Regarding emergency contraception, you should understand

Women’s fertility is limited!Intersection"

In clinical work, you can often encounter accidental pregnancy due to a contraceptive failure and require artificial abortion.There is a good abortion, but whether artificial abortion or drug abortion hurts the endometrium. It is only God if you want to get pregnant when you want your baby in the future.The probability of infertility after a miscarriage (regardless of miscarriage) is greater than 1%.Therefore, it is important to protect women’s fertility and reduce accidental pregnancy!

There are many ways to contraception. Today I will talk about emergency contraception, that is, afterwards contraception.

Emergency contraception refers to: after a certain period of time, take medicine or placed in -palace for remedy to prevent non -willing pregnancy within a certain period of time.

The time limit for effective emergency contraception is within 72-120 hours after no protection of sexual life, and the earlier the measures take, the better the effect.

Any of the following cases should be used as soon as possible to prevent non -willing pregnancy:

No contraceptive method;

Contraceptive failure or contraceptive method is wrong, such as contraceptive cover rupture, slipping, improperly placed vaginal septum, rupture or premature removal; more than 2 tablets in vitro excretion, short -acting contraceptives leakage; safety period calculation errors;wait;

Being rape.

Emergency contraception can be used at any time of menstruation.There are two types of methods with a bronze palace internal birthplace and oral emergency contraceptive drugs.

1. In -the -palace birthday

The mechanism of action is the bed with anti -pregnancy eggs, which is suitable for women who have no fertility requirements for the time being.It can be used as a long-term contraception method for 5-10 years.

You need to exclude the state of pregnancy before placing.And exclude the possibility of reproductive tract infection.The effective rate of contraception was 96.48%.The placement time is required to be within 120 hours without protection.

2. Hormonal emergency contraceptives

The mechanism of action varies with the different periods of menstruation: medication before ovulation can inhibit the growth and development of follicles, prevent ovulation or delay ovulation; after ovulation, the medication can interfere with egg fertilization or pregnancy resistance.Generally, the ovary reaches the uterine cavity 5-6 days after fertilization. The emergency contraceptive pill is taken within 48-72 hours after no protective sexual life, so that the drug has enough time to act on the endometrium, shrink the endometrium, and it is not suitable for pregnancy. It is not suitable for pregnancy.Own bed.The overall contraceptive efficiency is 85%.Taking time is as early as possible after a protective sex life, within 72 hours.The commonly used emergency contraceptives are Zuo Nuo Gactone.Mikfidone can be extended to 120 hours.

Once the pregnancy eggs are already in bed, the emergency contraceptive drug is invalid.In addition, if you are taking emergency contraceptives, you still find pregnancy, then calculate the time. If it is an emergency contraceptive pill taken within 2 weeks of conception, experts think that it is harmless to the fetus and can continue pregnancy.

Common adverse reactions of emergency contraceptives include nausea and vomiting, often not exceeding 24 hours after taking the medicine.It is important to pay attention to the impact on the menstrual cycle. Most people’s menstrual cycles have not changed. A few drip bleeding, delayed menstruation, and extension of menstruation after taking the medicine changes. Menstruation is delayed for more than 1 week to do pregnancy tests.Emergency contraception does not increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), but after failure, its incidence is higher than those of normal pregnancy.

So who can’t adopt emergency contraception?

First of all, women who have already placed in -palaces;

Followed by suspicious pregnancy;

Furthermore, there are some people with a history of diseases, such as thrombosis, epilepsy, severe migraine, low adrenal cortical function, endocrine disorders, and allergic diseases.For details, please consult a doctor.

Remember!IntersectionIntersectionOral emergency contraceptives can only play a protective role in this unprotected sex.Note: If you have sexual life in this menstrual cycle, you must have corresponding contraceptive measures, and try not to use emergency contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives cannot be used for a long time and repeatedly, and cannot be used as conventional contraceptive methods.WHO (World Health Organization) has clearly stated in a authoritative report that so far, no drug can be found as a regular use contraceptive pill for regular use after sex.

More importantly: If you have the above needs, try to go to the hospital as much as possible and find a professional doctor for consultation.

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