that I would not come down. Combined with the posts shared by the sisters, I asked the doctor if I could climb the stairs.In appropriate activities, I started climbing the stairs and making a jump. The next door to the planning room was the place where the obstetrics were doing four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. The mothers of those big belly looked at me strangely, and I watched their stomachs enviously and exercised.At about twenty minutes, it was still not painful. I was sweating with sweat. My husband was afraid that I sweated and did not change clothes and colds.After about an hour, I felt a little pain in my stomach, so I went to the toilet squat and held the prepared pot. I saw something down to show the doctor, saying that it was a blood clot, and then there were some one after another.Blood blocks, but not many, the pads of the pad are not completely transparent, and they started to be afraid of being unable to come. After changing the daily aunt towel, I continued to climb the stairs.The operation is ready to get off work. It is said that some people will come off at night. I call home without uncomfortable and give me a bag. When I go home at any time, I will put it in the bag.Doctors see, confirm whether the gestational sac is discharged.The doctor’s attitude is particularly bad, and the kind of scolding people directly, although I will also scold those who do n’t care about my life and get rid of the child.I saw the doctor catching people. I changed my long aunt towel in the toilet and walked with my husband to get a car home. Because it was just the Spring Festival, although there was a new crown, the hospital was still full.Go to get a car kilometer. When I walked halfway, I suddenly felt that something had fallen, and I told my husband that I might go to the toilet to see it. My husband said that there was a public toilet next to the car. As soon as I entered the toilet, there was a group of aunt.On the towel, at this time the aunt towel was all red.Looking at the white ball and crying again, I know that it was the baby. I immediately used the basin to go to the hospital. I just caught up with get off work. The doctor saw that the situation was very good, and it should be complete.We went home and waited for the endometrium to take off.

After returning home, I really have a lot of bleeding. I have always had blood clots. I changed my long -term aunt towel for about two hours. I suspected that it was major bleeding. I called the doctor again. The doctor said it was normal. Let me worry about it.Don’t cry, otherwise more, let me take medicine on time.The doctor gave me cephalosporin anti -inflammatory, and two boxes of Chinese medicines were removing blood stasis.On the first day, I had been bloody, but my stomach hurts a little bit, so I should not have a big problem.The next day, the amount of bleeding was less, and the stomach did not hurt, about three hours a aunt towel.There is less amount on the third day. It is enough to use ordinary night sanitary napkins. In the evening, when the feet were soaked at about 11 o’clock, suddenly the right lower abdomen was painful.First of all, I thought that it might be cleared, and I felt a bit like the pain of appendicitis. The positioning was almost the same. My husband kept saying that he would go to the emergency department., Rubbing my belly, probably hurting for an hour and suddenly didn’t hurt. After a while, I felt confused and felt that something dropped, but I really didn’t want to move. I got up early on the fourth day.At that time, I couldn’t care about it. I was afraid that it would slip down. I immediately picked it up with my hands. After rinse with water, I was determined to be the endometrium. I deliberately looked at it and felt a lot of sigh of relief.The next blood is very small, and the pad can be solved.On the sixth day, I think it should have been removed. Even if you do n’t clean, you can use some medicine in advance, because you read the post on the Internet. Generally, you need to clean it within half a month, otherwise it ’s better to clear the palace in advance.To do Yin Chao, there is a 29*9mm soundless zone. There is no blood flow signal. The doctor said that there is no cleaning endometrium. It may be clear to the palace and scared to prescribe the medicine.My family can fight, and there is a sex syringe, so I took home the muscles home, one by one, twice a day, and took some Chinese medicine, including the composition of motherwort.After hitting the first contraction needle, my stomach reacted a little bit, and I didn’t know what it was. About 10*10mm pieces, I didn’t pick it up.There is no response in the injection. My husband asked again after a while. Is there any response?He just wanted me to hurt, and then drain the endometrium.In the next two days, I was worried that I ran to the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and asked the doctor to prescribe the most violent abortion medicine. I had no response after taking it home for four days. From the eighth day, I have been protecting it.Nothing is used.On the 14th day, I returned to the hospital again and again, showing that there were 10*6mm not taken off. I went to see the doctor who used to let me drug flow. I actually trusted them in particular.Just wait for the next menstruation to take off.After a sigh of relief, the drug flow was successful.

There are so many alas, I am grateful for the sharing of the sisters in front, so I will tell my husband that when the drug flow is successful, I must share it, give a little reference to the unfortunate sisters behind, and suffer from the suffering of the baby.I don’t know about the flow of people.

Finally, let’s take a look at the sequelae of Wang Gang’s food video. I also want to summarize something.

1. The drug flow is better than the abortion, and the endometrial endometrium is less damage. For women who have to give birth after unfortunate fetal stops, the drug flow can be used as much as possible.I checked the relevant documents. The Qing Dynasty’s Qing Palace rate of foreign drugs was 0.06%, and China was 5%. Domestic doctors were suspected of excessive clearing palace. At the same time, medicine flow spent less money. Many hospitals did not want to do it for you.

2. The process of drug flow is relatively long. Do not be too anxious in the process. You must go to the family planning of the regular hospital.I am too anxious.

3. Take the medicine on time, doctors will prescribe anti -infection and blood stasis medicine.

4. Don’t touch cold water. If you do n’t have much blood, you can walk properly. Every day, especially when there are more blood, be sure to wash below with warm water, and change the sanitary napkin and underwear. At this timeDon’t have love to prevent infection.

5. If conditions permit, do the second yin super in about a week to see if it is clean. If there is still an endometrium and there is no blood flow signal, you can use the medicine to promote the endometrium.

Around 6.15 days, I need to do yin super again to confirm whether it is clean. Last time my residue was 29*7mm, the doctor said that it was the critical value of the Qing Palace, for your reference.Combined with the judgment of gynecologists, to see if the palace is needed, or wait for the next menstruation to discharge together.

7. After the next normal menstruation, Yin Chao confirms whether the remaining endometrium has been discharged. If the results show that it is normal, even if it is completely successful this time, you can start training normally.

Finally, I hope that women who have no plan to babies will cherish their lives and take good protection measures.I hope that the mothers of the baby can be smooth and healthy, and have a healthy and beautiful baby!

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