Remember Zhang Zetian, "Milk Tea Sister"?She is pregnant now?

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Remember the milk tea sister Zhang Zetian, who was all over the Internet?

In 1993, Zhang Zetian was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

When she was very young, her parents divorced.

Although her family is not wealthy and expensive, it is definitely not bad.His father is the president of the Nanjing Socongus Group (it is said that the size is not large) and a professor of university part -time university.Mom is a pharmacist.

In 2005, she studied at the famous local Nanjing Foreign Language School. The children in this school were either rich or expensive, or they were the tips in the top.

But rumors that she was accepted mainly because her father paid for the school to undertake the gymnasium.

She served as the captain of the aerobics team in school, and later sent to Tsinghua University through the identity of a national athlete.

In 2009, Zhang Zetian was studying in the second year of high. Because of the upcoming class, everyone was preparing to take a photo.

A good classmate also helped her take a few of them, including her most classic photo with milk tea in her hand.

The classmate passed the photo to the Internet, and the result became popular instantly.

A netizen named "Penbag Men" posted an article called "Brother San All Family" on the Mattu Forum, pushing her photo to the homepage.

The reputation of "Milk Tea Sister" has since become noise since then, becoming the campus goddess in the minds of many boys, and it has been on the Internet.

Even the director Zhang Yimou noticed her and wanted her to be the heroine of "The Love of Hawthorn Tree", but she refused because the academic was important.

The days after entering Tsinghua were not smooth. The fame was to put a double -edged sword. There were a lot of negative news about her in the school, hype, cheating, insufficient ability …

Later, she was together with Liang Zhi of the same school, and this relationship was only one year.

In 2013, she got the opportunity to communicate with the Banard Women’s College in the United States, and it was this overseas trip that made her meet Liu Qiangdong.

At that time, Liu Qiangdong happened to be studying at Columbia University. At a association outside the school, the two met.

It is said that at first Liu Qiangdong wanted to chase her classmates, but did not work, so he dated her.

In 2014, her relationship with Liu Qiangdong was revealed. Although the two have been denied at the beginning, it didn’t take long for someone to take their intimate photos, so the two decided to make public.

In May 2015, the two officially announced their engagement.

Before getting married, Liu Qiangdong had a pre -salary of ten years in advance, cash more than 2.6 billion, and transformed it into pre -marital property. In the future, he only received a salary of one yuan each year, causing controversy.

However, it was reported soon that Liu Qiangdong had purchased a hundred hundreds of millions of luxury homes for her overseas.

In October of the same year, the two had a wedding in Australia.

In 2016, their eldest daughter was born.

Interestingly, Liu Qiangdong’s ex -girlfriend also returned to the company. Although it was declared that it was just a public business, it still caused a lot of discussion.

After becoming a boss, she has been trying to "add" herself.

In New York, she hosted a private fashion dinner as an authoritative fashion agency AAFA member and invited many people and celebrities in fashion.

Enected to participate in the "International Charter" birthday party, even taking photos is more eye -catching than Shouxing?Intersection

The Cannes Film Festival will also go and go.

Public welfare cannot be behind. She also has her figure on the public welfare party "World Earth Day" of the Rockefeller family.

However, all this has not continued for a long time.

In 2018, Liu Qiangdong, who was on a business trip in the United States, was arrested by the police in Minnesota because the defendant was sexually assaulted with female students.

Everyone is waiting for her attitude.

Unexpectedly, at the wedding of the British royal family later, the two attended together, as before.

In 2019, someone sent a screenshot of the circle of friends who was suspected of her to the Internet.The expression between this word is far from her own image, and it seems to be venting emotions.

Nevertheless, her father always insisted that the two had no divorce.

Liu Qiangdong has been entangled with a lawsuit, and finally was released after a long few months of waiting.

But after this storm passed, the two were significantly low -key.

In 2019, she decided to continue her studies, applied to Cambridge University, and set off to study in the UK.

Liu Qiangdong also took his child to visit Britain.

It is reported that in October this year, Liu Qiangdong was about to attend the trial, or because of the incident of Mingzhou.

Recently, some netizens met the couples who were visiting the supermarket in Target in the United States.

In the photo, she can obviously see her small abdomen bulge, and she should have been pregnant.

The two have been talking and laughing in the supermarket, talking while walking.

It seems that this incident has little impact on the relationship between the two, or they have already turned the matter.

At this time, the couple appeared together in the United States, and they were likely to prepare for the case that was about to open next month.

The two may have decided to face it together, and spend the difficulties together.

In any case, I hope that the judgment can give the two sides a fair and truth, and I hope Zhang Zetian can be successfully produced, and the mother and child are safe!

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