Remember to go to the community hospital to build a card as soon as possible.

Generally, expectant mothers must build a small card at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy and large hospitals produced at 18-20 weeks. During this period, pregnant women should accept regular check-ups once a month in order to observe the baby’s growth at any time.

Community doctors introduced that the most common is Tang’s screening. In the early days of "Tang Siek", it was necessary to be completed in 10-12 weeks. The mid-term "Tang Si" was performed within 15-20 weeks of pregnancy.Instead, once this time is missed, the test cannot be performed.Community doctors emphasized that at the community hospital where the pregnant woman’s household registration is located at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, the relevant examination is completed on schedule.

Pregnant women build cards, there are differences in local and foreign accounts

Community doctors said that the population of the country cannot build a small card at the community health service center, but the maternal and child health care institutes in each district can accept the foreign migrant population to build a card.According to relevant personnel of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Gulou District, the population of a small card in Nanjing has built a small card in Nanjing.Card; if the pregnant woman is working in Nanjing, the hukou is in my hometown, but the medical insurance in Nanjing City is submitted to the city, just like the locals, they need to bring the residence permit, fertility certificate, medical insurance card, marriage certificate, ID card and other valid certificates to come to come to come to come to come to come to come to come to come toCard of the District Maternal and Child Health Hospital.It is worth mentioning that, in order to facilitate the timely building small cards in time, pregnant women can break through regional restrictions and build cards nearby.Before pregnant women are under construction, if there is a medical record in a large hospital, it is best to bring it at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that a collective hukou. For example, there is a human resources market that radiates 30,000 people in the area under the jurisdiction of the Overseas Chinese Road Health Service Center.The center accepts the inspection and small card.

It is best to be accompanied by the card, and the information is available at one time

For the first time for a pregnant woman to build a card, it is best to accompany them, because the physical examination requires an empty stomach when the card is built, and there are many items for inspection. They often need to run up and down, and there is still the possibility of halo after an empty stomach.In addition, the information is best to prepare at one time, and the materials that need to be prepared are slightly different. You can call before the construction of the card.For example, the Card built in the Gulou District needs to be carried: hukou book, ID card, marriage certificate, fertility certificate, diagnosis of medical records and related examination results during pregnancy.Especially for fertility certificates, you need to issue it to the neighborhood committee in advance and bring a copy.

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